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  1. PTO Clutch Assembly

    1995 Toro 520H 48'' Deck- 20 horse Onan I started mowing my grass last weekend and when I engaged the blades pieces of what looked like a brake pad flew everywhere. I think its the pad between the PTO and Flywheel but not 100% sure on what its called or where to find it, Please Help........
  2. I love my aunt.

    Thats what i was thinkin amc. Just clean it and clear the rusty thang.
  3. I love my aunt.

    So I went to visit my aunt and uncle on fathers day weekend and got to talking to her about the Wheel Horse that I purchased and this forum and how I remember my cousin and I pulling each other around in the dump cart at the lake house. And now to my suprise she had kept the dump cart after selling the W.H. back in the early 90s. And said i could have it. So here she is in all her rusted glory.
  4. Close to Home 1966' 1276

    my bad. maybe i should read where you are first.
  5. spindle replacement

    thats makin your tools work for you
  6. toro tiller for sale on C.L. 300$

    Thank You sir. Im kinda lost on mid idler. Is that the pulley assembly on the front side that operates the tiller.
  7. is 300 too much and what do i need to look for as far as what breaks first on these things?? and will it fit the 520H
  8. Project D-Rod

    I didn't think about it like that, Its sad that we cant all enjoy things together openly cause of thievery. I don't like my face being posted now............ wished i lived close to someone like you guys so i could learn first hand how to do the things yall do. like weld and fabricate from scratch.
  9. Respect for machinery and tools

    I don't think anyone really had malicious intent when mowing in reverse. I think it was just a bunch of guys talking and joking around. maybe it wasn't P.C. enough for some. either way I have found a new hobby and all of you guys are Great.
  10. 312-8 Going slow in all gears

    Low and slow. The faster you get done the sooner you go back inside..

    We have taught our 12 yr old to always make eye contact with the operator, especially any car in any parking lot. People are just sucked into their own world, You get all connected inside your car now.
  12. 1992 520H price for used

    That would be a lil much for a young man to start with.
  13. 1992 520H price for used

    Dang...Hillbilly shes beautiful. Ive never been to good at toolin on cars like that.malibu? Late 80s? Not 100% on make and models of cars
  14. 1992 520H price for used

    you are so correct hillbilly there's only one thing better than the sound of that onan humming and that's the smell of fresh cut grass