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  1. I used Lucas SIN 80/90 Draws less moisture. Plus we stock it at our dealership.
  2. I am sure glad I read all this . Trans was filled with diff fluid and water. Looked like baby pu. drain the best I could . Then blew out with air, Then flushed with D- Fuel , Lifed up front and right side rear, Let drain then used vac brake bleeder to pump out the rest. All is good. Installed new shiftier boot
  3. New

  4. Thank you so much Just order a set. Now no need to make them
  5. Ordered 3 boots off E Bay for 6 bucks ea. with free shipping. I see most like the 80w90 . Anyone know what brand is best and How much the trans holds ?
  6. If anyone has one they want to sell Head Light Bezel Assy 109080 I would like to get one so I can scan it into auto CAD I think we can make them. Better and thicker
  7. Snapper Riding Mower

    Snapper just left Thank God !
  8. Were is the best place to get a new Shifter boot for a 312 8 and what do you suggest for trans gear lube ?
  9. What are being used to replace the floor board Foot pads ?
  10. Accessories Clutch

    I got the 12 hp Kohler pulled and was wondering id there is a way and a place to get parts for the mower deck clutch that seems to be worn. Rivets are down to the max Thanks
  11. Snapper Riding Mower

    Picked up this Snapper riding mower. Decided I don't want to mess with it. Anyone need any parts off this. Has a twin cyl Kohler on it that runs.
  12. Standard Piston and Rings

    Thanks, Just ordered a complete rebuild kit for a little over 200.