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  1. fuel Valve

    Found them on ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/GENUINE-STENS-PART-125-336-FUEL-TANK-BUSHING-REPLACES-TORO-46-6560-104047/281888724052?epid=26016590000&hash=item41a1e09454:g:gncAAOSw4PxZ52nQ:sc:USPSFirstClass!43311!US!-1
  2. fuel Valve

    Any one know were I can get a couple of the rubber grommet for the gas tank valve ? Pic inclosed
  3. 312-8

    Just got new carb adjusted . Horse never ran this good. This is what I did. All New Gas lines and filter. Flushed out gas tank. Replaced carb with new one from isavetractors.com. Filled gas tank with No eff from local boat shop. ( Always use this in all my lawn Equipment ) New Air cleaner. Had my guys replace oil. Once again everyone thanks for your help.
  4. 312-8

    Already check pump Check out ok. Now to install new carb from isavetractors.co after we close foe the night.
  5. 312-8

    Found Carb did not have gasket They used silicone . Found were carb mount was sucking air in. I love they new JD But was big bucks and not made near as good as the old Wheel Horses I ordered a new carb from I Save tractors for 59 bucks.
  6. 312-8

    Now turned into a winter project Carb I had laid back is different. Thing that makes be mad I paid to have the failed carb rebuilt last fall. By our local Toro Dealer . They sold out this winter. Grass needs cut real bad So I am off the Lake View hardware to buy a Green JD with loader and front wheel assets
  7. 312-8

    Thanks Guys. I always use Non ethanol Gas. I changed lines after flushing out tank. New in line filter. Tried to clean carb , but still only runs on choke. I am now going to replace carb. I have on hand.
  8. 312-8

    Just tried to mow the second time this season. Unit stopped running mid way through . Runs only now on full choke. Tank full of gas. Before I tear into it. Anything I should look at first. Has a Kol 12 hp on it. Plowed snow all winter just fine LOL
  9. I would flush it first and use a multi weight Sin diff Oil like 75 / 90 We put in Lucus But that's what we have here in a 55 gal drum
  10. Snow Plow Install

    I got the link made and installed. Now I could use some suggestions on getting the plow controls to work. Looks like we might need to change muffler and make 2 bends in control are. What do you all think ?
  11. Snow Plow Install

    Thanks to Guys I got it working .
  12. Trying to get Next door plow installed. Thinking parts are missing I have it already mounted to rear mounts. But need to know what I need to finish mounted at the lift chain ? Thanks
  13. 312-8

    We figure it out Tried with out part on and caused shatter. Installed it and no more chatter. Belt does need replaced It's on it's last adjustment. On order from local Toro dealer. Like I said friend took apart to clean and paint. So while it was here we finished installing his weighted rear Tires and chains. Change his trans lube air filter and oil. De carboned valves and New head gasket. Installed new foot pads from Eldon Glatfelter. Old guy left happy and loved the price He did ***** about the price being free. LOL
  14. 312-8

    82 old Friend brought his 312-8 into my shop. He took some parts off to clean and could not figure out how to re install what I think is a belt stabilizer . I have a 312-A Sh that will not be any help. Anyone know from the pic were the bolts go ? Doesn't look like I have it right before I tighten the bolts up. Thanks