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  1. Nice pics. I hope the weather was good.
  2. When a truck was a truck and made in the USA.
  3. The power king and jim dandy are some of my favorites. All of those on the list Id take. The Simplicity is a good one too but I really like the older units that were also badged for allis-chalmers.
  4. dennis, based on the amount you have listed,we can see you definitely love tractors and you certainly know how to pick 'em !
  5. Yes they do have great sound to the engine. I'm glad someone else feels like I do. My neighbors where I grew up had one of the later models when they were yellow and white. I think they may still have it only the turf tires were replaced with ags.
  6. Nice tractor for sure. I dont have enough land to need one thats why I always liked the RJs and Suburbans. They look like the offspring of a Cub. Round hoods and Ag tires.
  7. k301s are stout engines. It shouldnt be a hard rebuild.
  8. My wife and I are hikers ourselves but there is only hilly terrain in my neck of the woods.
  9. Got to love the beautiful countryside. Nice photo.
  10. Cool
  11. Where are you at in the pics? Florida?
  12. If i found it for that amount, Id have one more in my garage.
  13. Im shocked at the price of new trucks My wife wants another minivan which has served us well. Me? Ill drive anything I should just do like they do over in asia and get a two wheel tractor and some homemade cart out of whatever I can find and drive that.
  14. I DID plan on camping nearby and even started a thread asking members here who was going. But unfortunately I will not be able to attend this year. My van has over 190,000 miles and I dont want to push it that far . I thought I would have it replaced by that time but opted to run it through the winter and buy a newer one in the spring. I will check out the website and pics. I wish all that are going to have fun and I will pray for nice weather. There will be a local show or two this fall that I will make.
  15. Wheel Horse is the Harley-Davidson of tractors At least in my opinion. Thanks Pond family!