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  1. RJ-35 survivor

    He said he intends on keeping both and is restoring the cub. I told him to leave the RJ just as it is.
  2. What wheel weights are these?

    I have an MTD wheel weight thta looks like that. I post a pic later today. Its a 45 pounder or so.
  3. RJ-35 survivor

    I don't think he realizes what he has. That's the irony here plus he's a cub cadet guy
  4. RJ-35 survivor

    I havent seen it yet except for these pics but one of these days I will take a ride out to see it and get some better pics. A Clinton like on my 59 (b1290)? That one on there is still a good engine for the time being but Im not sure he cares. Thanks for the comments guys.
  5. RJ-35 survivor

    This RJ-35 belongs to a friend from work. He traded a vertical shaft engine for it twenty years ago. He and I were talking about garden tractors a year ago when the topic of Wheel Horse and Pond came up. He said he had one but wasnt sure what year it was exactly. Is there a tag on these somewhere like the later RJs? It is definitely a survivor minus the engine.
  6. Thinking of selling one of my tractors....

    ooops! sorry 953. have a nice day
  7. Thinking of selling one of my tractors....

    In the tractor world, these Redsquare bunch are the people your mother warned you about ! By the time theyre done with you ,you wont be selling any. In the tractor world, these Redsquare bunch are the people your mother warned you about ! By the time theyre done with you ,you wont be selling any. In the tractor world, these Redsquare bunch are the people your mother warned you about ! By the time theyre done with you ,you wont be selling any.
  8. Showing the boy some culture today

    A lot of it depends on how you spec a truck. IH made some severe duty trucks in their day. 80k GVW is the standard legally and usually results in a payload in the 25 ton range. Most tractors and straight trucks are capable of much more but now your overweight.
  9. Showing the boy some culture today

    I was an owner/operator at age 24 after driving for others starting at age 20. My first truck was a 79 Mack DM686SX that had a 20k front and 58K rears. It was invincible Mack quality to the core. I had 35 tons of gasoline soaked clay on it one time but not by my choice. The dumbass operator wasn't counting scoops. I remember when Superliners were the chit. Best looking truck Mack made as long as it had an inline and not one of their V-8s. I agree with 6wheeler that old trucks were trucks unlike the run of the mill Volvos and Freightliners of today. Pete and KW forever ! Thanks for the nice pics Red.
  10. Wheel Horse Truck?

    Well its not a Wheel Horse but in the ballpark as far as trucks go. Im down in Sevierville, TN on vacation and found this while doing my coffee and craigslist.
  11. RJ-58 Restoration

    I know the feeling all too well. I am going to get my suburban done this fall/winter for sure. I just have too much on my plate right now and unfortunately its not a priority. I picked up a mini rail frame that I will not touch until the suburban is done.
  12. Kohler command into a B-80?

    I did the engine swap and am quite happy how well it turned out. I was able to reuse everything that came off the cub except for the huge muffler I need to modify or search for something that will work. I need to hook up the throttle cable, wire the lights and cover the wiring with some corrugated wire sheath. I have a set of wheel weights to put on that are 105 lbs apiece and two more 40 lb plates that I can stack on top those. I recently picked up a nice set of 6-12 ags but they just don't look right on these style tractors with the wide front axle so I will wait for the rears to blow out from dry rot then replace them. This one is going to be a worker around my yard.
  13. Harbor Freight 14 HP rescued from the dead

    I had a 420 duromax in a golf cart and it started burning oil in no time. Not sure why as it had low hours but they sent me a new piston , rings and all necessary gaskets to fix it. I would still buy one again just because of price but the GX Hondas would be my first choice if money was no object.
  14. Felony Green