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  1. Hey all..get me some basic drawings and i will create a 3D solid model for machining the brackets. Then let ya know how much time and money it would take to make Them.
  2. Hey all, Got a nice 416-8 and Iam thinking about adding hydraulics to it. Kinda wish i got the H version. I am a metal fabricator/Cnc programmer/all around machinist. Basically I can make anything. Been working with metal for 20 years. I would greatly appreciate any feedback you all have for modding this bad ass tractor up. Any mod is good. Just looking for ideas to make this lil beast even better.
  3. Yes i drove up there to get a belated christmas gift to myself and so far its been the gift that keeps on taking...
  4. Thanks Ed.. Out seems as tho I need a new mounting frame to make this thrower work. Thanks for the info.
  5. Well first off I am a newbie to this site. I have been lurking for some time. I recently scored a model 6-6211 snowblower off craigslist and am having some issues hooking it up to my 416-8. If anyone here has some suggestions for parts to order or mods to do please gimme an ear full!!! Great forum love these old wheelies!!!!
  6. hey all I first time poster here. Just purchased an old 6-6211 single stage snowblower off craigslist in the hopes it would match up with my 1989 416-8 and go figure its not a good match. I bought this single stage snowblower on the advice of someone else who owned a 416-8 and from what I can see so far I gotta mod the hell outta it to make it fit. Has anyone else had this blower before and had to make it fit a 4 series? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!