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  1. Show us your signs

    Gotta quit drinking coffee while visiting here or quit reading BRF posts Cleaning the computer screen------Again i do have one shop calendar that i am proud of. Remember the Makita girls-in bikinis calendars? Remember Tim the Tool Man Taylor and his wife? Well it turns out that Patricia Richardson [or her identical twin sister if she has one] posed for a calendar in the early Eighties . She is Smokin' Hot. Maybe I could join the humor section of this site if showing cheesecake photos is OK there... I bet that calendar would fetch a pretty penny on E-bay
  2. So here are a few teaser shots of the $300 'Wing..all that white foam consists of hydrogen bubbles coming out of the fuel tank. Because of the tiny jet size of the constant velocity carbs, 'Wings do not tolerate any dirt in the fuel. The gurus and experts tell me that a fuel filter is not enough.Anyway, all I had to do was throw a big mushroom head pin in the tank, isolate tank contact with an old piece of inner tube, and crank up the battery charger. Since i had other things going on in the shop, I cleaned the bolt, drained the electrolyte every four hours and rinsed the tank of boogers. It speeds up the process considerably as everything that causes the electro- chemical reaction to take place starts off fresh each time. Done in a day. That engine was not painted, at least by me. Tight as a tick and no oil leaks except the valve covers. What little grundge was there --we used a spray bottle and some W-D 40. WD dereases about as well as the old Gunk-kerosine mix and i can go back inside the house without my wife complaining. Well, she complains about a lot of things anyway, but the way i smell after using W-d 40 is not one of them. Where is the gas tank??? Instead of the tank, there is a four piece shelter that clips on to the frame and looks like a tank. That leaves room for a well ordered group of wiring harness connectors, fuses, and relays. Far advanced when compared to other Honda bikes of this era. i am informed that instead of the motorcycle engineers building this bike, the automotive guys designed it. it shows in areas like this. Oh, and the fuel tank hides behind the side covers tucked in behind the battery. That also helps in keeping five gallons of fuel down low to help with the center of gravity. The early bikes only weighed about #650 and that is only one hundred more than the CB750. People tell me that the early ones feel very light on their feet because of weight distribution. [yes, that is a 416 hubcap peeking around the front of the bike] Sorry that the pictures are out of order with the script
  3. I want to see to completion an alarm system that will utilize a motion detector, electric activated air valve from a dishwasher, and a commercial timing relay for about a C-note the alarm horn will be loud enough to cause pain. O, yeah, I already have the air horns from a semi--- If anyone is interested, I will give out the product descriptions.... Also the Gold Wing is calling begging me to work on it some more. We need the back story on this one
  4. Bonus points if you can name the narrator of this ad...... And yes, i knew that chunk-a chunk big chunk was part of the words to the song before I played it. Now if i could just remember the important stuff....
  5. Since i messed up and posted about a non-tractor project in the tractor specific forum, [Sorry big Red Fred] i thought that since more time gets spent in the shop we could share our projects with each other. Two of mine that are in the works is an early Honda Goldwing that might turn into my next main ride and also building a leaf vac trailer out of a portable leaf blower. I am primarily interested in stuff like maybe refurbish an old wagon for the grand kids and stuff made from steel, but you can post anything you want. This forum has plenty of talented people so we will see where it all goes. Here is a little teaser picture of my 300 dollar table lift that Southworth sells for over 3 thousand new as an example. i fixed it up and painted it and it will last three lifetimes in a home shop environment The second example is what can be done in a garage with a 1970's Honda SL350 as the starting point and a board racer look as the goal. Way beyond my pay grade as we found it at the Garage Brewed bike show at the Reingeist Brewery in Cinn Ohio So enjoy!
  6. Well, i could tell you, but then my new moniker would be Mr. Obvious
  7. We had a perfect day yesterday to gather the leaves. Our second frost was Thursday night and the high Nitrogen mulberry leaves dropped immediately all in one spot. we blew them into the side ditch and then used the leaf blower to stack them on the 16x20 tarp. It was about 35 degrees, but i had to go down to mt T-shirt to drag them to the thin part of the yard as they are very heavy.and I was getting overheated. I put some maple leaves there as well and they weighed essentially nothing The raider 10 and 42" SD took them to powder and next year that thin area in the yard should be much thicker. I have an old Billy Goat yard vac that I want to make into a trailer style leaf blower. Our church is in a little town with aging residents and if you rake the leaves, they need to be hauled away to be good to the neighbors. If I could get that Billy Goat a new engine, the rest would all work out and i could haul the mulched leaves to my place. I just think that it would be a good ministry to show us as caring about our town and neighbors even if you do not attend church at all. Next week we might try to do a yard as a pilot project just to see what is needed for next year. I might be coming back and asking questions if I do the build. ON EDIT So this is pretty weird... In our little group, the minister wanted to know of any community projects we might do. I then said that while i think that CROP walks and things like that are fine, i would never want to ask for sponsors and beg them to pay me for excersising I would rather see a concrete result of helping out our neighbors. i have been in construction and farming all my life ,and these tough old hands never get a blister except for raking leaves. Older people have thinning skin and get blisters easier than i , so that was my idea of helping out. The minister met it with great enthusiasm, so i told him to get us a yard or two to someone in need. I did not hear anything, so I just backed off and figured my spare time could go to something else besides building high sideboards for the trailer so i could haul leaves to my palatial estate. Two weeks ago, the go date was set to last Saturday, at noon. On thursday, i texted and asked for the address so I could recon it and plan where to park the trailer and such things. Friday , it was cancelled due to the leaves not falling. RIIIIIIIIIGHT. All you had to do was look, but perhaps he was writing a sermon... Clearly the guy dropped the ball on this one and i wasted an afternoon building the trailer and another day recsheduling that messed up my work schedule. You live and learn, so what I usually do is just work around the problem and that problem clearly is logistics. Oh, and the weather was absolutely perfect on the scheduled leaf day, so i did my own leaves instead as described above. i still think it is a good idea, so i might just go to the town council next year and not involve the church group. There are still older people in town who would appreciate it.
  8. What about the motorcycles? Remember anything about what they were and how much they went for? That side car unit looks first rate! Found it. Wow that guy must have led an interesting life.
  9. Wheel Horse C175

