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  1. Thats good AMC but can we use this guy instead? Get a bigger shed Karl, or a carport.
  2. It's a learning experience. We have a good shop not too far away that specializes in starters and alternators but I can't expect him to answer questions for free when he is in the business. So I continue the search. I did get 1.5 volts last night while testing it. Maybe there's nothing wrong and I just don't really know what I should? I won't rule that out but I need an expert to tell me. 953s document looks like it will explain it.
  3. Yes it ran circles around the 5111 Jacobsen to. I like Cubs also but it would be a long day cutting that amount of grass on one.
  4. That looks like a good source of info my friend. Its time for bed so I will make sure to read it tomorrow. Good night all.
  5. Thanks Joe I will try that .
  6. I used a 1/2 ratchet and #3 and drew them in a little more and it made a difference. How do you polarize the regulator? Thanks
  7. Thanks for that info Paul . Pretty much like what 6bg6ga is referring to,but what does it do? How do you polarize it? I put the S/G on the tractor and got it started then checked field voltage and it read 1.50 voltsDC. I did the "bench" test and ran it up to speed and kept the switch turned to start and put the hot cable on the field and it slowed way down like I read its supposed to. I must be missing something because the field coils are brand new and the armature is like new as is the brushes. This is first time I have ever repaired one aside from R&R on other tractors.
  8. It's worth a try. I let you know how it works out. There's not a lot of info out there on these.
  9. The voltage regulator is brand new and not on or hooked up at the moment. I am under the impression that the S/G should put out voltage at the field terminal while the armature is spinning under engine power. I can't confirm this but it's seems that what it should do. Thanks for your help on this. I will see if the other armature does the trick.
  10. Well not quite but I will try the armature from the other one and see if that solves the problem. I probably would have saved a lot of time and aggravation by buying a known good one. But my pride and frugality won't let me. If it all works out then I can say it's one more thing I have knowledge in now. Knowledge is power so they say.
  11. I found that even hand tightened as much as you can isnt enough. I put the 1/2 inch collar from my impact screwdriver onto a 1/2 inch ratchet and turned it in even more. That did the trick.
  12. Hey all. I installed new field coils in the S/G for my 857 and the armatures are extremely tight. I switched cases,shoes and tried both armatures but no difference. I am wondering if i was sent the wrong coils or am I not tightening them enough? I used a #3 phillips screwdriver and cranked them good. Should I try a #3 bit onto my 3/8 impact? I had to use an impact screwdriver to get the old ones out so thats about the only two things I think it could be. Or does the armature need to be turned down? This ones got me perplexed
  13. What about Barbie Benton, I remember her.
  14. It sure is a great way to spend a Saturday. It's not terribly far from you. I'm thinking an hour if that.
  15. Looks good Nick. I'm not far from you. Stow is a nice city. Since you are in my neck of the woods, check out the tractor show in Sugar Creek on May 13th.