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  1. Happy Birthday Saltwright!

    Happy birthday russ
  2. I got some pics this morning at the Franklin County Machinery show,
  3. I cleaned it up with steel wool and wd40. Looks better and it will work. I'm taking it over to a machinery show this evening and I'll get some pics of it and post them. If I remember
  4. It's a 8 speed thanks for the info. I will be posting a wanted ad soon
  5. Mine is a 79 and the bracket is there to mount the pto break (if that's what it's called. I'm also missing the drive belt shield as well. I think I'm going to try the wd40 steel wool trick an see how it looks.
  6. I ment to say pto break. Autocorrect Very true, I think when he gets older I'll let him pick a
  7. The wife doesn't like the idea of a second one lol. But just looking for one that's the right size for him
  8. I changed the seat a month ago, the one pictured was a Wheel Horse branded seat but split up to bad to repair. I found another Wheel Horse seat that the back was a little lower on but same style with the logo. What would the factory seat have been? I have the tools and knowledge just not the time to completely restore. I'm going to try the wd40 and steel wool 4/0, just haven't done that before.
  9. Ya he says it's his red tractor lol, I have been debating on wd40 and steel wool. I have never done that before. Even if I was to restore it I would still use it. After going to a tractor show last month with some Wheel Horses on display all restored, they are beautiful. I have seen some pics of a C-121 from Dayton Murdock and have found I'm missing the point break if that's what it's called
  10. I am looking for opinions on restoring or leaving original on a C-121
  11. I would love to get a set of those wheels for the deck
  12. Looking for a mower deck for a C-121

    Awesome Thanks Racinbob. Im also trying to find a belt guard for the drive belt. left side, I think I found one but would have to make it work
  13. Looking for a mower deck for a C-121

    Racinbob that's exactly the deck that's on it currently.
  14. Im new to this site, been doing some digging for the correct mower deck for my wheel horse C-121. I'm having a hard time finding whats supposed to be under it. It has a newer deck under it but when its lifted the left front wheel rubs the left front scalp wheel when turning.