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  1. ? on demise of Wheel horse

    For the acreage we cut at work, yes zero turn all the way. We also have a Ventrac ( steiner copy) which will kill hills all day long. There is a SCUT in our fleet to, but ours is a JD 4100 and getting tired. We do also have a Mahindra 40 hp .
  2. ? on demise of Wheel horse

    Good point. If all you need it for is cutting grass, I am here to tell you( from experience) the zero turn cannot be beat. For time savings and comfort alone. I dont know how many people even garden anymore as to require a garden tractor. Most people I know or talk to just want last years garden rototilled. They dont even know what a bottom plow is or does. Seems like most small " tractors" are for mowing the lawn or snow removal. Even there I think people would rather use a walk behind snowblower as opposed to trying to use a lawn tractor with one or a blade. Who knows, maybe Gravely was ahead of its time!
  3. ? on demise of Wheel horse

    Love walkbehinds. I don't know why but I do.
  4. ? on demise of Wheel horse

    They had probably 50 attachments for the Gravely walkbehinds. Terramite even had a backhoe attachment for them. I wish I kept my 5665 with a 301 in it.
  5. ? on demise of Wheel horse

    Lets not forget all the other quality brands as well that fell by the wayside. Unfortunately not just a Wheelhorse thing. We have watched them all disappear or go thru the roof on prices. Ive always liked the Gravely walk behinds and wasnt surprised albeit disappointed when they stopped making them. They made them too damn good. Thank God for the legions of guys like you all that keep the old iron relevant.
  6. Sprayer project

    Good old American ingenuity
  7. Just showing my Facebook find

    I see one I like .
  8. CL find today

    I knew you'd pick them out.👍🏻
  9. CL find today

    Thank you
  10. CL find today

    Sorry. Is there another way to share that ?
  11. CL find today

    This CL post id: 6526921632 is in Geauga county for anyone looking for some projects. Look in the background of the third photo. They arent mentioned for sale but who knows ?
  12. New to me 867

    Thats a beautiful tractor. If my 57 was a 67 i probably would have kept it.
  13. It'll be OK! I found a cure.
  14. Why do people insist on doing that?