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  1. Now, my friends, i have heard that you can determine accurately the ideal number of Horses you should own for your stable. X = [N+1] X is the correct number of horses that is the ideal N is the number of bikes Tractors you currently own. Caught the mistake---Also applies to motorcycles
  2. Best model for parts availability

    The only thing about commercial mowing and Wheel horses i would wonder about is the height that most of these yard services cut the grass. A wheel horse will cut shorter and will not cut as high as most of the competitors. i think these companies talk their customers into cutting higher simply because if heavy rains put you behind schedule, the taller cut will not clump as readily as the more 'normal' height a homeowner would cut grass. Many of these customers,. using my sister as an example are very picky about how the string trimmers are used and blowing all the pavement clear of grass clippings. All stuff to think about when buying yard equipment. Don't get me wrong. I like the height my grass is cut with my Horses. Just something to think about
  3. Harbor Freight lift table?

    I own a Harbor Freight High position motorcycle lift and it only costs ten bucks more. I think the coupon works on it as well. It is rated for 1100 pounds, but I feel pretty good at maybe 750 or so just because that is my comfort zone. When you work on something, there iare twisting forces involved that add stress to the lift. I added wheels to mine and now it will do anything. If I was forced to own only one or the other, it would be the motorcycle lift. Either tool would be worth the money just for saving your back.
  4. New Old Owner!

    Yours is the one to have in the 400 series. I sure wish mine had that engine instead of the higher horsepower one.. One little maintenance item often overlooked is to apply some lubrication to the shaft holding the transmission idler pulley. IF the plastic flange bushing wears through, it is metal to metal contact and it wallows out an oblong hole in the sheet metal transmission tunnel.--- all goes downhill from there. Motorcycle chain lube or plumbers grease would work fine. There is also a current thread on here about maintaining the underside of the mower deck. Good stuff to know. Having a survivor like yours is sort of like finding a '57 chevy that has sat for years in a heated wharehouse
  5. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    And so the addiction begins.......
  6. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Well, today I started up the Raider 10. The grass is turning very green and I am itching to roll it. It appears that the gasoline storage additive did its job well as the little Kohler idled very nicely after a long rest. My wife wanted me to paint the lawn chairs, so i looked at it as an opportunity to dial in a new paint gun to paint 16 wheels for the herd.
  7. what a picture

    Saw another while surfing called the Hon Deere. it was a honda motorcycle engine and transmission grafted on to a Wheel Horse painted yellow and green.The seller calls it a "Wheel Horse type" tractor. it was hard to tell just what it was because the hood came NOT from a Wheel Horse. It appears that the transmission is being utilized and with five forward speeds and at least an 8000RPM redline you have to wonder haw fast the thing would be? A Honda 16.5 horsepower 160 cc might take a bike to 70 MPH, but certainly not a heavy tractor.
  8. B80 with nothing but potential...

    Yep. The main thing to remember is to keep wire brushing the annodes morning and evening at the minimum to keep the rust flying off the part you want to clean. A manual battery charger is better than one of the new electronic ones as well. pfrederi has a great setup with the big surface area a brake drum provides

    i like this https://www.harborfreight.com/4-in-polycarbide-abrasive-wheel-60508.html For cleaning flat areas and this [# 60325] wheel for tight areas and corners much better than wire wheels. They do not spit wires at you, the first wheel listed will throw chunks if you hit a bolt or an edge, so stick to flat areas. I really like this stuff as an under deck coating. It dries like glass and it seals the tight rusted surface like you would not believe. i have two years on a deck that mows juicy weeds and it is still going strong.https://www.facebook.com/agriguardcoatings/ Application is not too fussy. i do take the time [after wire brushing] [with the non-wire wheel] to detergent wash and rinse the under deck first and let it dry. A cheap chip brush works pretty good. Re-coat in 8 hours or so if you want a second coat. If you wait too long, the second coat will not bond with the first.
  10. B80 with nothing but potential...

