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  1. 420-LSE, 416-8, C-121 for 520-H or C-160

    Thanks for the offer, but I really need to start going down, not up!
  2. 420-LSE, 416-8, C-121 for 520-H or C-160

    I'm not sure if I'll regret this or not, but I'm looking to consolidate some. I'm looking to trade my 1986 420-LSE, 1994 416-8, and my 1979 C-121 for a nice, low hour post-'91 520-H or a nice C-160 hydro. First up is my 1986 420-LSE. I bought it off the 3rd owner with a non-working hour meter stuck on 1003 hours. It's definitely a worker. The good: It runs well and has a strong transmission. It has the original seat with one small tear. The rear tires are newer. It has a new transmission filter and Mobil 1 10w-30 oil in the transmission. This spring I replaced spark plugs, in-line fuel filter, air filter, gas line valve cover gasket, axle seal and idler pulley. The bad: It's missing the original chrome wheels and the remaining chrome pieces are rusted. The engine does smoke on startup and does burn a little oil. The paint is faded and has some rust spots. The indicator lights, voltmeter, hour meter, headlights, and taillights do not work. The battery will need replaced soon as well (I currently keep it on a trickle charger). Overall, it's been a good tractor for me. I used it all last winter to plow my driveway and all summer long to mow my yard. Even though it's somewhat rough, it's my go to tractor. Next up is my 1994 416-8. I purchased it off the second owner with 680 hours on the working hours meter. It currently has 787 hours and will more than likely go up some. This tractor is in pretty nice shape for it's age. It runs fantastic. The good: The paint is in good shape with some normal scuffs and scratches. The motor runs great, idles well, and has no leaks. Lots of power. All the indicator lights, voltmeter, hour meter, headlights, and taillights work. The transmission shifts great and has no leaks. It has the original tires which are in good shape. Fresh oil change. This spring I put new plugs, air filter, in-line fuel filter, LED taillights, gas line, and gear oil in the transmission. The bad: It's missing the floor board mats and the paint is worn down to bare metal. I have the mats, but haven't put them on yet. The seat has a rip along the bottom left side. This has been a great tractor and if I could only keep one this would be the one. Last but not least is my 1979 C-121 with a 1988 14hp Kohler Magnum. This is the tractor that started it all. I purchased it off of the original owner. It was painted 12 years ago, but still looks nice. It's not perfect, as it has been used, but still nice nevertheless. At the same time the engine was swapped with a 14hp Kohler Magnum from a 1987 414-8 with unknown hours. The good: Engine runs and idles well. The transmission shifts good. Paint is in good shape with normal scuffs and scratches. The seat is an original high back Wheel Horse logo seat in great condition. No rips or tears (although the seat pan could use some touch up paint to be perfect). The hour meter, headlights, and taillights work. This spring I replaced the plug, air filter, in-line fuel filter, head gasket, idler pulley, and did an oil change. The bad: The engine puffs a little smoke at startup up but quickly clears. It runs great through all RPMs but it hesitates and wants to die if you change RPMs quickly. I've tried cleaning and adjusting the carb but I must be missing something. The transmission seems to have a small seep out of the gasket and might drip a drop on the floor every week or so. The wheels were never painted, so they have their original patina. The front tires are dry rotted and could stand to be replaced. I haven't used this tractor much in the last couple years. I mostly pulled a yard cart and used it with a front blade. What I'm hoping for is to trade for an extremely nice 520-H or a C-160 hydro (possibly a 416-H or C-161 hydro). The only even trade would be for the right 520-H. Everything else would have to have cash or attachments added. None of the tractors come with mower decks. I'd like to keep the one I have unless it was worked out in the deal. As for travel, I'd rather not go more than a couple hours from Warren, PA. Like I said, I'm not sure if I'll regret this, but maybe someone out there is looking for a similar trade.
  3. Does anyone have a picture of the proper routing of both the throttle and choke cables on either a 418 (418-8, 418-A, 418-C) or a 420-LSE?
  4. I tried to get on the Wheel Horse Collectors Club website today to look up information on the show and it said, "The requested resource not found." Is anyone else experiencing any issues?
  5. I recently acquired a Wheel Horse SMS-42A sickle bar mower and it is missing the front mounting plate and pulleys. I'd like to find a set of these parts in good, usable shape. Thanks.
  6. I searched high and low for the front mount while I was there, but no avail. I'm sure it won't be easy to find one either. Will any Wheel Horse 42" sickle bar front mount work with this model, or are they model specific? Garry, thanks for the manual. The number is A-40113.
  7. Yes, it is a serial number decal. Would this be a SMS-42 then?
  8. Today I had made plans to go and look at a 1995 520-H rolling chassis. When I showed up to the gentleman's house, he opened the garage door and showed me the tractor. It had numerous parts pulled off of it and stacked in a pile. He had pulled the Onan P220 (736 hours) of off it to put on his Cub Cadet pulling tractor. He claimed it was a running, working tractor up until he yanked the engine last year. The only thing missing was the wiring harness. He told me to make him an offer, so I did. I then asked if he had any other Wheel Horse tractors or implements for sale. At first he said no, but a few seconds later he changed his mind, "Yes, actually I do!". So I followed him out back behind his shed and there sat a pretty rough C-85. He said the tractor isn't for sale, but he pointed and said, "I'd sell that." As I walked around the tractor and I see a sickle bar mower laying in the weeds, somewhat attached to the C-85. He had bought it, along with the tractor, a few years ago and didn't know much about. I made an offer and brought it home. Here are a few pictures. I think this is a SMS-425, but I'm not sure. I don't know too much about these sickle bar mower, but it's obvious there are some parts missing. Besides the front mounting bracket/"mule drive" and travel hook, is there anything else that is missing?
  9. New addition.

    Sorry about that. You jumped to the topic of 416-8's, so I assumed you thought the OP had acquired one of those with a transplanted Kohler Magnum Twin instead. You know what assuming does...
  10. New addition.

    Wheel Horse never did make a 416-8 with a Kohler twin, but in 1987 they did in fact make a 418-8, 418-A, and a 418-C with a Kohler Magnum 18. They're somewhat hard to find, being made just the one year. It's hard to beat free! Nice find and good luck getting it running. Keep us posted!
  11. Great. Thanks again , Cleat.
  12. Thanks Cleat. I screwed mine in until I was afraid to go any more. The threads are flush with the top of the hole. Do you seat yours so that the square portion is tight against the transmission?
  13. Hi all, I recently purchased a 420-LSE in pretty rough shape. The transmission dipstick tube was busted off, so I purchased a replacement. However, I am unsure how far to screw in the new tube to get the proper transmission oil level. Does any have any pictures or dimensions as to how far I should screw the tube in?
  14. Red square 420 LSE owners

    New member, long time lurker here. I wanted to share my most recent Wheel Horse acquisition. It's #71. As you can see it's in pretty rough shape. It's missing the chrome wheels, leather seat, chrome mule drive, and chrome deck wheels. I recall when the original owner traded this in about 10-12 years ago to the original dealer who sold it. It was used, but definitely not abused. It was then purchased by another gentleman who had it for a short time. He was the one who stripped the chrome parts and seat off of it. It was then in turn sold to someone else who used it up until it's current state. The hour meter quit working at 1002 hours, the engine smokes a little, the paint is faded, and it needs miscellaneous small parts. The drive belt idler pulley was bad and it kept throwing belts, so I was able to pick it, along with a fair 48" deck and 42" front blade for $300. Hopefully the gentleman who swiped the chrome parts and leather seat still has them and would be willing to let them go. But for now it's going to make a fine worker.