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  1. Gear shift problem

    I have seen the roll pin sheared in the gear drive unit. This is the first thing I would check from what I am understanding. I disassembled a six-speed and after head scratching, after I found the problem realized I could have fixed the problem through the shift hole. Live & learn.
  2. Loss of power

    I do not know what engine you have, but if the de-carbon does not do it, I would check valve clearance, or depending on circumstances might do it as part of de-carbonization.
  3. Need some help

    I assume you are talking about the 341? Shipping is cost prohibitive, as well as time , I don't know how long it would take to ship, or cost. Not trying to discourage you, but I can see about two weeks at least getting it going, and by that time you could have yours running. I will sell it, (any of the three) but you will have a mint invested by the time your original engine is back on, if that is the goal. If you want any one of them I will do every thing I can to get it checked out & shipped. Thank you, Ron
  4. Wanted

    Hmmmm, a head scratcher for ya! LOL I started by trying to find a single, unbranded baby moon to complete a set I sold last week, and must have taken (hit) a wrong turn in the road (keyboard).
  5. Need some help

    Too bad we are not closer. I have a K341 (low rise) sitting on my shelf (not tried to start it since overhaul) along with a K301,(about $400or slightly more) in parts, maybe run two hours, & a K321 I have to check out.
  6. I just had a discussion with a man who is VERY interested in having decals made for Allis Chalmers L&G tractors he has restored.

    Found no phone # for you so hope this will do the job. If he finds the hubcaps he is wanting from Ronni Carlson, he said something about a trip to Galesburg tomorrow, and maybe talk to you if convenient & interested.


    Thank you, Ron       

  7. Wanted

    What price do you want? I need to call W.C. soon and he will want to know.
  8. Sarge - Do you have your seals for your pump swash plate pins ? I have three sundstrand units I want to replace those & shaft seals in (had one original shaft seal) but so far have not found the seals in stock (& with $10 to $15 shipping). Il. 

    brg. (Motion Ind.) told me to search internet, but have not found Timken 474261

    (double lip), which I would prefer. Thinking about trying to make up a cartridge type.

    May or may not try.


    Appreciate any info.  Thank you, Ron

    1. Sarge


      Those are called the trunion shafts - seal number Chicago Rawhide 6763 . Needle bearings for those shafts is Koyo B-1110 . Main shaft seal CR 7475 . I picked up all my seals/bearings from LJ Fluid Power in Michigan and they ship pretty quickly . (269)623-4150 - Delton MI 49046 .



  9. Wanted... A Wheel horse tiller for sale

    I don't know where you are, but I have an extra. Pictures on Peoria (Il) Craigs List if you want to gaze upon it. Ron
  10. Opinions on loading tires and what to load them with

    I would not load any tire without a tube. (Personal opinion) Tubes are cheaper than wheels.
  11. Wanted

    Does anyone have a spare 12" baby moon chrome hub cap to spare? I sold a partial set and the buyer is looking for the forth one. (AC MAN) I thought I had seen some on here (he may be interested in another set or two, as he has several redone tractors). Thank you, Ron dunngawn
  12. Where are your winter Horses??

    I have two sets of chains, both for 23 x 8.50 x 12 For sale if you are anywhere close, or could ship. Twenty five dollars per set.
  13. Dave - Hope you got my emails.
  14. 711219 Mid-mount grader blade

    I thought I was rowing that boat alone!