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  1. @bustedlass: Talk about wild! That exhaust is the shizzle man! The raindeflector... killer! Infact I have one on the shelf here (NOS John Deere cast) which has to go on my '52 GMC pick up. @C-series14: Paverblock is very comon here. I have had a discussion before with some brit bloke... He said they don't have any "cobbler companies" in the UK. Here we never have concrete driveways. Funny thing ay!
  2. Sorry it took a while... finally got the tractor back (2 weeks ago) and got some pics. I checked again but there really is no evidence of the thing being painted over so I guess the color stays a mystery. So now that it is running again, what else do you guys advice me to do with it? Is there an easy way to tune the engine? And what about the exhaust? It is loud as h3ck... ttfn
  3. need help, lever on engine next to carb...

    Wes Thanks, My techguy from the local tractor shop has been moaning and groaning for more than a week now... From the PARTS link above your post, what we are looking for is the part that is being operated by the lever with number 106 in the drawing. What do you call that part and what is its number. If my local techguy cannot find it, can I order it through you or anybody else here? Much obliged!
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome y'all and Ian, nice to have companion on this side of the atlantic. Those yanks get really weird sometimes so lets stick together! by the way: Your name "StigIan" doesn't have anyting to do with the Stig in TopGear has it? Can somebody set me up with an engine partslist /drawing? (as per my other post http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/index.php?showtopic=1535 )
  5. Ok guys here it is. In my farmers english.. There is a small lever on the engine. (sits right from the carb and a small iron rod which comes from the carb operates this lever) This lever has something to do with rpm's. The thingy that is connected to this lever, can somebody please get me some partnumbers for it? Or better yet. Is there a drawing with the partnumbers available? Much obliged!
  6. Cheers! Hope I can post a pic of my gold yellow tractor soon since you lot are not familiar with it... Right now I brought it to the local shop for repair. There is something like a regulator lever which doesn't work causing the engine to either run idle or doing overtime... Also bought a trailer for it to haul some dirt and kids around the garden. Back in a few... John
  7. Ok thanks, now I have an idea about what is going on. Frankly, for this kind of money it is more fun to just pimp the whole thing and let the kids use it. What would be the Rolls Royce of mini tractors?
  8. Yes indeed. much is fiberglass. Maybe they exported in different colours? @Mith: May I ask what a tractor like yours would go for? (approx)?
  9. Thanks Mr Sparky! Will do. Nylyon: hmm, from what I know and see is that the paint is original. My dad bought this tractor from a neighbour when I was stil wearing diapers and neither of them had it repainted. I'llpost a color pic soon just for your info. I also own a 52 GMC pick up and joined a forum for that especially. For this kind of truck there is a so incredibly much history and stories available... Is it the same with these tractors? Are there people who eat breath and sleep these things? J
  10. Thanks for the speedy reply! That thing is almost as old as I am... So what is with the color? Did they have special colours that year or is it a standard colour? Why do I only see red tractors on the net? Is it like with old cars and trucks that there are very rare tractors? I am now reparing it so that it will run but do not want to spoil any parts which maybe hard to get and I like to keep it as original as possible. Any pointers that may help me in my quest to make it run and clean it up as original as possible are welcome. Thanks again, John If anyone is interested in receiving a copy of the manual or parts manual, just let me know.
  11. Hello from the Netherlands! I know old cars and bikes but tractors is completely new to me. I just pulled an old yellow gold coloured Wheel Horse tractor from my dad's garage. It is supposed to be over 30 years old. I have a user manual and a parts manual (original) but still cannot identify the tractor completely. Browsing this site and the internet also did not bring up any pictures of my tractor. Anybody here who can help? Any other info on this tractor welcomed. If the collectors value is over 10.000US$ then please send me your bids without delay! Thanks John / Slow