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  1. Update---- The big pasture 56" MTD has the transmission belts up and running and new deck belt.. Big time saver, but a gas hog. Manual transmission swap done and when I add some gear lube --ready to mow. I picked up some GL-5 gear lube in 80-90 and 85-140. There seem to be different opinions on which one is correct for this 8 speed tractor [a Raider10 or Electro 12] I hope that someone can enlighten me.
  2. i am not going to put down POR15, but I am truly impressed with how durable the ari-guard coatings work with no special metal prep. i took the time to do the best i could and washed the thing with detergent after removing all the flaky rust. I have a MTD deck that was left outside with old grass residue, and the rust was peeling off in layers. I kept pecking away at it until it was solid but still rusty. I used the agri-guard on it with a cheap chip brush and could not believe the coverage and hardness. Two days after application, a wire brush in a drill barely dulled the shine. I used the black color on the deck underside, but if you want to put the coating in the sunshine, the aluminum color has U-V stabilizers. A one quart can will coat a big mower deck [underside] twice, but if you want two coats,you have to do it before the first coat is fully cured. It stayed put 100% after mowing for the season. Great for battery trays as well http://www.agriguardcoatings.com/ $30 for a quart of black color and $40 for the aluminum
  3. Best ordering experience in a long time. The guy I spoke with was great. They had three of the rare pulley that I was looking for, and even corrected me with a call back when I gave them the incorrect part number. I also added three double-D Stens 42" blades to the order and the shipping is the same reasonable price. Very happy that they have all the stuff to keep an old double D deck in operation. I even think that ordering by phone carries less risk than ordering by credit card from random people on the internet.
  4. Offer him a hundred and explain to him what shop rates for mower repair are. Also bring up that the transmission cannot be tested so you are taking a chance on that.That mower is pretty new to have a blown engine, so your are concerned about how it was maintained My rule on buying old motorcycles is never buy a non-running bike unless you can part it out for twice what you paid. My rule on mowers is that they need to work, period unless they have parts needed for other mowers i have If the seller gets all insulted at your offer, leave him your contact information and he well may call you back after no offers come his way. You are buying this mower to help out an older person who needs one, but your budget is limited, right? Anyway, wish the seller luck in selling the mower, but if he cannot sell it to someone else, then you will buy it if you have not found another one by the time he calls you back. Being a nice and reasonable person will help you out.
  5. In the video above, he warns us that the MTD's with foot pedal drive have to have a mtd belt on the vari-speed pulley. Not cheap for a 42" belt, but worth it if the tractor runs smoothly. He also warns about a hidden nut that holds an idler pulley on that cannot be removed without removing the entire seat, battery, springs,and what have you. He states that mTD should have welded a nut to the frame. Taryl stated that you either cut a hole with a hole saw to get at that nut, or do the long removal process. I also found that the belt tightner cannot be adjusted without loosening the same nut. i think i will weld on a nut to eliminate this misery. Just knowing what to expect makes the job so much easier Anyway, now the mTD Huskee works like it should [ brief testing] for the first time since I got it. Taryl rocks. His latest video is modifying a Cushman. The sound effects alone are hilarious and worth your time
  6. Just google wheel horse 6693 and all kinds of choices pop up. Plenty of competition and you can shop for price.One example https://www.glenssurplus.com/proddetail.php?prod=Rot-1108-SNG A close up of the tag shows 'made in USA' I am too lazy to open all the links and hunt for the best deal considering price + shipping costs, but you get the idea. Now, for all you tightwads out there. Has anyone ever worn out a set of 48" blades and cut them down to make a set of 42" blades? Works for me! I made a trip last fall because he had a couple of decks that have solid pans. I bought them for 125.00 and one of them was heavily re-inforced and had a complicated set of pulleys to power it .I think that the decks from the sixties actually had better steel in them because they don't seem to rust as easily as the newer ones.I like the old style double D steel spindles much better because they can be removed from the deck with ease compared to the more modern aluminum spindles. . The deck seller threw in a 1075 hydro drive tractor as part of the deal -- a roller without an engine. I cleaned it up a bit and replaced the hydro seals and now it is powered by a Predator $99.00 engine . I just blew a wheel hub on my hard working raider 10 and the replacement will come from the 1075. I will then buy some cheap golf cart hubs to take its place and put some golf cart wheel assemblies I have laying around for a very inexpensive yard tractor that I might convert to the ultimate yard sprayer. Even when you buy a parts tractor, these Wheel Horses somehow keep coming back to life. I got the 1075 just to have a couple of spare tires, so you never know where this hobby will lead
  7. It looks like Aftermarket still can supply the double d blades http://www.mfgsupply.com/mower/mowerblades/mowerbladestoro/15-1108-wheel-horse-6693.html
  8. Because this is a Wheel Horse forum, maybe we put down the cheaper mowers a bit. I had a Huskee given to me that was outside for a while and took quite some effort to rescue While Wheel Horse are easy to change belts and maintain in most repairs, that is certainly not the case with the MTD line. Mower shops do not like to see them either. They seem to get angry that you bought a mower from a big box store and do not seem to care about finding that part that you need. Also the shops know full well that their customers are gonna complain when the labor rate is sixty bucks an hour when you bring in a used mower you bought for $300. The internet [or as Taryl calls the Interscreen] has changed that a lot as online parts houses care a lot more than most repair shops that you can get the parts you need. I do not really put all the blame on the retailers as I have seen people use the counter man to find stuff for them and then they go home with part numbers and order it cheaper online Watch this video and notice how detailed it is and how easy he makes a job . Just like having a mechanic on your shoulder. He also knows when to recommend aftermarket parts and will say when OEM is the best to use. If his weird looks and fake teeth creep you out at first, just watch a few more videos and you will actually see the satire and humor of the guy. I could not stand him at first but now look forward to his new video each week. He actually has a repair shop out in "Podunk Indiana" I believe he calls it. i bet he has some happy customers.
