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  1. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Last night I Broke a tire away from the rim on the rear tire. I just take a 3 foot 4x6 with an angle cut that comes to a 20 degree point at the rim and drive the truck up the incline. The tire peels away and then a few whacks with a 3 pound hammer and a very blunt chisel or a crow bar point breaks it away. If it works at 12 degrees F, then it just plain works. Absolutely amazed that this particular tire was 40+ years old and still holding air
  2. Winter traction

    I am thinking about getting these for $80.00 for two. I don't know if they would be too tall. https://www.amazon.com/Carlisle-AT489C-ATV-Tire-25X10-12/dp/B005O5O58Y
  3. “JackRabbit”—Caleb’s 418-C

    Well, I got through the first two pages---- What a read! A great mix of a refurb build and personal stories. I have some as well that I may have time to share...
  4. Warm boots ??

    Even though I have no problems at all with cold feet, i have quite a problem with ankle pain due to the after effects of chemo. One i finally found a pair of boots that my feet felt good in, i bought another. Money might be tight, but manufacturers often change product lines and that perfect boot you are now enjoying might not be there next year. Now that you know what size and style you like, maybe you can prowl the internet and catch them on sale. We did not have a lot of toys growing up, but my parents bought good things that would last as they are usually cheaper in the long run. $90.00 for farm shoes that would only last a year when our family income was $4000.00 was justified by the fact that we had to walk the fields and hoe eighty acres of soybeans by hand. i thank my parents that my feet are still as good as they are even at age 65. I would also be checking into whether or not you could get some re-training to make sure that your job does not cause a permanent disability. You have been tough and hard working and provided for your family and you do not want that same job taking away from your body the ability to continue on that path. I don't know if your union provides resources for re-training, but your state employment/unemployment service might have a way to do it. God Bless you
  5. What can the older generations take on?

    My Raider ten was a snow plow tractor in its previous life. The Woodruff Key slots in the axles wallowed out pretty badly. Bad enough that the tractor would lurch forward in a sort of free fall for about a foot until the key flopped over in the slot.. The little guy mowed a lot of grass until I discovered the exact cause, because i thought it was something in the transmission internals
  6. Tractor Choices less than 40hp with

    That is, about five grand on EACH system
  7. Tractor Choices less than 40hp with

    i also happen to have a Ford 455 tractor loader backhoe, and that is what i base my opinion on about what each machine can do. You guys are correct about how a TLB is easier on a lawn than a skid steer.. but the backhoe swinging around the back can hit and damage trees if you are not super careful..I often thought that I would like to have two extra tires that were smooth to operate the Bobcat on the lawn and switch them out for such work. A lot of the contractors have switched to compact excavators and tracked skidsteers and found that they can get more work done in less time for about the same investment. Both pieces of equipment will still fit on one backhoe trailer as well, and you can be working in wetter conditions while your competition is waiting for the ground to dry. Even a zero turn mower can scuff the lawn a bit given the right conditions.. When i dig out my gravel driveway after a big storm, I leave about 4" of snow on it and then pack it down tight to form sort of an Ice skid pad where it is handy to turn the machine around. That way the tires don't bite into the gravel. Tracked Skid steers minimize rutting and tend to be much easier on turf and things like that. Every machine has its good and bad points, so you just have to look at what percentage of the time it will be used on the jobs it is built to excel at and how much time/work/money it will take to fix the blemishes it will cause vs. doing the work by hand. Excavating has come a very long way even to the point of having automatic buckets that read and automatically adjust off a rotating laser beam to get the finished grade almost perfectly level. Bobcat and other brands have this feature available. A few years back, i did two septic systems for my own properties that involves setting a two thousand gallon septic tank and 1800 -2000 feet of leach lines. Working alone, I did each one in about a week. A lot of jumping off that backhoe and reading the stick was involved, but at least I had a laser. I welded up leach line holders out of rebar to hold the leach lines level so I could pour gravel [very delicately with the Bobcat] over them into the trench. Rubber bands made from old motorcycle tubes held the leach lines to the holders. Worked great.--- Dig a trench, set the stakes with a laser, Lay the pipe on the holders. Cover the pipe with gravel. Remove the rebar pipe holders and do the next set. I saves about five grand doing the work myself
  8. So here is my situation. I have a good looking snow blower single stage blower that i have never hooked up. I just got a decent blade with a Horse rustlin' deal C-141 for $200.00 and that tractor is wearing a c-121 engine until the 14 HP is rebuilt. I have no chains, but have the axle rear mount for the plow.. I do have some plastic coated weights off the 520 as well, but do not want to use the 520 because it is down for new seals. I have never hooked up a plow or blower before or had a reason to do so until now..No snow as of yet, but we get some occasionally and maybe only one or two 8" plus events a winter with the rare 16-20" events or some drifts to bust through You guys have the experience and i am a complete newbie for installing or using either a plow or a blower. Opinions are welcome My Bocat 853 will perform rings around either one, but it would be a pretty big job to go get it and haul it back, so thinking about having the Horses as backup
  9. Tractor Choices less than 40hp with

