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  1. Brussels

    welkom collega verzamelaar

    Here a rj 58 this picture was made by a wheel horse dealer in the Netherlands the first-selling wheel horse in europe of course we found these and is in our collection
  3. wheel horse D 200 in belguim

  4. wheel horse D 200 in belguim

    yes that is indeed not a good thing, but it runs still good
  5. My latest find wheelhorse D 200 with 3 pt hitch with tiller, plow and brinly york rake is a pretty rare find to here in belgium this is number 23 in my collection this has not yet had his living since he rolled the tire original wheel horse transmission filter
  6. wheel horse D 200

    hello after finding an RJ in belgium I also have a D 200 matching original tiller only a problem some parts are missing the front grill was gone but we have since imitated but an original exhaust underneath someone knows what outlets under this model is appropriate if so where they can be found who can help me wh1257 greetings from belgium
  7. special Belgian finds

  8. special Belgian finds

    after searching a long time I have a very old wheel horse found RJ was sold earlier novel in belgium at an old daeler I've got that old photo of the same wheel horse as on the old photo finally extended the collection with something special. I have a few questions that I can find a serial number decal it is in fact way too I would have liked some detail pictures of how the exhaust is made Thanks
  9. round hood help

  10. round hood help

  11. round hood help

    here are pictures
  12. round hood help

    Who can help me I have a friend with a wheel horse round hood we can not figure out what type it is, we only have the serial number 32417 is a model 704,753,754 I would like to know exactly what type it is.
  13. looking for a wheel horse who can help me

    thanks its a verry rare find in europe