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  1. RJ-58 Restoration

    I know the feeling all too well. I am going to get my suburban done this fall/winter for sure. I just have too much on my plate right now and unfortunately its not a priority. I picked up a mini rail frame that I will not touch until the suburban is done.
  2. Kohler command into a B-80?

    I did the engine swap and am quite happy how well it turned out. I was able to reuse everything that came off the cub except for the huge muffler I need to modify or search for something that will work. I need to hook up the throttle cable, wire the lights and cover the wiring with some corrugated wire sheath. I have a set of wheel weights to put on that are 105 lbs apiece and two more 40 lb plates that I can stack on top those. I recently picked up a nice set of 6-12 ags but they just don't look right on these style tractors with the wide front axle so I will wait for the rears to blow out from dry rot then replace them. This one is going to be a worker around my yard.
  3. Harbor Freight 14 HP rescued from the dead

    I had a 420 duromax in a golf cart and it started burning oil in no time. Not sure why as it had low hours but they sent me a new piston , rings and all necessary gaskets to fix it. I would still buy one again just because of price but the GX Hondas would be my first choice if money was no object.
  4. Felony Green

  5. Speedex S??

    Clean Speedex you got. I had one years ago and may have one again someday.
  6. Buy or Pass?

    If I wanted a grass cutter I would definitely buy it for that. But thats about all it would be good for. Plus side is you could at least double your money or more in the spring when everyone is looking for mowers.
  7. Cheapest wheel horses

    They are all good deals and Ive gotten a few myself.
  8. Other tractors in my stable

    I don't just like it, I love it. And it works !
  9. Pickup Bed Winch

    A guy that bought two sears off me this past weekend had the same set up . Worked like a charm.
  10. Other tractors in my stable

    So sorry Jim. I know the feeling.
  11. Other tractors in my stable

    Love those A/Cs
  12. Kohler command into a B-80?

    Thanks for the info. Cool tractor! Can I trouble you for some pics?
  13. I have a nice B-80 that I want as my pull/yard tractor. I posted pics of it when I got it. I sold the k181 out of it and recouped some money and got a nice running Command 12.5 that I want to install. I don't like battery ignitions and originally was going to go with a clone motor. Has anyone tried a swap like this? It will cost me nothing to try it anyways. Only problem could be belt and hood clearances.
  14. Golf carts

    That the problem I had when I put a duromax 16 into a cart. The clutch RPMs wouldn't drop enough to be able to shift gears. I bought a cheap comet copy . I became frustrated with it because I took away the user friendly ability of the cart, I should have just built a modified FE350 out of a carryall instead.
  15. Golf carts

    It looks good to me. Function over form IMO. What clutch are you running on the Honda?