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  1. It has been months since I had started revamping an old boat trailer and making a 5'x 9' utility trailer out of it. Finally have it to a point where I can use it for bringing more "Tractor Treasures" home. Trailer lighting is all installed and the trailer deck boards are on. Might weld up a ramp/gate yet, but later. Transformed into something nice after cutting, welding, painting, etc.
  2. Newbie

    to Glad to have you on board.
  3. C-120 back in the mowing crew

    I drive my friend at work crazy, who also lives in my neighborhood, because he never knows what tractor I will have out mowing with from week to week.... lol What really throws him is when I have the little Lawn Ranger out.....
  4. C-120 back in the mowing crew

    Finished mowing the back yard after work today. I have to say the C-120 is doing a fine job.
  5. C-120 back in the mowing crew

    I have to tell you JA, yes it is a great machine but mowing with the two tractors I have with Hydrostatic..... They have me spoiled.... lol Had to get used to shifting again.
  6. Finally found some time the last two weekends to reinstall the K301s I had rebuilt a few months ago. Everything hooked back up and tonight after work she went on her "maiden voyage" mowing lawn. Did a great job.
  7. Early in the week something went POP !! in my knee, so I've been hobbling around like an" Old Man"... by the way I am one. That 312 Hydro really made it easy on me mowing the lawn this week.
  8. I was thinking about making up an adapter for it so I can also use it as a back blade on the slot hitch.
  9. Finally had a little bit of a break at work so I had time to weld together the "faux" grader blade for my Simplicity/ Allis Chalmers tractors that I started last fall. Guess you could say I did some "Reverse Engineering" using some line drawings and photos of a blade and calculation of dimensions.
  10. I'm looking for the correct belt number/size for the transmission/ drive belt on my 1990 312 Hydro? Number I have found so far is 108501, 5/8"x 82". Thanks!!
  11. K161 air cleaner cover 2.0

    This is what I ended up with on the 2.0 version of the K161 air cleaner cover. Engraved the front of it with my pencil grinder and 1/8" ball cutter. I'll give you guys a little helpful hint, if you ever use a sanding disc, cutter, etc on aluminum put a little wax on the cutter. It will keep it from loading up. Tried polishing the cover up per 953nut suggestion but didn't like the finish... so back to Regal Red.
  12. K161 air cleaner cover

    That's usually their payment for welding jobs I do for them lol
  13. K161 air cleaner cover

    I just have to ask the guys in the polishing department. Actually just ran in though the glass bead cabinet, so ready for any type finish.....