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  1. Onan rods

    The oil "spurt" holes were designed to lube the cam above the rods. At some point they figured out enough oil is thrown off the crank/rods to keep the cam happy without the need for those holes. Eliminating both the oil holes/grooves and the hole in the I-beam casting improved the overall strength of the rods. Shot peening the new style rods was/is done to improve the fatigue life of the Aluminum alloy used.
  2. Onan rods

    The oil hole and the groove, along with the hole in the beam section were eliminated long ago by Onan engineers. New style 18HP & 20HP con rods have casting # 170-4447A, B, C etc.
  3. 520-H turns over/won't start

    Sure can! Rotor is a 166-0767 and the module is a 166-0785. Have you done the module test in the manual? Ignitiontest.pdf
  4. 516H Onan

    New filter adapters discontinued long ago. Used ones available. First, can you make out the Onan ID sticker info on the top of the engine shroud? If so, what are the full model and spec numbers? Second, pull the plastic plug from the side cover and take a look. Can you see the block off plate? Two bolts holding it. Should be an oil sensor screwed into the plate.
  5. 516H Onan

    I did find two Onan production orders for Wheel Horse with the oil filter deleted. Onan model P216G-I/10538B & P216G-I/10691B, Very rare, as already stated filters were standard on all the P series from 1987 and up. There "should" be a block off plate bolted to the block. If removed, the oil filter adapter, part # 122-0814 can be installed. It will bolt right up. Only reason to omit the filter is possibly a clearance issue due to the engine mounting location? Difficult or impossible to remove/replace it. If so, that's a lousy engineering design! However, if there are no clearance problems then adding the filter would be a no brainer. All Onan production orders I have located so far are here: http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/63296-onan-engine-unit-production-orders/#comment-597935
  6. 516H Onan

    All of the Onan P-series engines, Performer P216, P218, P220 & P224 came with oil filters standard. All Onan twins found in tractors are full pressure lubed. Take another look Big_Red, the oil filter is on the fuel pump side and sits flush with the side cover tin.
  7. 416 H Problem

    Whenever I say I like Onan's I'm accused of being biased! That's OK, cuz I am!
  8. onan id help

    Confirmed that model was originally ordered by Wayne in June 1964. Your reissued model left the factory around September 1966.
  9. Onan P220G Head bolts

    Original bolts were/are grade 8. Put a light coating of anti seize on the threads before installing.
  10. onan control module

    Give this a try. Ignitiontest.pdf
  11. B43E Help Wanted

    Pop that flywheel off. Odds are very high it does NOT have the mounting holes for the electronic ignition module. If not then you will need to get a later timing cover with the holes in it. I've done what you want to do on several Onan's over the years, add electronic ignition but also keep the points set up for back up. My conversions used two coils, one for each system. Double redundancy! You will need the longer flywheel key, Onan # 515-0284. Trigger ring/rotor # 166-0767, Module # 166-0785 and insulator # 166-0786.. Everything that is shown here: https://www.onanparts.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_16&products_id=737&zenid=32404badf8e93ee072a4522548f0033e Governor arms/shafts are different depending on the particular application. Keep that in mind. Covers and arms are cheap on ebay. This pic is of a timing cover from a 1988 Onan genset that still had points but came with the correct cover for mounting the module. It was an easy conversion! If by some slim chance your cover looks like this one then your conversion just got much easier! Don't hold your breath though.....
  12. Onan p220G rear oil seal installation question?

    Ditto on getting the crank sealing surface polished clean. Sometimes the old seal will have worn a thin groove in the crank sealing surface. The seal can be installed/located deeper or shallower to avoid this area. It does not always need to be pressed in until it bottoms out. Use heavy wheel bearing grease on the seal lips, inside/outside before installing it. The Blue Snot boat axle wheel bearing grease works the best.
  13. 520 Onan p220 burning oil

    For proper ring seating/break in, the engine should be run alternating between half and full loads. Don't baby it! Normal use but try to avoid letting it idle for long periods until you have 3-4 hours on the clock. Good to see it's back up and running!
  14. Need Advice on new tractor buy

    +++ on the 520.