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  1. Wheel Horse sickle bar

    150 is a very good deal complete. Definitely show some pics after.
  2. Gas Shut Off Valve Leak

    I'm wondering if there's an O ring in it like the gas tank mounted ones. Just keep turning out the valve knob until it comes out and replace it.
  3. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Today I made a few changes to the 1257. Gt14 intake, had to lower the lights for it which look better to me. I know it's early and February but I took the plow off and put on the sickle bar. Trying to rush winter to be over. Plus I miss the look of it, but definitely didn't miss putting it on... awkward lol.
  4. No response to Raider 12 purchase

    I went thru this same exact thing with a part for my homelite xl12 chainsaw back in December. I needed a crankshaft for it cuz the threads stripped on mine. Found one on fleabay and purchased it right away. Couple days went by nothing..... week went by nothing.... so I messaged the seller. Nothing. Couple more days later I messaged again asking where and when is my part being shipped. Still nothing. Took my money no issues tho. End of week 2 waiting around and I put in the complaint issue thru ebay. Still nothing! So I gave up gave him the worst possible feedback I could do all negative. Wouldn't ya know it he messaged me day later saying he doesn't have the part and is refunding my money. And btw had the stones to ask me to change the feedback. No way lol. Waste of time.
  5. Wildly Optimistic WH Sickle Bar Seller

    I paid 300 for this one last year. This was how it looked before I redid it. In working order too. I feel that 750 for an unrestored possibly not functioning sickle bar is crazy.
  6. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    I just installed the front tach a matic on my 1257. Had to trim the sides of the hood bracket like instructions said. I plan on touching up the tractor in the spring can't really do it when it's 14 degrees.
  7. Front hitch 8-5551

    Ahh... that makes more sense now. I was looking all over the diagram for the front hitch thinking where does this go. Thank you for clearing that up.
  8. Front hitch 8-5551

    My next question I'm prolly just not seeing it but from the pic above where does that threaded angled rod go?
  9. Front hitch 8-5551

    I gotta big furry orange and white cat too but runs away from little El Gato lol. He ran right into the box when I opened it. He prolly caught the WH bug sniffin in it.
  10. Front hitch 8-5551

    That's my cat El Gato dressed in the tux
  11. Front hitch 8-5551

    Fleabay. Caught it on first day lol. Very reasonable as well.
  12. Front hitch 8-5551

    Hmm.... I saw I'm the manual that the sides had to be trimmed on the earlier long frames like mine I didn't know if there was another way.
  13. Front hitch 8-5551

    I recently just purchased a 8-5551 hitch for my 1257. Do I have to trim the hood bracket on the bottom?
  14. What can the older generations take on?

    I've seen some horror stories on here and have always worried... so it must take a pretty hard hit to get a frame to get like that.
  15. I've redone my 1257 a long while back and use it only for plowing the driveway. I have a sickle bar I restored and have installed once but don't plan on using it due to how rare they are. I know there's a ton of attachments for these awesome red beauties. I love my 1257 and never want it to bust or break on me. My questions are how much can a tractor like mine take? As in rear end pulling or pushing, weight, like how much pushing and pulling can a rear end and frame do til making a "boo-boo"? Just curious is all... not that I'll ever put a 50 year old tractor to a test I put too much money and time into it. Just a driveway plow.