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  1. Doing a little more work on the 753 before the rain moves in. With alot of elbow grease and some solvent from work was able to now see the serial number on this little jewel. Hope to possibly see if the engine will fire up today. Found out some additional history on the tractor too from my friend. He bought it at an estate sale when his son was 7 yrs old. Had the engine running then after a small engine guy looked at it. That was approximately 10 yrs ago, his son is now 17.
  2. That ,and my friend wanted me to have the CNC department engrave "Wheel Horse 753" on it too.... . Perhaps at a later date.
  3. Amazing what some Regal Red paint does to a part. Had to try it on the carb after work, think it will work out fine.
  4. The K161 7 hp on the 753 I brought home last weekend was missing the air cleaner cover. So until I find an original I made up an aluminum one at the shop today from a old oil filter cover from a CNC machine and some aluminum plate. Cut oil filter cover down to approximate height and welded on the new cap. A little grind/polish and ready for paint.
  5. I sure wish the 753 could talk..... Would probably tell me some horror stories. lol I think possibly they stripped out the 1/4" and opened it up to the next size. Will have to check out everything really close on tractor for sure.
  6. Going to claim a small Victory on the tranny tonight. Made up a 1/4-20 dog point set screw before leaving work. Of course when I get home I noticed some one opened it up to 5/16-18. Made up another set screw, installed it and shift lever and the tractor shifts into all the gears. YAY !!! Still have to do something with the giant hole they chopped in.....
  7. Yes Sir we have dog point set screws in the parts crib, but I think 1/2"-13 threads are a little big. lol I made up one.
  8. Thanks!! 953 and Garry that answers my questions. I wondered if the end of the set screw was some special shape.
  9. On the 753 I just picked up was trying to figure out what I might be missing in the transmission area after the chop job someone did.... Looks like all I am missing is the 1/4-20 x 3/4" socket head set screw for holding the shift lever in the correct position. Was wondering what gear lube they used in that transmission? Looks like the end of the shift lever on the ball end could use some TLC also. Hope I can find some one who welds.....
  10. Bartering in my line of work happens ALOT Ed . Sometimes that's not all bad.....
  11. A friend told me a back last fall he had a Wheel Horse in his barn I could have, he just had to dig it out . Well he got it dug out today. I believe it is 753 from looking at photos and the fact it has a Kohler K161 7 hp engine. Could not find any ID tags on the tractor. Still a dusty Barn Queen in the pictures. Everything there except air cleaner cover and the fact it was the victim of an attack in the gear shift area..... :/ Trying to figure out what missing in the tranny?
  12. Well the mystery is solved.... When my friend dropped off the mowers after work he had the missing tractor hood. It's a 244-5
  13. That's what I was thinking on the parts too. Plus a another guy gave me a 42" snow blade, wheel weights and chains for one of the "Farm Store" type tractors.
  14. What do you say when a guy at work asks if you would like a couple Toro-Wheel Horse mowers he wants to get out of his back yard.... And he will even deliver them for FREE.... Not sure on the model of the bigger mower, perhaps you guys can help me out. Thank you!! in advance.
  15. Yes 54"