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  1. Echo CS590 opinions

    I have the CS400. It has been a very reliable saw. I only use it 2-3 times a year to clean up the property. Echo makes good dependable equipment at a decent price in my opinion.
  2. starting 416

    You should not have to. I know a few others that had similar problems and it was the switch that was always the issue. Just to be sure you can test the wire and see if you have the correct voltage. but as 952 pointed out, make sure the wire is not loose before you test.
  3. starting 416

    I had a similar issue with one of my 416's. It was a bad PTO switch causing the problem.
  4. 1987 Wheel Horse

    I have an 85 and an 88 416-8 and I love both of these machines. The 87 will have the Kohler Magnum engine...I believe the Onan was first installed in 89. I prefer the Kohlers as well. These are strong and reliable machines. I have had no major issues with either 416. I've only had to deal with some relatively simple electrical issues relating to loose wires and a bad safety switch. Otherwise just routine maintenance. I would buy it at that price with those attachments...doesn't hurt to haggle down the price though. I think the attachments are worth nearly what he is asking for.
  5. Auction Day

    Good luck Ed. I hope you get some good deals.
  6. Sickle Bar Belt Replacement

    No worries WHX12. Lane has a beautiful machine. I have drooled over pictures of it a few times. Great job on the sickle bar Lane! Thanks for the link for the bearings.
  7. Sickle Bar Belt Replacement

    That makes sense now. Thanks for the input guys. I should have downloaded the manual first.
  8. I am slowly working on attaching my 42" sickle bar for the first time, and I want to replace the old belts in the process. How do you get the 59" belt to go above and below the cross bar of the front assembly if both ends of the bar are welded to the vertical plates? I get pulling the pulley shaft to get the belt onto the pulley but not around the cross bar. What am I missing? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  9. 416-8 PTO Issues

    Well being exhausted from taking care of twin infants sure makes you overlook the simplest things. I went out to take another look at the PTO and noticed that the top of the curved rod would pop out of the plate when I engaged the PTO(engine was off). The engine mounting plate was also at about a 15 degree angle from horizontal. It turns out that the forward most bolt on the engine mounting plate had backed out or was missing. I placed the mounting plate horizontal and engaged the PTO and everything seems to work as it should now. I will be getting a new bolt tomorrow. Thanks everyone for your input.
  10. 416-8 PTO Issues

    Doc mine has the Magnum engine it in but I will certainly take a look at it if my twins give me a break this afternoon .Thanks for the story and advice.
  11. 416-8 PTO Issues

    I adjusted the trunnion but it continues to disengage so I put it back to where it was originally set. Lee I checked the c-clip and it is still in the groove and in good condition. Now the PTO does not even rotate when I engage it, but it is not seized since I can spin it by hand. All the deck spindles spin freely so they are not binding anything up either. I am stumped.
  12. 416-8 PTO Issues

    i will give it a few turns and see what happens. Thanks.
  13. 416-8 PTO Issues

    I was out mowing some somewhat tall damp grass today and the PTO on my 416-8 started to disengage by itself. I would set it again only to have it disengage in 5-10 seconds. How is the PTO adjusted to stay engaged? I read another thread about also checking a bushing for damage behind the panel. What was more puzzling was that when I held the PTO lever in the engaged position the PTO would not turn the deck blades fast enough to cut the grass...even the short grass. Any ideas what might be causing the lack of rpm from the PTO? I appreciate the help. Thanks.
  14. What is it?

    Looks more like a Commando V8.
  15. 12-28-1941

    Happy Birthday to my fellow Seabees out there!