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  1. Allis Chalmers 1541 towing valve

    Friend has 1541 A.C. L & G tractor & needs to know where the towing valve is. Can anyone HELP? Ron A. dunngawn@hotmail.com I've been able to find nothing. Not even the kind of hydrostat.
  2. A salute to the good old twin Kohlers

    In my opinion, that is saying a lot for the oil that had been run in the engine during it's lifetime. Do you know what it is?
  3. Tecumseh HH100 Crossroads

    Too bad we are not closer. My HH100 looks like it has been run very little after being bored .010, oil clean, no ring groove at all, also no spark. Are ignition available? My brother tried to find ignition parts for one years ago. He was hoping I had what he needed, buy the only Tecumseh I ever owned I sold without trying to get it running a couple years before that. I think the one I have is going to become a Charger 12 with a Kohler, I'll have to keep it as I'ii never get my investment back, but could have a good unit to have for generator/air compressor/hjgh pressure pump, or maybe a sicle bar, (I can dream can't I?) or maybe my tiller. Ron A.
  4. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Today I finished cleaning front axle & spindles & reassembled. Steers much easier than my C141 & thinking about putting Charger front end under "C", maybe another day. Rest of the day spent pressing out hitch pin as I am almost sure drive may have to be split for repair. Took pictures but can't put them on yet. Hopefully.................................. Ron
  5. WTB 1980 C-85 Fender pan and seat

    I went to Menards and got a big box to ship something in. (Home supply store, appliance store)
  6. D-Series PTO Clutch Cup Washer Sequence

    Also, many bellville washers are used two sets cupped together & facing, for more spring strength. Do not know how they are supposed to be, but that would open it faster, but put more pressure on bearings.
  7. That switch has a "M" (mag. ground) terminal on it, battery run switch has "I" (ign. terminal to coil) #103990
  8. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Removed frozen tie rods from frozen spindles, frozen spindles from front axle, axle from tractor to check pivot pin (worn) & wheels from spindles. Removed blower housing & head from HH100 engine & found two head gaskets,(both blown) & one stripped bolt hole. Have not checked ign. sys. yet, if system is dead, probably candidate for someone else to build up for their project. I've got three "fresh" Kohlers to test, & that's a good thing to test the hydro with. A day cleaning & reassembly to make it portable tomorrow, & go from there.
  9. Raider 10

    Can't do pictures yet, still have not been able to pay my support yet. Think i'm going to let a bill or two go to pay shortly.. That Tecumseh is mag run & ground to kill, am I right? Ron A.
  10. Raider 10

    Went with a friend to pick up a B-12 A.C. today, and wound up with the B-12 and a charger 10 & short wheel-base snow blade. Don't know yet what I have yet, the blade is short all the angling parts, lever, push/pull angling rod, all the pin pull parts, so basically all i got was the backboard,springs angular segment & short wheel base frame. Tractor has been jua-kalied til it is almost not recognizable in places (especially electrically) mechanically I have to check out yet. Got to soak it down and free up steering, drawbar pin, & more then the fun starts trying to get the Tecumseh engine running, & then go to hydrostat, Been sitting a long time in the weather. Ron A.
  11. 18 Auto Clutch Bar?

    The main difference to me would be the clearance of the actuation bar under the hood. Also the shorter one would require less travel distance (total) so maybe that is part of the reasoning. Also, I like the double "eyes" on the shorter one for less chance of bending, & more stable. Ron A.
  12. transmission problem

    I would bet a check valve is sticking, or maybe both. The lift working would back that up. I would remove both check valves and examine and maybe even sacrifice a little oil to blow them out. They are recessed deep into the motor casting, and I have never seen either plug come out easily. I made a special tool from a 5/8 grade 8 bolt and bushing to remove them a few weeks ago, as I have four Sundstrand units down now. The hyd motor may have to be removed to access these valves. Use the manual, work it till you are satisfied the check valves are, or are not the problem, and go from that point forward. Hopefully you will be lucky and it will not be too bad. Ron A. dunngawn@hotmail.com
  13. unknown front bracket

    I put a "Level Lift" weed mower on a C160 that I sold two or three years ago, but do not remember anything that would match up to a bracket like that one.
  14. Hydraulic lift handle

    The lever on my C160 that I bought new in '74 was die-cast (aluminum) but the replacement for it was cast (iron). It was also installed opposite the direction of all the other levers I've seen since and opposite the way I installed the new one. It is still on the tractor now. Ron A.
  15. 18 Auto Clutch Assembly-Bearings 102914/102919

    Fafnir 9110PP or 911OPP.