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  1. I think we should motorize him.....
  2. Or the New Jersey Revenge commission. i know, I apologize.
  3. Just remember the PICTURES. My wife informed me to get all my work done early for this weekend. Friday night is a free bluegrass concert with some national acts. Saturday is Verona Victory Days with lawnmower races and lawnmower demo derby. [don't worry folks, it is the mTD junk taking the hits]. Sunday it is church followed by a little outing of what I call the outcast church group, and then I proceed to my secret spot via motorcycle to watch the Thunderbirds at the Dayton air show again for FREE. Does not compare to you guys, but is consolation for not being there none the less
  4. When I bought my house in 1986, I got the tractor the PO had, I eventually sunk $600 into an engine rebuild but found out later a short block would have been better. Even after that, the Teccy was gutless or perhaps the tractor wasted a bunch of power during transfer of power to the mower. I constantly had to tinker with the points and other issues. The guy who helped with messing about with the Sears became a lifelong friend, so that is much more important than how well the tractor worked out. I finally got tired of messing with it and bought a 416-8 I am glad you have a big 15 HP thumper in yours--so much better than what I had They are solid tractors, however and they weigh in about 600# Mine looked like this . https://www.google.com/search?q=sears+suburban&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjErZeNqszUAhWG6CYKHUCRD9cQsAQILg&biw=1170&bih=658#imgrc=e2AWcy4VWNAa1M:
  5. My "adopted" son called me and we talked for an hour and a half. He attended university with my daughter and he stayed at our house over Christmas break every year because the university emptied the dorms during break and neither he or his family could not afford the trip back to Miami. This fantastic man was of Haitian descent and still spoke some Creole when he got excited, so there was a little culture shock going on. Now he works in the Governor's office in Nevada on jobs and education issues and has even helped author legislation. He has the work ethic that very few possess. I am very proud of him. How many people of his humble beginnings win a post graduate scholarship to Harvard, would you think? Still waiting on a call from my daughter...................Got a text saying she would call later on................ I will be sure to tell her that my "son' beat her to the punch.
  6. I use Rotella T-6 for motorcycles. Oil has come a long way since the bikes were manufactured, and instead of paying high prices for oil that says "motorcycle" on the label, all you need is oil that is rated for wet clutch applications, and that is oil that has a JASO rating. Right now Rural king has it for 19.99 a gallon and OReilles does price matching. There were 5 one gallon containers on the shelf, so i said I would take that. [The price sticker was 28.00 per gallon] The kid helping me was very nice and offered to get me the oil in a box.from storage He brought a box to the counter that had two 2.5 gallon jugs inside [fine with me] Those fractions just destroyed his brain, it would seem, so he asked me what the oil should cost. He had to figure what each jug should cost, given the price of 19.99 a gallon. Me: " um, i'm sorry, but you did not charge me nearly enough for this oil" [about 61.00] Him; "what do you think it should cost? Me " 5 cents less than a hundred dollars, at one penny less than twenty dollars a gallon, plus tax" So the kid brought up another kid who seemed more confident in math. He sold me the oil for 43.99 per each 2.5 gallon jug with my out the door price with taxes of $94.36. So i looked at the cashier who was nearer my age and saw all of this, and he said, "That's OK sir, you already spent enough time on this". Out the door i went. The kid is nice, personable, and I have little doubt that he is reasonably intelligent as well. My daughter is ten years his senior and she took all the tough classes including calculus in high school Yes, she has taken stats and probs in college, and still does not know how to figure how much paint she should buy to paint a room at 400 sq, ft, per gallon. My wife and I talked about this and percentage off sales at retail stores seem confusing to my daughter as well Thank goodness she still wants to help me change the oil and replace the brakes on her car. Oh, and on edit. Shell is offering a $5.00 a gallon online rebate and a rebate limit of one hundred dollars till the end of the year I think. So that is really the reason that this is such a smokin' deal. With these antique motorcycles redlining at from 7 to 10 thousand RPM's, synthetic oil is the way to go. If you want to drive the cashier nuts, lets say your bill for something costs 15.79. you give them 21.00 so you get a five back and look at their expression.
  7. Sometimes their computer is not as good as yours. For example, the Freeze-off used to be stocked at O'reilles. i had some gift cards i wanted to redeem for the Freeze-off and they could not find it on their computer. i used the computer at home and found the O'Reilles stock number for them and then they found it and ordered some in. If i was coming to the show, I would buy a case of the stuff at 7.50 a can to share with you guys. If someone from Southwest Ohio is going, maybe I could have him take orders and deliver it.. Here is an ionteresting link in case you want to remove a broken steel bolt from an aluminum spindle or a broken tap from an aluminum block.http://www.dansmc.com/acid.htm
  8. The carb i was referring to was so frozen that the slide and diaphragm was frozen in place. Of course one should strip everything out if it is possible, but sometimes it is not.... I am with you on the lacquer thinner as the first choice. From the smell of it, Sea Foam and Berryman's have a great deal of lacquer thinner in them. I wish we could all share our secrets, but I understand that if you are making a living with a hard won secret that it is your choice whether or not to share.
