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  1. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Got the Raider 10 put back together after removing the transmission to replace the broken dog point screw for the shifter. Having a table lift that raises to 42" really helps the knees. Changed out the gear oil while I was at it. R&R'd the deck and the luxury of standing beside it during assembly brings a smile to an old man's face. That rig is a little tank! No mower I ever had will take down the tall grass like that little machine. I went to load it up on the trailer and the truck died after going only ten feet. Some sort of sensor for the turbo. I am gonna drive the tractor two miles to mow the tall mess of grass tomorrow. Finally a rain free day coming.. Gonna take the mother of all leaf blowers to manage the waste grass blowing it to the tree line. Wish me luck.
  2. 520H for sale questions

    It very well could be the transmission belt. The belt is tightened with an idler pulley that is tensioned with a spring and those springs break.You have to remove the transmission belt guard to see it. When my spring broke, the tractor would still creep forward on level ground...My solution may not be the best, but a rubber band cut from a motorcycle tube works for me as a tensioner spring The tensioner pulley rides in a plastic bushing, so make sure the bushing hasn't worn through or you could be facing a difficult repair in thin sheet metal. I had to convert mine to a bronze bushing plus some metal fab to hold the bushing in place
  3. 8 speed is out of gear main shifter

    Thanks for letting me know. Now I know that a new one will have to be ordered that is hardened. Otherwise, I would have just used a standard bolt, I suppose... I wonder if I could swipe one from a wheel hub [if it would fit}
  4. 8 speed is out of gear main shifter

    Well, I got the transmission removed and it was easy with the right tools. I have a 2000 pound rated lift table and a chain fall from the ceiling. At the push of a button, the tractor rises up to 42" I find a comfortable height and break the bolts loose. Then just carefully let the tractor down after attaching a cable overhead to the frame, and fiddle with things a bit until we have separation. Now a trip to the store for left hand drills and an easy-out. The dog bolt is sheared off flush. I have some pictures .for later.......
  5. Is there a spring missing on this belt

    My springs kept breaking and I have better luck with a cut section of motorcycle tube. It really does not take much "pressure' to keep that belt from slipping.
  6. Should have had stitches?

    I was afraid of infection as well because that knife was not clean and my hands were covered in shop grease. I wanted that wound to keep bleeding to clean itself out and it did keep seeping nice clean blood for about a week. I am not recommending this to anyone else, by the way,but I have seen too many hospitals with less than sanitary protocol --and some very nasty versions of antibiotic resistant bacteria live in hospitals.. As a cancer patient, my immune system of course was compromised, and I needed blood tests to monitor what was going on. The lab worker swabbed the site with. disinfectant, PICKED UP a dropped item on the floor, did not change gloves or re-apply disinfectant before feeling for the vein or after and then stuck me for the blood test. One of the side effects of that medication is difficult to manage anger, and I lost it big time. I would not take a cat to that blood lab.....
  7. 8 speed is out of gear main shifter

    The picture in post #2 is what I have. However, the threads in the set screw are broken off flush and I will have to pull the transmission to get at it.. The second picture is very helpful in that I understand exactly what I have to do to get it back together. You guys are the best
  8. I thought that I recently saw a post on here about getting the gear shifter re-engaged after adjusting the dog bolt on the gear shift. My shifter moves up and down in the ball and socket joint , as it were. I have another transmission with bad keyways that is getting refurbished with JB weld. No time to do anything else and the tractor is just used for mowing anyway. This is not exactly an emergency, but I will need to know how to fix the shifter problem once i get the dog to unthread from the socket. It is just one of those times when all the tractors in the herd are down and the grass is growing. I am supposed to be semi-retired, but more projects and work right now than I need. Any help or pointing in the right direction is appreciated
  9. Should have had stitches?

    Honda in later years reduced the quality somewhat on their main ignition switches. The good news is it made them easily repairable. When I was attempting to remove the wear part of the switch from the key cylinder, the utility knife I was using to cut away the plastic ears plunged into the meaty part of my thumb. It was a lot of blood more defined as a solid flow to the point there was no droplets. Direct pressure for five minutes slowed it down enough to start the clean up. The stab wound was over an inch wide which meant it was an inch deep. Torn muscle was coming out of the wound which insisted on gapping apart a quarter inch or more After putting some vintage Merthiolate in the wound [the kind that actually contained Mercury] that thing burned like it had been spat on by Satan. The bandage was a sterile pad, a paper towel, and a few Walmart bags to hold the leaks. The wound stayed gapped wide open tor a week and slowly closed in from both ends. At three weeks it was obvious that it would close together and now it is weather tight. Daily applications of iodine which also burns pretty good and watching for signs of infection helped things along. The point of this is the human body is a wonderful thing. I had a wound similar to this that I ripped the stitches out of by lifting a heavy weight. The surgeon chewed me out and sent me home without further treatment and it healed itself together so I thought I would give this a try. No scars at all !
  10. Saved from going to scrap!

    I think that if you had bought both tractors for $350, you would have been looking at your tractor for free....
  11. I got a new toy at work today

    I watched a construction company doing a low rise student housing building and the crane was on top of/beside the structure. The amazing thing was that the crane never stopped. There was a guy mixing mud and also guys loading pallets of steel studs, bricks, and other stuff by clipping it on to the crane. I have to think that the operator had a camera mounted to the business end of the crane because of the finesse he delivering stock to all sides of the building. No standing around at this job site.... Very effecient operation.. The housing units were for well off students and they even had a little grocery/deli on the ground floor. My daughter introduced me to her boss/professor/mentor. and it came up in discussion that a salad cost $15.00 at the deli. Such is life in Ann Arbor. Go Blue!
  12. 2018 Big Show or Bust ....

  13. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    The Raider 10 continues to be my go-to machine. I found some gently used blades and sharpened them up. I also got the solenoid back up and working so it now starts with a key. Hard to keep up with the grass right now. What i really need right now is a 7/8 OD x 3/4ID steel bushing about three inches long to make the Predator work well in the 520H. I wonder if Grainger or Fastenall sells them?
  14. Deck Failure

    I have seen these decks with the blade tensioner system all tightened up with dirt. I am not a fan of using water to clean decks because it washes fine dust --turning it to mud--in to the slide that operates the belt tensioner. A clean and lubed tensioner slide will greatly reduce shock to the deck spindles. With the bladeguards removed, you should be able to see the blade tensioneer moving quite a bit and all the time while cutting grass. Instead of the small Delrin slides under the tensioner bar, my decks all have full coverage Formica slides with silicone grease that the tensioner bar rides on.
  15. Weed Whipping...C 105 Style

    I found that if you Mow crossways to the first cut it seems to cut the stragglers better. In extreme cases I get out a powerful leaf blower. to clear the cuttings so they dont lay so thick on the lawn. It can be tough on belts, however