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  1. B-81 Spark plugs

    Nevermind, I found it
  2. B-81 Spark plugs

    What spark plugs should I use in my '79 B-81? I took out the original and it is a Blue Crown M5, all searches led to "vintage" Blue Crown plugs so I don't think they make them anymore. All I know is that the proper gap is .30 in.
  3. Parking Brake Help

    B-81 six speed
  4. Parking Brake Help

    On my tractor when I engage the parking brake, it doesn't stay engaged.I can engage it, but after a few seconds then it bounces back. When it does stay engaged, it only does until someone barely even bumps the tractor, and it bounces back. Is this an easy and inexpensive fix?
  5. Want a B-80 with at least a mower deck.

    Thank you guys bunches but I am no longer in need of one. Good luck to y'all and have a great day.
  6. Want a B-80 with at least a mower deck.

    I want a Wheel Horse B-80 that at least has a mower deck. I am willing to trade a Wheel Horse 1979 B-81 six speed that comes with a mower deck, runs great, no issues what so ever for a B-80. If you want pictures go to my profile.
  7. Parting out '76 B-80

    Can i get the whole attachment lift assembly?
  8. b-111 plow

    if u have a 4 speed then this is the plow u want 96-42BX01 it will work if u have a six speed too
  9. Wheel horse 8

  10. Snow Blade

    I have a 1979 B-81 six speed tractor. Can anyone help find me the correct 42" snow blade for it?
  11. Snow Blade

    Thank you Racinbob
  12. Snow Blade

    Can anyone hook me up with a snow blade for the b-series tractors? the tractor i have does not have an attachment lift. the proper blade is 42".
  13. 1974 D180 w/ 3pt hitch pto and rear 60" mower

    How low are you willing to go? I'm 14 so I can't make that much money legally. Is it possible to attach a loader to this tractor, too?
  14. Parking Brake Help

    Thank you boat loads Garry :). You seem to always know just how to find the correct manuals. I can't seem to get teh hang of finding the right ones, lol
  15. Parking Brake Help

    I have a WH B-81 six speed. When I try to engage the parking brake using the instructions on the tractor, it stays for two-three seconds before bouncing back. Help?