  9. Thanks for your responses. I will add to the discussion by saying that this product http://www.oreillyauto.com/site/c/detail/CRC2/05002/N1737.oap?ck=Search_penetrating+oil_-1_1966&keyword=penetrating+oil&showStores=true#availabilityTab_ works on a couple of things like no other. If you have ever encountered a slide carburetor like a Mikiuni on a motorcycle and the slide is stuck with gasoline varnish, there is a way out. Lacquer thinner will dissolve gas varnish if it is from non-ethanol variety, but the diaphragm on those carbs is very sensitive to lacquer thinner or even the fumes from it. There are many witches brews for carb work including Pine-Sol, but they turn the aluminum dark. Freeze-off is the stuff to use to dissolve the crud and it adds lube so the metal will slide again. When you spray it on, bubbles will emerge for up to an hour. That tells me there is some sort of chemical reaction occurring and eventually, with repeated applications, the thing will become unstuck. Freeze-off also works on steel/aluminum,case screws, but you need to keep putting it on every day or so for a week. Anyway., i think the wheel Horse community will benefit from using Freeze-off on carb work. But now i think that the BG will be my go-to stuff for case screws and the steel-to-aluminum stuff
  10. http://www.3sx.com/store/comersus_viewItem.asp?idProduct=612 I am not really sure, All i can say is that i sprayed some on the underside of a mower deck from the sixties, with aluminum blade towers, and all of the bolts came out without breaking. The oil sat there for six months and it never dried out. The threads in the aluminum spindle did not gall and came out bright.. The only trick I used was to grind the leading edge of the six point socket flat so the bolt would not round off. Steady pressure on the breaker bar and off it came Any time I buy something old it is common practice for me to put penetrant on the nuts and bolts before i throw it under the bench for repair later IMO, the stuff beats Kroil and also Freeze-Off which I consider to be excellent products. You do not need to use as much product either. Your opinion is welcome as i am always looking for the best oil I can find with price not being that important. BG is only supposed to be available from retailers like gas stations, but I know a distributor who can get it for me for about ten bucks a can, and cheaper if I buy a case of 12
  11. A seat, any seat will do that has some spring to it for the models with a solid one. This is from a MTD and is raised up enough that I can get on the machine. It is one of those ugly "git -er -done" projects born of necessity that just hang around and people make fun of. Also adding some strength to the transmission tunnel by adding angle iron frame to the top at the rear. Probably the only spot on our tractors that is under engineered. Both the 520 and the Raider 10 were cracked on the seat and pan mounts. Probably happened because that one farmer decided to keep his side ditch mowed,and everyone else did the same Leaning sideways on the seat while mowing to keep upright is hard on the little bit of metal where everything is attached Oh. And Ed just made my day with the Mole Killer
  12. Maybe the deck on my 520 (48" vs 42" on the Raider] just is not set up correctly. It just seems not to clear the grass as well. In contrast, I got behind on the farmhouse lot and 6" of grass and some clover had the Huskee 54" deck plugging up with the 26 HP just drinking fuel like crazy. Any of my Horses beat the big box stuff.
  13. i have a honda CB750 bike with a kerker 4 into 1 exhaust systen that is welded from one end to the other. The perforated pipe failed inside the muffler and the washer welden on the pipe to the right side cut through the expansion chamber due to vibration. i decided that $400 or so would better e spent elsewhere. You can see the washer to the right of the hose clamps. The second picture shows where the expansion chamber was cut through and forward from that the rest of the chamber and the header pipes form the complete system. The repair was simple in that the perforated pipe was simply hose clamped to solid pipe inserts to restore its integrity and function. Total cost was less than ten bucks--and yes--that is a piece of aluminum spouting holding the severed expansion chamber together on a temporary basis. This is a very quiet muffler that I would compare to Honda factory noise level. I am posting this because the design is so simple that what appears to be a straight through design is actually a two chamber muffler that could be incorporated for small engines with perhaps throw away propane bottles as the expansion chambers. First, the 4 header pipes combine into one and they enter the expansion chamber. The gases expand and hit the solid washer and are turned back toward the open end of the SOLID exhaust pipe, creating all kinds of turbulence. They pass through the solid pipe past the washer to the perforated pipe and can either run straight out the back or expand further into the increasing diameter cone-shaped expansion chamber. All that passing through the screen and back also creates more sound attenuation and it works very well. I did not even replace the glass pack material and if anything, the muffler was quieter than before. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1m-Stainless-Steel-Exhaust-T304-Perforated-Tube-Pipe-3-76mm-Diameter-1-metre-/271048358248 the link shows the appearance of the perforated tube inside the muffler in case my pictures are not clear enough. If i ever get another " short-fat " propane bottle for the build, you guys will be the first to see it
  14. My buddy has a lot with a primitive camp that he stays at while visiting his family. I was having issues with my mowers in limited capability with the Raider 10 with a broken hub and bad keyway. With a substitute transmission installed, we had at the tall orchard grass with the Raider and 42" deck. The pictures do not show it, but the grass averaged the height of the hood with some sunny spots a foot over the hood. Pictures do not do it justice. The first pass was with the lift handle all the way up--maybe 70% of the grass was cut. We felt our way along and were able to go over the top of 2" limbs booby trapped into the grass. Then we discarded the big limbs and hit it the second time shown in the over the hood picture.. The third pass and it was about two inches high.I did keep the cutting width down to two blades to keep the grass throwing clear i have my doubts that a later model Horse with its longer deck drive belt would have survived the abuse, but the mid mount belt is much shorter with less tendency to stretch. i mowed in second gear low range most of the time with first gear high range at the end. No issues. I let the Kohler talk to me and just kept the ground speed slow enough to avoid much load at all. What a machine!