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  1. Finished my 1977 C160 project this summer. I saved the original hood that had the Mears Gang and Bell Racing Helmets decals on it. I was able to find a NOS hood with just a few scuffs and chips. Just put the lights in it and bolted on. I made one up grade that was very common back when I worked at a Wheel Horse dealer. I added the large battery box for bigger battery. Requires moving the oil drain to front of engine. Plan on starting on mower deck and snow blade next. Would like to add the umbrella also and build a yard wagon. More projects.
  2. Wheel Horse Super Stock Pulling Tractor

    Good to see my old tractor. Frustration was the name we gave all our tractors starting way back in 1972. My Mother came up with that name sitting at the dinner table on a Sunday in 1972. I was 17 years old. I pulled around 45 years. This was the last pulling tractor I built for myself. Back in 1999 it was a Pro stock/Super Stock with one of the first Jones blocks produced. All Vogel inside with a VW clutch and one of the first gear reduction starters that I first started using 10 years earlier in 1989. Went to 32 tractor pulls in 1999 winning 25 pulling including 3 ITPA pulls wins, Southern and Tri State pulls in Indiana plus Columbia and Washington Missouri and a Wabash Valley pull in Letts, Indiana that had around 85 pro stocks. In the last few years I had it I turned the chassis into 16hp stocker and helped my father pull it until he was 83. Their were a lot of great times associated with garden tractor pulling and this tractor. Nice to see a picture. Great Memories. Mark Monroe
  3. Breakage ?

    If you are pulling a Wheel Horse it is important to get your hands on a bevel gear transaxle. They were found in the old GT series and few others. The 8 pinion will work to a point but once you start getting the horsepower up and using 26x12x12 tires like we used you will trash the rear end just about every time out. Next you may need to get a heavier set of hubs or get a steel set made. I pulled Wheel Horse for several years. We were getting around 30 - 35 hp out of our Kohlers at about 7,000rpm back in the late 70's and early 80's. We finally had to switch to Cub Cadet. We put our wheel Horse sheet metal on the cub. Hope this will guide you. I pulled for 39 years. Be Very, Very careful with a welded rear end. In a stock class they will work OK but if you get in a modified class it can start wiping on you and throw you off. I have seen it. Not good!. The club I belonged to outlawed all locked rear ends back in the 80's. Be safe.
  4. Which tractors used the larger battery box? Can the larger box be used on a C 160?
  5. Dealer List

    Just adding another dealer to the list. Decker Small Engines 20 North 11th St. Terre Haute, Indiana. Worked there while going to college. Big dealer also a distributor for Lawh Boy, Kohler, Briggs, Tecumseh, Wisc. and supplied Wheel Horse parts to other area Wheel Horse dealers including Scotty's in Haubstadt/Evansville area.
  6. Is the Hood off a Raider 12 the same length as a C 160?
  7. Wheel Horse at Indy 500

    I have a 1977 C 160 that was used by Mears racing that same year. I am rebuilding and repainting. I have bought another hood to replace the one that has the original Mears Gang sticker and a Bell Helmet sticker on it. I know this was a common thing back in the day because while I was in college I worked at a Wheel Horse dealer in Terre Haute Indiana and had to remove many stickers when we would get the tractors after the 500. Are these tractors special in any way?