    That will buff out. Or, you can do it all with very little elbow grease. paint like that will come off in the electrolysis tank. It will take a few days, but the dividend is not removing any metal that is not rusted. The rust even comes out of the pitted areas and they can be filled successfully. On a job like the hood, you need big fat annodes. Maybe 2 inch angle iron or fence posts...Plenty of wait time, but not a lot of work If you decide to use just abrasion, these little beauties work pretty well so long as it is a larger flat area. A bolt sticking out will tear them up.https://www.harborfreight.com/4-1-2-half-inch-nylon-abrasive-wheel-94017.html
  11. I used some standard Rustoleum gloss implement paint to match the Ford Gray that was on the Huskee wheels. It did take forever [3 days in this cold weather] to dry and sprayed on very thin with not much yield to the paint film. I switched to the 2x in satin finish in a matching color of 'Stone Gray" and what took two days to even set up past a tacky finish on the gloss only took a couple of hours with the Rustoleum 2X Satin. One of the wheels dropped three feet to the concrete today and did not chip, so I guess it cured out pretty good after two days. anyway, I will know a lot more after I spray on some clear and then see how it looks after the tires are mounted--that will be the real test on chipping..
  12. Pictures are coming. !6 wheels are now primed and color coated, and i have to make the decision on whether to add one more coat to the wheel dishes on the show side. I found two more front wheels on the shelf and they are in rough shape. Gonna E-tank them and show more of that process. we lost 35 degrees off the thermometer in one day , and I think i will delay the clear coat with only one dish coated so far... I am not trying to change the world with rattle can paint, but just trying to find the better grades [with ease of application] of paint than is stocked on most hardware store shelves. In the first sentence of the first post, i tried to make it clear that the whole idea was help for people who would be inclined to use rattle can paint as a first choice. Wheels are a contrasting color to the tractor and serve as a test bed of sorts. This is about the only way I can figure how to paint wheels in the off season, so it will have to do. I do own three grades of paint guns and would not consider painting tractor sheet metal with rattle can, except as clear coat. I think that I used best practices on preparation, however. 100% of rust got removed by electrolysis and then the metal was pickled with metal prep before priming
  13. Hey brothers. I thought that I would help you out if you prefer the use of rattle can paint from Rustoleum. I wanted to try a big project of 4 tractors --all the wheels at once. The only way I can do it in less than ideal weather is to heat both the wheel in front of an electric heater and the paint in some hot water Here is a run-down of the products i used and why I used them. Rustoeum Professional primer just rocks! They make a red oxide and also a gray [#7582] which might be a Menard's number for $5.00. It is 15 ounces and the thing about it is it goes on thick enough that one spray coat will cover. The spray tip is larger, so you have to work fast. Leave the thin spots alone until it sets to avoid runs. I can spray a wheel dish in 30 seconds with this stuff after spraying the tire bead first.. I did 4 tractors front and rear --16 wheels with only two cans [ dishes and tire beads on the back side] Next, the wheel paint itself. I used Rustoleum painters touch 2X Ultra Cover Satin. It is so much better than the regular paint that Rustoleum sells. It sprays thicker without so much solvent mist and does not run very easily.. Probably your best bet is to spray a full cover coat, wait 25 minutes and hit it again to bring it to a gloss.It will dry to touch in only three hours or so even in 50 degree weather The only drawback is that the full contents of the can might not spray the greatest, So use the last bits on the back side of the wheels. That may be due to my heating the full can in hot water and then not heating it again as it cooled The satin is the stuff to use because it is run resistant to a greater degree than gloss. I used 249076 Satin Heirloom White. I think it has that perfect off white/yellow tint like OEM, but not quite as yellow as the Almond. This paint costs less than standard Rustoleum......and the product goes twice as far. 4 to 5 cans should do 3 sets of tractor wheels. I like a more sealed finish, so I added Rustoleum clear coat in semi-gloss. The wheel came out beautifully. Using this method works well because i think it is worth it for small stuff or jobs like this that are stop and start. Spraying out of a gun would be out of the question in these conditions
  14. Ditch embankment mower

    https://www.wheelhorseforum.com/profile/5794-the-toymaker/ https://www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/30728-ditch-embankment-mower/?tab=comments#comment-714485 https://www.farmshow.com/a_article.php?aid=32364