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  1. I would flush it first and use a multi weight Sin diff Oil like 75 / 90 We put in Lucus But that's what we have here in a 55 gal drum
  2. Snow Plow Install

    I got the link made and installed. Now I could use some suggestions on getting the plow controls to work. Looks like we might need to change muffler and make 2 bends in control are. What do you all think ?
  3. Snow Plow Install

    Thanks to Guys I got it working .
  4. Trying to get Next door plow installed. Thinking parts are missing I have it already mounted to rear mounts. But need to know what I need to finish mounted at the lift chain ? Thanks
  5. 312-8

    We figure it out Tried with out part on and caused shatter. Installed it and no more chatter. Belt does need replaced It's on it's last adjustment. On order from local Toro dealer. Like I said friend took apart to clean and paint. So while it was here we finished installing his weighted rear Tires and chains. Change his trans lube air filter and oil. De carboned valves and New head gasket. Installed new foot pads from Eldon Glatfelter. Old guy left happy and loved the price He did ***** about the price being free. LOL
  6. 312-8

    82 old Friend brought his 312-8 into my shop. He took some parts off to clean and could not figure out how to re install what I think is a belt stabilizer . I have a 312-A Sh that will not be any help. Anyone know from the pic were the bolts go ? Doesn't look like I have it right before I tighten the bolts up. Thanks
  7. I used Lucas SIN 80/90 Draws less moisture. Plus we stock it at our dealership.
  8. I am sure glad I read all this . Trans was filled with diff fluid and water. Looked like baby pu. drain the best I could . Then blew out with air, Then flushed with D- Fuel , Lifed up front and right side rear, Let drain then used vac brake bleeder to pump out the rest. All is good. Installed new shiftier boot
  9. New

  10. Thank you so much Just order a set. Now no need to make them
  11. Ordered 3 boots off E Bay for 6 bucks ea. with free shipping. I see most like the 80w90 . Anyone know what brand is best and How much the trans holds ?
  12. If anyone has one they want to sell Head Light Bezel Assy 109080 I would like to get one so I can scan it into auto CAD I think we can make them. Better and thicker