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  1. Raider 10 won't start

    Thanks everyone- Have started it successfully without issue for a few days now! And no sparks. When I find some time I'll clean all of the cable ends and attachment points.
  2. Raider 10 won't start

    The solenoid is the black cylinder, right?
  3. Raider 10 won't start

    Thanks everyone. Funny-- I went and tried it again today and it started. I didn't do anything to it. I've got a video loaded with the sound. What do you all make of the all the sounds before it starts now that you can hear it? Low voltage battery issue as 953 nut says? Oh and also if you look carefully you'll see a spark fly out in the video between the 5 and 6 second mark. What's that all about? Video link on YouTube:
  4. Raider 10 won't start

    What kind of result am I looking for when I load test the battery? Electrical connections are good. I spent a few hours replacing old wire terminals and patching frayed wire. Everything's making good contact, no rust or anything.
  5. Raider 10 won't start

    I've got a Raider 10 that won't start and am not sure what to do, but I suspect that something needs replacing. ENGINE MODEL: KOHLER K241S 10HP WHAT HAPPENS: I turn the ignition and hear a loud buzz/crackling sound coming from somewhere in the vicinity of the starter/battery area (PICTURED). I turn the ignition over again and the sound repeats. I turn it over a third time and it's dead. RECENT MAINTENANCE: Replaced/patched some wiring, new battery (charged yesterday, had been sitting for the winter), new spark plugs. I'm an idiot with the internal combustion and am probably in over my head with this thing, but willing to give it my best go with good guidance. Would really love to get the tiller running for the spring. Thanks gang Dan
  6. Correct wire gauge for k241

    It's a K241S- -electric start with a 15 amp alternator. There's a solenoid. I'll start replacing old wires with 14 gauge and see what happens. For what it's worth, the tractor made a buzz buzz buzz sound when I turned the key before it quit. A buddy of mine was not able to get it to turn over using jumper cable from the POS terminal to the solenoid. He thinks it's the stator, but I'm going to try the simple solutions first. It's annoying. 7 inches of fresh powder last night and I can't run my wh-powered snowblower!
  7. Correct wire gauge for k241

    I have a Raider 10 with a K241 engine that won't turn over. It's totally dead. Headlights won't even turn on. I've got a brand new battery and new battery terminal wires, but the small wiring is old and this might be the problem: a disconnection somewhere. So I'm gonna rewire some parts with new wire. Does anyone know the correct wire gauge to buy? I can't find it listed in the manual.
  8. Mounting Instructions

    That's exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks!
  9. Mounting Instructions

    Thanks--I've seen this file. It describes how to put the blade on the frame, but I'm looking for instructions for mounting it onto the tractor. Does such a manual exist?
  10. Mounting Instructions

    Does anyone know where I can find mounting instructions for my dozer blade? It's on an A-frame mount, model 6-4113 7. I have a Raider 10 tractor.
  11. Troubleshooting: Dead Raider 10

    Fixed!!!! An ammeter wire was disconnected from the solenoid, so I bought a $.44 wire terminal and reconnected. Running fine now. Thank you everyone, I learned a lot about my tractor IMG_2927.m4v
  12. Troubleshooting: Dead Raider 10

    Confirmed--It's a 15Amp charging system (diagram attached). Now I just need to go find out where the black wire is supposed to go: solenoid or switch. There's isn't a terminal hanging off it. It looks like it pulled away from a junction that was used to repair it at one point.
  13. Troubleshooting: Dead Raider 10

    It's a K241S engine...I think the S signifies an electric start engine. There are wiring diagram photos in the service manual, but I don't know if I have a 25 Amp or a 30Amp battery charging system. Diagrams are different. How can I tell? NOTE: I'm a super novice with this stuff. No background in engine repair whatsoever. This is my "learning" tractor.
  14. Troubleshooting: Dead Raider 10

    The black wire is disconnected at the other end.
  15. Troubleshooting: Dead Raider 10

    So here's a picture of the back of the ammeter. I found that the black wire is disconnected. But I'm not sure where it's supposed to go. Anyone know?