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  1. Was pleasantly surprised to find that Agri-Fab implements are at least mostly made in the US. Was shopping tow-behind lawn sweepers and found theirs to be made in the US, save for the catcher fabric. I compared with one other, and when I found a link to the owners manual, there was no hint of where it was made, but the text in the tab at the top of the browser window was Chinese! Props to Agri-Fab for keeping stuff sold here made here.
  2. Odd plow brackets

    I realize I'm resurrecting an old thread, but Huntemcd,do you still have one of these brackets that you'd part with?
  3. Missed these posts, but finally just put in brass 1/8" NPT to 1/4" barb fittings and a chunk of 1/4" fuel line. Not as pretty, but it works. Thanks for the research, it may still come in handy later.
  4. Sold

    Well, had an issue with the tractor engine bogging down under an implement load. Got a replacement diaphragm for the vacuum fuel pump and it seems to run fine now. Is this plow still for sale?
  5. Sold

    Great info, I have an 856 (1966), so there's a chance this will fit. The interface chart only lists the BD-4264A as fitting the 856, but in the '55 - '65 table it shows the BD-4264 fitting all the same tractors as the "A" version. It might take me a week or two to figure this all out, but I'm in the Chicago area, and lived in the region years ago when I worked for Inland Steel, so I can find Shererville pretty easily.
  6. Sold

    Do you have a model number for this blade? Or a bracket assembly to attach it to the rear axle?
  7. The copper lines are a good idea, though I've always used flare fittings for any fuel connections which don't have elastomeric seals.
  8. Does anyone know what the standard o-ring designation is for the o-rings that Kohler used on a hard pipe fuel line between the fuel pump and the carb on the small displacement (mine's a 1966 vintage 181S), or who might sell them?
  9. Got the deck back together. Would've been last weekend, but my local auto parts store had National cross-ref guide that said a Nat'l 312518 would replace an SKF 7410. Not true. Just a skosh larger (~0.005"?) but I boogered them up no matter how gently I pressed 'em. Ordered the real thing from Wheelhorseman1000, and I got 'em started straight and true with just finger pressure. Props to Wheelhorseman1000, Most other joints wanted as much in S&H as they did for the seals, Wheelhorseman1000's charge was very reasonable.
  10. wheel horse carnage.......wrecked tractors

    Seeing Dakota 8338"s story about the 'fridge reminded me of my experience almost 2 decades ago. Had to replace a home water heater. Took the top off and rear seat out of my Jeep Wrangler, loaded the 75 gallon heater in a box in the back and tied it to the "sport" bar with nylon ratchet straps. As I got near 50 mph on a local arterial, the steering started to feel disturbingly light. The box was right over the rear axle, so the "sail area" of the box was enough to transfer a good bit of weight off the front axle. Had to drop a few mph to keep better control. At least I was only a bit over a mile away from home.
  11. Wheel Horse plow (short frame)

    Do you have a model # on this plow? I have an 856 that might want to push snow around, but putting enough gas in the truck to for a round trip from the south end of Lake Michigan to near Syracuse will be the bigger investment for me.
  12. slammer302, you seem to have rebuilt a few of these decks before. Do both of the spindle shaft bearings drop out the bottom after you pull the remnants of the seal?
  13. Wheel Horse plow (short frame)

    Do you have the rear axle bracket assembly as well?
  14. Thanks, groundhog, for those x-refs and for showing me another little nugget hidden here on this site.
  15. Wheel horse front mount saw mill

    As a safety professional at a federal facility, that open blade makes me cringe. Understand, safety is not instinctive for me. (When I took this job, my cousin's reaction was "Really? What are you, the 'before' exhibit?") Incidents like helplessly watching coworkers die and collecting a few scars and an irregular heartbeat from incidents that could have easily had more severe outcomes changed my perspective a bit. Incidents most often happen when not just one, but multiple safety and protective barriers are breached. If you're curious, read up on the BP Texas City explosion or the space shuttle Challenger disaster. Putting a guard on that saw blade won't by itself prevent injuries, nor will keeping the kids inside until the stove wood is cut. but those two together help improve the odds. Safety has to be a "defense in depth" effort, so the failure of one line of defense doesn't immediately put someone in harm's way.