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  1. Brain Teaser

    Man standing on gallows, noose around neck - last words "Brothers & sisters I have none, this mans father is my fathers son". Who is he?
  2. '69 Raider 12 Resto

    I have used cables successfully that I have made by cutting to length, and pressing on the ends a piece of 3/8 (soft) stock about 3/8 to 1/2 long with a hole drilled in it that the cable will just go through (as little clearance as possible), and pressing it as tightly as possible onto the cable. If cable is plastic coated, IT MUST BE STRIPPED so it is directly on the cable, and not on the plastic coating! The plastic will stretch and release the steel bead that was just pressed. I never use heat on cable as it will either draw it back (soften) or or make it hard (brittle). I just use my 20 ton press to mash the beads on the cable. Ron
  3. Sundstrand Motion Control Issue

    I think the last one I had like that there was enough room on the shaft to drive the "rooted" arm in toward the diecast housing and broke it loose after cleaning the shaft as well as I could. If it will move at all, it can be worked a little bit and then light taps should move the shaft in the arm, without damaging the case. Best I remember there was not much room, so it required all the patience I could muster.
  4. Wheel Horse 520 hc

    Yup, & sometimes the seller needs to check his previous ads before adding more. Then again, how many ads are sold, & still running? My impression of here (Red Square) is, if it don't sell in a week or two, it's lost forever.
  5. 18 Auto, D-160,180,200 Frame Access Panel-Chbg, PA

    I have all this & more, almost or maybe all body parts, complete 1" steering set up, etc. most of it i n good condition.
  6. Help identify a Hydraulic Cylinder

    Add on kit for the 1257 type Machine?
  7. It's back!

    Half the listings on ebay are multiples, worse than the listings here.
  8. Wheele

    I have bent the spindle arms a little bit with a big adjustable wrench if it is not too far out. (With the tie rod arm holes).
  9. Steering Wheel for 520 HC

    I have a "Toro" steering wheel like 300, 400 & 500 series use.
  10. Sunstrand hydro pistons

    Being a certified machinist, I'm sure you know they are hardened & lapped to dedicated cylinders in the rotating group. You would need to start with a cylinder body, which should not be scarce. Might help some of us keep some of the hydro's alive instead of parting them out.
  11. Just got two inches in Perry County PA

    Does he need a headlight bucket for lights?
  12. Wheelhorse C-160 Hydraulic Controller

    That spool could also be stubbed & saved.
  13. D200 trans axle

    If that is the "bull" gear, I have one.It would have to be drilled out as per service bulletin and derusted, and I would have to be sure it is 1 1/8 flanges. If it is needed I may be able to drill it.
  14. Christmas Surprise

    His work & efforts on it, will greatly increase his appreciation of it, and if I were in your shoes, that would be a priceless reward from the project!
  15. D160 Won't Start

    Does this coil need an external resistor? Usually they will run without, but maybe not this time. It may say on the coil one way or the other.