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  1. brrrrrrrrrrrr

    Its been cold here to and ive had to plow. Carharts, no cab. Probably still colder up your way.
  2. Tractor Choices less than 40hp with

    Good point and hard to argue especially since there is a huge market of used skidsteers. Add a set of tracks and you can go anywhere and do anything. Thats probably why you see so many at the jobsites. I used to hear the rubber tire backhoe was the one piece of equipment any excavator/contractor had if nothing else but I think the skid steer is right there with it.
  3. Vintage Trucks

    The best 4x4 mini-truck ever!
  4. Vintage Trucks

    I had the pleasure to drive an old Mack R-700 with an 8V-71. You had to rev that out for every shift and it had a 10 speed fuller. Dual stacks to boot. An oddball truck for sure( since Mack had their own V-8) but I was told Roadway had them for pulling doubles. Detroits were also used in Terex heavy equipment and were just plain loud.
  5. Vintage Trucks

    Loved my s-10s, had 3. Economical and simple. The Broncos today are priceless. My dad had a 71 Highboy with the 300 inline and NP435 trans.It plowed snow and hauled firewood then became mine. You could put 35-36 tires on with no problem.
  6. Vintage Trucks

    yes sir! me too, especially like the old B models. This one is my favorite since I was a kid.
  7. Tractor Choices less than 40hp with

    My dad has a 600 ford thats as simple as you can get.
  8. Tractor Choices less than 40hp with

    Both nice machines but I know a guy fairly well who sells kioti so between the two,id lean that way. But price matters a lot to me. We have a lower end Mahindra so I havent tried their nicer and newer models.
  9. Vintage Trucks

    You cant beat a Mack for severe duty use. I had a 79 DM and a 67 R model.
  10. Tractor Choices less than 40hp with

    Im glad I dont have to make that choice. Theres Mahindra,Kioti,Kubota,New Holland and John Deere dealerships all in my range.
  11. Tractor Choices less than 40hp with

    Ive recently worked a Kioti and we have a Mahindra at work. John Deere and Kubota are probably everyones first picks for any poll but i really liked the Kioti and the Mahindra is affordable( also the largest tractor manufacturer in the world). There all too much for me need wise and price wise. Our little JD 4100 is a Yanmar but a heck of a good tractor.
  12. Echo CS590 opinions

    Well it was as good as the seller said. After an almost 2 hour trip and 225.00 dollars, I am now the proud owner of a lightly used MS290. My wife and I did some sightseeing nearby and visited a couple dams and a nice park system in Westerville. A cold day but a good one.
  13. Echo CS590 opinions

    For the price he is asking I would take the chance assuming it's as good as I was told.
  14. Echo CS590 opinions

    Thanks for your thoughts guys. I am also considering a lightly used MS290 for a great price that would be a prime candidate for a muffler mod.
  15. Echo CS590 opinions

    That's the info I've been getting so far. I like Stihl but in that price range it's their farm/ranch saws and don't seem as well built as the Echo and for more money ( about 100 dollars). I think I've answered my own question but would like to hear others opinions.