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  1. D-180 pump coupling alignment ?

    Sarge - The "D" series I just tore down to sell off in pieces had no washers except between bolt heads and washers, and the flex disc was turned the other way. The wheel Horse seminars I attended said to put Loctite on the splines, but I do not remember the number (grade). Yes I think the flex unit is reversed, and washers should be under the bolt heads. I'll look at my coupling after supper, but the pump end looks to me to be way too close to pump support. Afraid you will have interference. Ron
  2. Lift capability on 3pt?

    And the back-hoes caused lots of problems in the "D" series units, (usually axle bearings) and a redesign. I wonder if care and common sense would have eleminated a lot of problems. But there are also problems with the same units in the "C" series also.
  3. Tiller belt line up or wrong size?

    I can not disagree the belt may be too long, as the tensioning spring should be stretched quite a bit, and looks to me like it is pretty much in a non-stretched or relaxed state. I solved my belt jumping problem by realigning the idler just in front of the tiller, had to bend the idler carrier add move the idler one way or the other (seems like I shimmed it toward the tire) with a couple washers. Now the pulley groove can fill up with dirt, and it "keeps a diggin". The misalignment was not really visible, but I had tried everything else.
  4. And parts out there

    I have one with a 32"? that I have for spare parts for my "C" series Blowers. Should be an ad in the classifieds on it. From the pictures though it may not be what you need. Dunno, mine is 90 degree with belt pulleys on it, and bolted on a mounting plate. We would need to do parts comparison to see if anything is interchangeable.
  5. 704 Rat Puller Wisconsin Project

    AENLD? Bought one off CL that looks very similar (almost identical) with a centrifigul clutch. Needs a head or threads for spark plug reworked. Mfg, name on mine is THERMO KING. Also I'm going to have to have distributer cap, rotor, coil, etc. (or mag) to try to run it, only thing left on it was starter. Doubt charging system too, as it looks to me like remote start.
  6. What do you feed your engine???

    Indigestion! I was given a Wisconsin one time that I was told the governor was blown on. (1965 - 66)? When I looked into the problem, the governor unit looked O.K., so I pulled the head, and the head and piston were pitted just like the pictures you show, (except worse) but nothing in the combustion chamber. Removed carburater & found throttle plate & screws missing. Don't think the engine was run too long like that, or it would have blown the lower end I would think, but there were no missing pieces to be found anywhere. The only thing I could figure was it all went out through the exhaust. Piston showed no damage except for the visual pits so I put rings in it and ground the valves & it ran very well. I've been trying to remember where I got the carb. parts, but have no idea today.
  7. removing headlight bulbs

    Would the LED's have or create enough heat to damage the plastic lens?
  8. 312-8 Attachemnts?

    I have a cab which I think would be a bolt on, older "B - C" model, and haven't seen enough difference between my "C"'s & the 314 I had to make me think any different. It needs a windshield (and a wiper for my use), but I cannot fit into it because of my arthritis so I have never gotten to use it. I put it together far enough to try to get into it, I couldn't, so now it is looking for a new home. There are pictures in "Wheel Horse For Sale" (Nov. 29, 2016).
  9. D-200 stuck PTO

    My clutch will sell for $ 125 (originally priced @ $ 175, ) if you want to replace it. I have not advertised it anywhere at this point, but had an insulting $50 offer which I flatly refused. The $175 included two new bearings, which I will keep for the $ 125. Don't know the condition of your clutch but if you just need the bellville washers, they should be available from Motion Industries or somewhere that over-hauls transmissions etc. for automated machines, as they are used in some of the transmissions, brakes etc.
  10. D-200 stuck PTO

    I bought a D200 to part out for some cash flow (not working out) and took the clutch apart and cleaned it up and it was not a bad job at all. This unit had sat for many years and I had to use a puller to get it off, but after clean-up, seemed to be good.
  11. Cost to sleeve a kohler block.

    I am running a sleeved K321 and have had no issues with it so far. Don't have a lot of run time on it yet, but so far so good.
  12. Requiem for an "Army" Commando 8

    I hope it was a good buy, I called and talked to him about it and had every intention of buying it, but, alas not in the Lords will for me. I was trying to sell "D" series parts for the money, but they aren't moving, the market seemed to dry up as I was tearing it (the "D" series) down with several others deciding to part theirs out also. Que sera sera and good luck with it.
  13. Plow down force bar longevity?

    I put in a 3/8" grade 8 bolt with a nut on each side of the lift bar. Problem never occured again. The head could be cut off & a hole drilled in it if you want to do an easier install. BUT, I did not give it a lot of side to side play, as that is leverage & stress. Just .010 -.015, with a close tolerance hardened washer.
  14. Another tiller question

    I had a brother who preferred a short wheel base because they could turn in less space. I have been seriously thinking about a "utility" tractor and if I ever get one, I' m thinking about a short wheel base for tiller, generator, air compressor, and any other gadgets I think may be handy. As an added plus, it would take up less room as my space is very limited.
  15. Pro pulley removal

    I had one on a C141 that i broke several 1/4" bolts trying to pull, and finally wound up using 1/2" coupling nuts with 1/2" set screws with 17/64" holes drilled in them and pulled against 1/4" SHCS (allen head bolts {grade 8 standard}) and I won the argument, as this set-up broke loose the roots that had grown over a period of almost thirty years and the pulley yielded to my wishes. I enjoy challenges, and will post pictures of some of my solutions when I can become a supporter.