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  1. Just a few things left now and I will be able to use the refurbished 42" blade. My Foreman likes it, he's a Wheel Horse guy too.
  2. 42" snow/dozer blade cleanup

    Took the photos in the shop where I work, the lighting is pretty bright.
  3. 42" snow/dozer blade cleanup

    I will be sure to include an update photo with it ready to work.
  4. Kinda wanted a 42" blade for one of the other Horses. Found one on the local CL site which basically needed just some TLC. Even came with the mounting bracket. Everything cleaned primed and painted ready to reassemble. Made up a new cutting edge.
  5. 1054 ride along

    https://youtu.be/b8SeNQBKJ2s Thought you folks might enjoy a ride along while I was plowing snow on Christmas day. Wishing all a Very Happy New Year !!
  6. Christmas snow plowing

    Sometime ,on my wish list is a 953 tractor. . Hope your Dad can get a snow plow for his tractor. Need pictures when he does.
  7. https://youtu.be/b8SeNQBb8SeNQBKJ2s Received about 3 1/2" of snow over Christmas Eve / Christmas morning. So it was some good seat time on the 1054.
  8. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all the members on
  9. 1054 up and running

    Yes it is Glenn My "Favorite" snow plowing tractor.
  10. 1054 up and running

    Actually 953 I'm still using the old one right now temporarily. But am going to try replacing it with one of the suggested ones. So awesome having it back running again. Of my tractors, my "Favorite" work Horse. And the Tri Rib tires on front are working out great. Thanks! again for your suggestion on checking the idler pulley.
  11. 1054 up and running

    Yes! the 1054 is up and running again. The culprit was the little 3" drive belt idler pulley. It was almost stuck solid. The new idler pulley was installed today and the 1054 is back plowing snow.
  12. Snow plowing

    That's right Glenn.
  13. I really appreciate all of your input guys and links and suggestions for spring replacements. Was going to mention that as 953 suggested, I ordered and should have a new idler pulley here today. I believe it seized up the the other day when I tried to move the tractor. Should have the 1054 back on line for snow plowing duty today!! . Love that tractor.
  14. AC 912H to the rescue

    I believe my Boss said it was 1981 or 1982. The 900 series was made from 1979 to 1985