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  1. Grass catcher / bagger

  2. NOS Grass deflector chute

    NOS Grass deflector chute. Look at pictures not sure what deck it fits but think it's for a 42 or 48". Didn't fit my 37" deck
  3. IIm Stuck

    I found plastic bushings at my local Lowes.
  4. I ordered this stack from jimkemp. Sent him exact measurements I wanted and design. He did an amazing job on it and it looks great! RJ is winterized so I'll have to wait until Spring for a test run with it.
  5. No snow only mud

    Picture by the stream belongs in a calendar.
  6. No snow only mud

    thanks for sharing the cool photos. Beautiful country scenery
  7. Wheel Horse Fire Engine

    I was thinking the same thing. Went through same situation once.
  8. Wheel Horse Fire Engine

    Somebody put a bid on it. Maybe we'll see it at the big show.
  9. wheel horse orchard 12

    Another home made masterpiece. Where was this and the fire engine for last years custom theme at big show? How many more are out there...
  10. Wheel Horse Fire Engine

    Me too. Put some red led's, flashing lights, kids would love driving it around.
  11. Wheel Horse Fire Engine

    I'd be surprised if it didn't sell. 250 is pretty reasonable. Worth the cool factor alone for parade use.
  12. Wheel Horse Fire Engine

    Put pics up for ya
  13. Wheel Horse Fire Engine

    Anybody else see the Wheel Horse Fire Engine for sale on ? Don't want to repost somebody else's pics here. It's near Pittsburgh PA
  14. RJ 58 Restoration

    3/4" pipe, screw in muffler and a Gibson exhaust tip with built in clamp. Exhaust tip slides over muffler and clamps on.