  9. That is outstanding. Ed. As for me, With my welding skills I think i will use JB.Weld. The little Raider had snow plow mounts and maybe that explains why the keyways got damaged, Hopefully with just mowing the repair will last I got the swap out done and IF it is done correctly, it is about ten minutes to remove the six bolts once you figure out which wobble extension to use. Also, i would like to recommend to anyone who has a bit of oil around the transmission to check your bolts for tightness. i think the oil loosens them up and that could cause ruined threads or a cracked frame. Some of the bolts were little more than finger tight plus a quarter turn i have some pictures of the process including a very dumb mistake [2 actually] At the minimum you need a cable from above to elevate the frame off the transmission.I did the project alone, but i had a motorcycle lift table that made it a breeze. I can show the pictures when i get the time. We have been moving the 520 from all three yards to get ahead of the game. the 14 HP predator was under some load in the lot that had not been mowed yet this year with anything from bluegrass to 6" Mammoth clover and it mowed an incredible amount of grass with one gallon of gas .I just took it a bit slower--- so the mower had time to spit it out. I changed two belts on the 26Hp [Briggs} Huskee, but did not have the proper wrench to adjust the drive belt. It will be a three hour job if I have to change that belt. Hopefully I will be back to having the little fleet off the trailer and stored on site for the far flung yards. You still have to admire the incredible modularity of these Horses. The fact that with experience one can trade transmissions [manual that is] in a half hour or so and not even have to remove the mower says a lot how great the engineering is.
  10. Please show us piccs of the stroke sander and tell us what it is used for.
  11. That sounds pretty good. I already know what kind of wood I would use and it is Osage Orange. Hard, tough, and it is often used for machinery shims. I also wonder if a steel key could be set with scotch tape on it so as to be removable.. i have use glass bedding to set gun barrels and coated the barrel post with Pam cooking spray with excellent results
  12. I would make one small change in that the big shelf over the tractors could be supported from the ceiling with plywood strap hangers. Use rated deck screws because drywall screws will break. It would just make things easier to get the mowers underneath and the floor is also easier to sweep without those "legs " in the way. Plywood strap hangers will hold a lot of weight because they will not split. Your barn looks great and you seem to have the knack for creating what you need for the purpose
  13. Well, i told you that when I knew something that you guys would know as well. The left hub and keyway on the axle shaft is blown. It looks like all it will take is taking out six bolts and swapping rear ends. Disconnect the clutch at the brake band and possibly the rear end fill tube. Actually it may be more work to get the tractor rear end hung from the ceiling than swapping things out as so many things have to be moved around. Even the mower can stay mounted during the swap Just gonna mow the two acres first before any more messing around in the shop. Could not get much done today as a lot of phone calls came in for my birthday
  14. I jacked it up when i got home. All the gears shift and work and drive. I cannot hold the wheels with my hands. when you stop one wheel, the other one spins. The fact that i cannot hold the wheels with my hands suggests that the input shaft key is gone with some friction left. i do not have time right now to tear into it as I really need to pick up the514 predator/ 520-H and mow two acres with it before i really get behind. That ,and the Mrs is taking me out for biscuits and gravy for breakfast. I will certainly let you guys know what I find, and I am pretty optimistic that it is on the outside of the transmission. Now I wish that i let the C121 alone in all its patina glory because it ran perfectly. Pretty disappointed today that the 26 hP Huskee that I keep at the farm has belt issues so i have to mow the big yard/pasture with the 48" deck instead of the 56". I think I remember Taryl saying that the drive belt for an MTD is pretty much a Brand Only MTD if you want it to work properly. I found a video on my kind of transmission. MTD stuff is NOT simple to work on.Like our Horses are. On a positive note that just means that there is more seat time on a proper tractor.Actually, I am down to just one tractor until i wrench on the other ones. You guys are great and I know that I can count on you whatever the problem turns out to be