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  1. Big Show 2016 -- Customs

    I'll be there with my rat rod Hectic. Built just for the show
  2. Ugly Seat Contest

    The foam Dident help for comfort either
  3. Rat rod named Seizure.

    Haha definatly need some front end work it's just a matter of time till if falls apart and that's actually my plan for the exuaste
  4. Rat rod named Seizure.

    Decided to build somthing out of my old 552 that's where the fun began. I put a 13 hp Honda gsx motor on removed the gov and a few others little mods for more hp.... Still gonna add some custom details to make it one of a kind. I clocked it at 35 mph and it was very scary and shakes very bad that's where it got the name... Seizure. Plan to build custom dual exuast also.