    on getting the correct amount of oil in the tractor>>>>> 1. Drain out all of the old oil 2. make sure exactly what motor you have to determine the correct capacity of oil it takes to fill it 3. Measure out the oil and fill it. Put some kind of dip stick in that keeps the oil from shooting out and possibly you will be able to mark a "full " mark on the dip stick 4. There's your dinner!
  10. Whats your Winter Project

    a 1975 Honda old wing found me for only $300.00. it is very different from the old twin cylinders, but at the same time a lot of things are very familiar. The cult following they have has me making good progress already. Not including tires, the needed parts to have this baby running might be as little as $200
  11. Sometimes empty is much better than full. You have to be careful about those bottles.. Truck drivers can and do "place' recycled beverages in them, if you know what I mean. Mountain Dew are the worst bottles because what may be inside is not visible
  12. Yer in Zunny Deb'n

    there are some ATC fuses in the vicinity of the battery and also a safety switch in the linkage of the PTO engage lever. They will need penetrating oil by the looks of things.Under the seat deck where the frame tunnel ends, the metal is often cracked. That can be a big deal if it makes the seat fall off when you are on an embankment. Not so much if all your land is flat. Pay attention to the idler pulley on the transmission. The swing arm of the idler is supposed to be surrounded with a [plastic I think] bushing. The swing arm can cut an egg shaped hole in the frame if that bushing fails The way the tractor looks, i would say all these things deserve your attention. Now go forth and restore that beast....
  13. D180

    $800 asking price. Has three point hitch. Runs drives, Hyd works cleveland ohio area
  14. At our county fair, i saw some offroad chairs that could also lift the operator into a combine cab. Just amazing. Maybe someone can find them and post a link.
  15. Yer in Zunny Deb'n

    Devon is such a lovely place