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  1. Front Wheel Bearings

    Thanks Guys! There is a machine shop next to where I work and I brought one of the bearings over and they set me right up. I ordered four new ones and they should be in tomorrow. Thanks again.
  2. Front Wheel Bearings

    My hubs take a larger diameter bearing. Here are pictures of the 110513 that you mention and 107124 bearing in my rim. Both bearings are listed on the Wheel Horse parts lists so I thought another Red Square member must have the same issue. Thanks!
  3. The 416-8 I picked up a few months ago takes the larger diameter wheel bearings in the front wheels. The parts list show two bearing options depending on the rims you have. Mine unfortunately take the 107124 bearing that I can only find as new/old stock for $55.00+ each or $230 for 4 with shipping. Has anyone found other bearings that can be used in these rims? Thanks!
  4. can't pull front wheel off!

    Finally had time to remove the stuck wheel from the shaft. Made up a homemade press with a small bottle jack. Worked great! Now, I'll look for new rims that take the smaller, standard bearings.
  5. can't pull front wheel off!

    Here a pic of the larger bearing I punched out of the rim and a 110513 bearing. Guess I am unlucky and the tractor I just picked up uses the larger bearing!
  6. can't pull front wheel off!

    If you look at the parts list they do show two different bearings. Number 110513 the smaller one you are referring to & 107124 the larger one I have on this new tractor. If you look 107124 it up online they come up as Toro new/old stock at very high price point. I actually bought the ones posted in this thread and will keep them for my 800 Commando.
  7. can't pull front wheel off!

    Well guys, I got the wheel off and knock out the bearings. The bearings on my rims are the larger outside diameter 107124. The only ones I have been able to find online are selling for $75 or 80 EACH!! New/old Toro stock. Does anyone have a source for these that is reasonable? Or should I try and find some rims that use the 3/4x1.3/8 110513 bearing? Any suggestions greatly appreciated!
  8. can't pull front wheel off!

    Thanks, all the info helps! Prices are all over the place so it's good to hear from those that have experience with these. I'll go with Richard's suggestion.
  9. can't pull front wheel off!

    Thanks again guys! Mine are flanged after all. I knocked one out (on the wheel I could get off the axle) and they are flanged. Thanks for the tip on picking the inner seal off if one is in place. I do grease my equipment and this will be a worker! Also, thanks for all your info on pricing. I had looked them up on Jacks Small Engines and unless I was seeing things the flanged bearings were expensive.
  10. can't pull front wheel off!

    I noticed that the parts lists shows two different bearings for the front wheels. Either 107124 Flanged bearing or 110513 bearing. The bearings on mine are not flanged and I assume that is the way it came. There is a big cost difference so I was going to go with the 110513. Just wanted to check if there were opinions on this or if I'm fine with the non flanged less expensive bearing? Thanks!
  11. can't pull front wheel off!

    Thanks! After playing around with this for a while and not have all the tools I came to the same conclusion and removed the assembly from the axle. Will remove and replace the bearings on both front wheels as there is very little sign of grease anywhere! Thanks again everyone! This will be a nice tractor with a little TLC!
  12. can't pull front wheel off!

    Thank you guys. There is no space for the splitter but the fork should work. Thanks again!
  13. I'm working on the 416-8 I picked up a few weeks ago. I need to replace the front tires so went to pull the rims. One rim came right off as it should but the other will not budge. I have removed the grease fitting and been filling it with WD40 for several days. I have WD40 coming out through the bearing pretty well now. I found a piece of tubing that fit over the axle perfectly and with a piece of wood over it pounded on it a bit hoping to break it loose but it just doesn't budge. The wheel that is frozen to the axle does hold air. My next thought was to repair the other tire and just put the cotter pin to give some room on the frozen one and drive it around a bit in hopes that it will free itself once warmed up some with to pressure of turning, etc. Any ideas on getting this thing off?? Thanks!!
  14. Start then no Start

    The ignition switch is not great. I cleaned it the best I could but one of the terminals is a bit loose. It turns and starts right up but you have to be gentle with the switch. I ordered a new switch and wire connector and fuse holders as they looked worse for the wear. Thanks for everyone's help!
  15. Started on the 416-8 that I picked up two weekends ago (posted under tractors). The PO thought it was the starter but that is turning fine. I have been able to start the engine by jumping at the solenoid and it runs quite well for not being started in a year or more. Seems really decent. My issue is it may or may not crank with the key! First thing to mention is the battery is charged. The night before last I turned key to start and it cranked but did not fire right off so I let up and hit it again. This time it barely started to crank, then hit it again and nothing it just stopped trying (it acted like a dead battery from the first crank that gives you just a bit before getting worse on the second and nothing on the third try). Last night gave it a squirt of WD 40 in the carb and plug then turned the key and cranked strong and started right up (as I mentioned the battery is charged but tonight it acted like it!) . Then I let it run a bit to warm up going from slow idle to full throttle then back down. Shut it off with key waited a minute and NOTHING! Let it cool down to where the muffler was cool to the touch and still nothing. Any idea where I should start? Thanks!!