    Let's say that you want to use a front end loader quite a bit and a post hole digger occasionally, and also want a piece of equipment that you can mount inexpensive 3 point equipment like a landscape rake on.. For my money, it is Bobcat skid steer loaders. I can pick a piece of lint off you with my front end loader on my 853. You can buy a 3 point adapter at TSC for a hundred or so to mount implements on the bucket mount called a Bobtach. Final grading with a Bobcat is so much better because you are steering with your hands and operating the bucket with your feet---and you can SEE and even feel what the bucket is doing. For a post hole digger, you have to have front hydraulics, but they will out dig anything else out there and you can reverse the rotation if you hit a rock. I have dug 18" diameter holes 4 feet deep in a matter of a few minutes. I can outwork a tractor/loader/backhoe 2 to 1 with the loader in close quarters unless loading a carrying over longer distances like 150 feet. Another option you can enjoy is that you have developed skill with your machine, and if you need to rent a complicated tool with a rented bobcat ,then your skills as an operator will transfer to the rented machine. The aftermarket has invented so many tools for the bobcat that I never cease to be amazed
  10. What are your other interests?

    I seem to remember a bike that [Sqonk, I think] built and ran around the big show a few years back. Maybe there are some ideas there that I could use. When you get right down to it, a full sized motorcycle with 18 inch wheels should not have a great deal of rolling resistance. It should not be too difficult to make it go ten or fifteen MPH with a six to thirteen horsepower engine, as I have both as spares.
  11. What are your other interests?

    Other interests in the collect/repair/restore have to be Honda Motorcycles of the older variety. Kinda like Wheel Horses, when you have to think about it to remember how many you have, it is more of an obsession than a hobby. I even have a rolling frame CB750 that I just might put a primitive belt drive on to ride around the farm A couple of months ago, a buddy of mine was out buying a bike and he found a second year of production Gold Wing and fronted the purchase for me after calling me to see if i wanted it. This bike is more complicated than the old twins that I am used to, but if all goes as planned, I will have a nice motorcycle for short money. Besides that, the other seven bikes need company It is more fun to work on a clean bike.so up on the lift she goes.The only place the bike leaked was out the valve covers, so thery are off at present.Timing belts are needing replaced just because of age so they do not break and wreck the engine.. Transmission is down under and is exposed to get at the water pump getting new bearings and seals. Then a little fine sanding and buffing of the aluminum front timing belt covers. Pretty nice looking bike for $300. Project goal of $750 to $1000, but you never know how these things will go.
  12. “JackRabbit”—Caleb’s 418-C

    Check out the idler pulley that holds tension on the transmission belt. If the bushing [on the pulley arm] wears out the pulley will start to vibrate and wear an egg shaped hole in the transmission tunnel. I would replace that bushing and put waterproof silicone grease on it. Sort of a weak spot on the newer models
  13. Happy New Year Red Square

    Careful there my big red friend. You did just get out of the hospital, no?
  14. Just Curious?

    They were on here last year as well. Also if you hit one that had just lit up, the lit one would take out one on either side. Does not seem to make a difference this year
  15. Harbor Freight 14 HP rescued from the dead

    I also posted here about a class action settlement with Harbor and turned in all my receipts for five years. it was quite a big job to get that all together. Have not heard one thing about it. I have checked a month or two ago and no one else had gotten their checks or gift cards either.... My gift card would be worth quite a bit, so I hope the lawyers get it going.