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  1. 18-K

    I think some of the "D" 180's had the K361 in them. Never saw one though. That is the only thing I ever heard of.
  2. Tiller for 312-8

    What part of midwest? I have one in Pekin, Il. that I would help ypu set up on your tractor if you brought it along to make loading easier. Ron A. dunngawn@hotmail.com
  3. How to get a tractor over seas?

    Does anyone close to you ship containers in from the U.S./Canada? If so, maybe they can help by filling a little more of their empty (if not completely full) space with one & help both of you out. Then maybe someone would help you near the origin of the container to prep & deliver on this side to container. It is possible in places because I've known some missionaries to use it.
  4. Some Drawings

    My 854 had two shoulder bolts that had to be put in while holding up the blade. no small task for two hands.
  5. cat 0 stabilizer & carry all-B.F.

    If you needed it for a time, open the towing valve.
  6. D160 Onan Stator Question

    Always thought a stator was good or bad w/no in between. Am I going to learn something here?
  7. 518 Restoraton

    Will not open.
  8. D 180 need information

    Sundstrand piston>piston.
  9. Another one hopped on the trailer

    I have as complete breaker-less ignition set-up I removed from a 12 horse, didn't test anything, just replaced stator, flywheel, coil, & exciter. Do not know condition, I wanted 15 amp system, so I changed everything but blower shroud & spec number. Ron
  10. D160 Automatic Transmission

    Still have coupling available. Service bulletin 217 calls for Loctite RC-680 on the splines and 24 hour cure for this application, or if 680 not available, RC-35. The problem as I see it is not primarily side to side/up & down, but also has a degree of axial movement (soft-toe I think it was called) and if the alignment system we were provided was not used we very possibly had very early machine failure (greatly frowned on in production situations). I've been thinking about this problem a lot and I think it could be solved, but not sure it would be worth the problem or not. I think I want to buy enough parts to set one up on the bench and study it out & see what I can come up with. I will take $30 for the coupling + S&H if you are interested. Thank you, Ron dunngawn@hotmail.com
  11. Sunstrand hydro... what fluid?

    Not trying to run anyone down, just saying in that particular instance I felt someone dropped the ball on that particular deal. Not that I'm trying to defend him, but the volume of business he does, he has to have help, and we all know the quality of some of the help now-a-days. Ron
  12. Sunstrand hydro... what fluid?

    I bought a Sundstrand unit (complete transaxle) from Joe several years ago and put it on a shelf with plans for it a little later (did not work out) and had a problem with the one in my C141, and when I went to install; the unit I got from Joe I drained the oil and did not like the gummy sludge that came out when I drained I it before installation. I split it to clean it out, & the first thing I found was the intake strainer in three pieces. Joe legitimately would not have known that, but when I tore into it and found the pump & motor plates in worse shape than the failed one I pulled from my tractor, (which he said he had tested and was "good operating condition") I immediately decided it had not been PROPERLY tested. It either had not been warmed up at all, or someone who knew nothing about testing one had done the test, or both. I then decided some of the gummy sludge must have been STP, or similar. There was no way that would have pulled its self up a small hill. All I can say in conclusion is you have to be careful on used units from unknown entities. Ron
  13. Hi RL--  a couple of months ago, you and I were talking on another feed, and you mentioned you might have a bull gear, part 4-29A (or 101887 on one of the parts warehouse sites), which is a 46-tooth gear that goes into the D200 transaxle, among others.  Any chance you still have that.  Another forum member thought he had the part, but it turned out it was a 43- rather than a 46-tooth gear.  Please let me know when you have a minute.




    Joe C

    1. R. L. Addison

      R. L. Addison

      Will check it out.  Ron

  14. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    I know where there are two discs, but the shipping would be a killer. (Galesburg, Il.) One of my C141's has been down for almost two years, and after getting the hydro back together the rear lift cylinder did not line up the way it did before disassembly, so I have spent almost a week cutting it apart with a hacksaw. Talk about fun!!? 'Fraid not. Agravating arthritis. Finally finished! Now have to realign side plate if there is room, and get it rewelded. Now have to find welder after realignment and get it rewelded (when I can pay for it) before I can go any farther on hydro set-up. Oh well, that's life, and it must go on. Would like to find a sicle-bar & mid-mount belly blade to try to do some custom work to earn a little extra cash this summer, don't need them though if I do not get off my duff & overcome the lazies that attacked while I was not in good health. Ron
  15. Stainless Wheel Lug Bolts?

    Stainless is not good bolt stock. The only stainless I would consider for any use, especially lug bolts might be 316, but a good grade 8 is much better.