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    This thread needs music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWu4aynBK7E
  2. There is always something going on with somebody. This has been a week as we were preparing for my wife's surgery coming in a few days. My BIL from Colorado needed a quick place to stay as his buddy died sooner than expected. That put aside my needing a cracked tooth pulled and pulling that tooth threatened me fixing my daughter's car [also stopping in for a 'hotel room'] while she went to a college graduation for her friends. Daughter has been through really bad stuff with an abusive relationship that she finally had the strength to end. We just kept listening to her story after the dam broke....pretty tough to hear all that, but just had to be a dad. Tooth came out and I toughed it out without touching the drugs they gave me. The next day I went to another doc for a check up and it resulted in a biopsy. Wife will be off work fora time, so maybe me hanging around caring for her will settle things down a bit. Hope for the best with the biopsy. The good stuff is that my daughter folded her hands as we prayed over supper.....first time in a long time.... Thank you, AC for posting this thread. you already helped people here gain some wisdom
  3. Hub Puller?

    If you do not have an extra hub, an automotive brake rotor can be drilled. I have some brake rotors that are close enough that just enlarging a previously factory hole or two is all it takes. Great pictures,you guys
  4. Seat springs missing or not 418-8

    Just a reminder to those who have the deluxe springs. There is a lot of thin metal underneath [cantilivered] that supports the swinging seat set-up. Take off the seat and pan once in a while to check for cracks. My 520 nearly dumped me off the machine on a side incline when the metal broke free from one of the mounting holes. I repaired mine by using the very tough metal from a circular saw blade. Additionally, every metal shop needs to have metal from bed frames tucked in a corner. Thin, strong, and easy to weld. Tenants and college kids throw out beds and frames all the time. Now is the time to cruise college towns
  5. No piccs of the process, but I hadto tear off a roof for my sister that had very little access to the back yard. I rigged up a small flatbed trailer that took $5.00 Harbor Freight Wheels for easy changing in case a nail flattened a tire. The trailer held a standard skid with a plywood deck. We tarped the ground andloaded several hundred pounds of roofing on the skid and used the Bobcat with forks to dump the skid into the dumpster..... and dig it out for re-use Worked like a charm because the light weight made it easy to work with. I hate to handle material twice. No damage to the yard at all.
  6. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    I painted 18 wheels today with rustoleum red primer. Original plan was to power a MTD differential with a drill and spin the wheel, but it was much easier to spin it by hand. I made 'special" mounts for the wheels that let me flip the wheel over and just paint the entire thing at one go . Got some good piccs of the process. Finish coat will be Rustoleum Canvas White. A perfect match to my original paint that is lighter than almond .[As far as I can tell, that is]
  7. A Little Trip.......7 Screws and a Plate Later

    It happens so fast.... I was minding my own business going down a small hill that the rain deposited some invisible black sand on and made a left hand turn on the little motorcycle. Next thing I knew I was staring through my helmet with my nose nearly against the ground. Only going 5 miles an hour and that bike just slammed me to the ground Two pins in my thumb as it broke just above the lowest joint. I worked too hard and loosened one up and pulled it out a week early. Surgeon did a great job and it does not bother me at all
  8. 1969 Charger 12 Automatic with 48" deck

    That was a fair price as evidenced by the quick sale
  9. C120 slippin'

    I went through this with mine having the exact same symptoms. The woodruff key had widened the slot in the axle. My best guess is that it had about eight inches of play in the wheels to the ground.. Your axles are also damaged. My tractor had been used for snow pushing and I think that activity is hard on the axle keyway. One of our members here made a copper woodruff key and added weld around it to repair the axle. The copper key idea is that weld will not stick to copper. Mine was repaired with JB weld [put Pam cooking spray on a new woodruff key so it is not welded to the axle] which is fine for mowing grass but not for pushing snow. If you keep using the tractor in its present condition,your wheel hub will break. DAMHIK
  10. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    I sanded the rims 10 front and 8 rear and decided that it was time to make a wheel rotating device so i could spin the wheel while painting. All it took was an MTD rear differential with mounted wheels, a Harbor Freight battery powered drill, and piece flexible tubing. The tranny has an 11 to 1 gear reduction, so the drill on slow turns the wheel much slower Use the tubing to join the drill to the transmission drive, Flip the axle to a standing position, and that is it. Redneck Solutions Inc. I have developed a way to paint the entire wheel in one operation. I am gonna owe you guys pictures of that
  11. Carryall for Sprayer/Misc

    As far as controlling how much product you are using, you could add a pressure regulator to the main spray line. Or just add a t fitting with a ball valvewith a return line back to the tank. A third is to just add water and use less product in the mix. We just use a catch bottle on one spray nozzle and make our calculations from that
  12. Now, my friends, i have heard that you can determine accurately the ideal number of Horses you should own for your stable. X = [N+1] X is the correct number of horses that is the ideal N is the number of bikes Tractors you currently own. Caught the mistake---Also applies to motorcycles
  13. Best model for parts availability

    The only thing about commercial mowing and Wheel horses i would wonder about is the height that most of these yard services cut the grass. A wheel horse will cut shorter and will not cut as high as most of the competitors. i think these companies talk their customers into cutting higher simply because if heavy rains put you behind schedule, the taller cut will not clump as readily as the more 'normal' height a homeowner would cut grass. Many of these customers,. using my sister as an example are very picky about how the string trimmers are used and blowing all the pavement clear of grass clippings. All stuff to think about when buying yard equipment. Don't get me wrong. I like the height my grass is cut with my Horses. Just something to think about
  14. Harbor Freight lift table?

    I own a Harbor Freight High position motorcycle lift and it only costs ten bucks more. I think the coupon works on it as well. It is rated for 1100 pounds, but I feel pretty good at maybe 750 or so just because that is my comfort zone. When you work on something, there iare twisting forces involved that add stress to the lift. I added wheels to mine and now it will do anything. If I was forced to own only one or the other, it would be the motorcycle lift. Either tool would be worth the money just for saving your back.
  15. New Old Owner!

    Yours is the one to have in the 400 series. I sure wish mine had that engine instead of the higher horsepower one.. One little maintenance item often overlooked is to apply some lubrication to the shaft holding the transmission idler pulley. IF the plastic flange bushing wears through, it is metal to metal contact and it wallows out an oblong hole in the sheet metal transmission tunnel.--- all goes downhill from there. Motorcycle chain lube or plumbers grease would work fine. There is also a current thread on here about maintaining the underside of the mower deck. Good stuff to know. Having a survivor like yours is sort of like finding a '57 chevy that has sat for years in a heated wharehouse