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  1. The world of Big Red Fred

    So now we know that BRF has visited his two adorable grand daughters. I would not say it on that thread, but I will say it here... Don't you DARE teach those sweet girls to "pull my finger" and then say........whoa--somebody step on a duck???
  2. Grand Daughters

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Shucks. So sweet.
  3. The world of Big Red Fred

    Three men are peeing in a puddle and your job is to figure out which one is a Diesel mechanic. It's the guy who leaves a rainbow color sheen on the water..................... i hear when Fred goes out on a date, if the woman wants him to take her home, she tries to lure him in by putting a dab of #2 behind her ear. Ok, you guys we are talking about #2 Diesel fuel for sure, but in Fred's case maybe either kind would work after enough chimichongas... But in all seriousness, i really like Fred. He is good people. He better show up at the Big Show this year or it will be "Fred on a stick".
  4. Another Bolt removal issue

    "patience is not my middle name" Well, maybe it should be.... Ok, so if this is the bolt you have to take out, then you are saying that the flange head seals against the plastic. Just take a tiny drill bit maybe about the size of the little red straw on your penetrating oil and drill a hole off center so it comes through the head about where the threads are on the outside of the tapped hole in the cast iron. i would bet that you will feel it when the bit breaks through the flange and bites through the plastic. That is where you stop drilling and now your penetrant will get at those threads https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/freeze-off-3327/chemicals---fluids-16461/grease---lube-16582/penetrating---fogging-oil-19005/super-penetrant/05002/4176059/2004/pontiac/grand-prix#availabilityTab_ I like this stuff ^^^ the best for loosening different metals joined together. It sure works well for steel screws in aluminum motorcycle blocks. i just succeded in taking out some Plillips screws 2" long that thread into the block of a motorcycle. Anyway, once you have that hole drilled, put that little red hose thingy in the hole you drilled and squirt a dab in there. Wait a day. Re-apply once a day or twice a day. Wait. You can also put a socket on the bolt and hit it square on the end each time you apply the Freeze-Off. wait another day. Do this for a WEEK. Finding a flat center punch and whacking on the end of the bolt will also help the penetrant go deeper into the threads. This little impact gun would have plenty of power to loosen your bolt at 1300 inch pounds. The impact action is like magic on stubborn fasteners. 1300 inch pounds might even be enough to twist off the bolt, so just give it a little burst or don't pull the trigger all the way to limit the power. My impact gun is only 500 inch pounds or so, and it is perfect for a quarter inch bolt . Just keep at this and be calm and patient and finally the bolt will loosen up. I once got a kid started on repairing old motorcycles and he took my advice about applying the Freeze-off. i went down to his shop a week later and smacked the case screws a lick on the ends, and even the ones with half buggered heads came right out. Now when he buys an old barn find, as a matter of course, be gets out the freeze-off and hits every fastener he can get to with a dab of the stuff and occasionally does them again Here is the beast that I got removed yesterday using these methods. Not one screw could be gotten at squarely, but they all came out.Just look at how deep the penetrant had to crawl down those screw threads.
  5. I attend a tiny church in Ohio, about the same size as the little Texas church we all know about. Ohio only permits carry in churches at the say so of church council, I guess. If you do happen to carry into our little church you would be guilty of only a misdemeanor --. same penalty as if you fail to inform a LEO of your CCW at a traffic stop. A few years ago, you would lose your license for that. Sometimes it might be better to ask forgiveness than permission. Maybe some one will find a good solution to resolve any differences of opinion the congregants will have, and avoid all the drama. There was a recent article in our local paper and some churches made no bones about the fact that they have carry guys in the congregation who have training that exceeds the state requirements. if you were the bad guy wanting to shoot the place up, it would be very difficult to perform the task and at the same time neutralize the security guys by picking them out of the group, i would think.
  6. The world of Big Red Fred

    Three words Taco Bell Salute Man, would i ever like to go on a Horse Rustlin' trip with this guy!! It gives "Run for the border" a whole new meaning, now doesn't it?
  7. Another one pulled out of crusher...

    In a way, that is what i did with a big twin 26 HP modern Briggs engine. PO had wired a solenoid and grounded the hot wire. When I got it, someone had cut the battery cable and I assume that it was done in an emergency as the kill wires to the coils were on fire. Of course the coils were both smoked. I never replaced those wires, so the annoying feature of not being able to back up the tractor with the blades spinning was gone. The only safety wire that remains is not being able to start the engine with the electric clutch/ blades in gear, because that wires to the starter solenoid, but that is a good thing. The shop that cut the battery cable wanted to give him $30 for the whole tractor or $800 to fix it. i did some bearing repair to the deck and new coils and belts for about a hundred and a bit of body work on the hood and painted that repair Wheel Horse Red. Good thing those coils were dead, because the mouse nests around them would have killed that engine in short order Of course you may wonder how to shut the thing off with the key with no kill to the coils, but this engine also has a gas shut off anti-backfire solenoid to the carb fuel supply
  8. If you must know. It is not for boogers, but for guts...... https://www.google.com/search?q=bird+gut+hook&client=firefox-b-ab&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjHoOOkn-rXAhXK34MKHT1cAIUQsAQISA&biw=1170&bih=676 for gutting those little doves that you shoot
  9. Liberal tirade on small engines

    Why, the yard guy does it for him, of course.. And also his work force is made up of native born citizens. Or maybe the future is the past. Start watching at 12:30
  10. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    I think we need 24 months in a year......
  11. C-160 Frame Repair

    Great repair, but is that an transmission oil filter on the left side of the picture? If so, i wonder how old it is???
  12. I use a Bobcat 853 with a 66" blade. bucket You can push, pull, drag,pile up,carry away, or load it into a truck if need be. I hate to scoop up any gravel, so I try to keep 4" or so left behind and then back drag it to pack it down. Once it freezes , you can really take the new snowfall away very quickly. i never even got a snow shovel out last winter, but we usually get at least one 10 incher with occasionally 16 to 20 inches
  13. Hey, about the tires.   There is a guy in Versailles Ohio who does buy-outs and maybe this tire may be of interest to you. I think they even have a better deal when you buy two of them. I would not put it out there for everyone and anyone to see, so let's keep it for just our friends to see


    1. slim67


      Thank you. I have bought stuff from BMI before but it's been awhile. That is a real good price on those 489s. I would have to go to 12 inch wheels though. I will keep it in mind. Have a great day.

  14. Need Advice

    End of season and i am noticing prices dropping.This one is a 312-8 for 425. If I were in the market for a worker , this looks like a good one. The owner is emphasizing that this is a TRACTOR and not a cheap thing from a box store. He also states that everything is in working condition. If you read between the lines, i bet this guy is tired of lookers who don't know the difference. That is when you might be able to go in there and offer maybe 375 and take it with you as it has been posted for a month For me, a running tractor at this price that looks garage kept will beat a $200 one stored outside with holes in the deck all day long. If I would have seen this ad when we were in Michigan last week, I might have been tempted to rent a little van and bring it home. Even though I prefer the C-series older stuff, this is an example that would bear looking into.
  15. Commando 8 diesel exhaust set up

    Maybe you could find a motorcycle muffler of similar or slightly larger diameter and slice out a section for a chrome heat shield?. Harley guys are always doing away with stock mufflers in almost new condition and they are widely available. Maybe a short section of chrome or stainless pipe from a big rig? I bet if you look around, something might surface.