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  1. M125 Stopped Charging

    Thanks pfrederi and Achto Found a wire broken, Solider and heat shrink . All working great now.
  2. M125 Stopped Charging

    M125 Stopped charging the battery. Is there anything besides replacing the battery and cleaning cables that I should look at or test before taking flywheel off ? Plus were is the best place to get a stator if I need one ? Thanks !
  3. Old Horse

    Location: Bellefontaine Ohio
  4. Old Horse

    Older gentleman that I work on his Honda Silver Wing drops his old Wheel Horse off to have carb cleaned . Tells me he wants to down size. Wants to sell his Horse. I have no idea about the worth. It has a believe a 4 HP motor Don't know what year . What to you think it might be worth ? Thanks, Tim
  5. fuel Valve

    Found them on ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/GENUINE-STENS-PART-125-336-FUEL-TANK-BUSHING-REPLACES-TORO-46-6560-104047/281888724052?epid=26016590000&hash=item41a1e09454:g:gncAAOSw4PxZ52nQ:sc:USPSFirstClass!43311!US!-1
  6. fuel Valve

    Any one know were I can get a couple of the rubber grommet for the gas tank valve ? Pic inclosed
  7. 312-8

    Just got new carb adjusted . Horse never ran this good. This is what I did. All New Gas lines and filter. Flushed out gas tank. Replaced carb with new one from isavetractors.com. Filled gas tank with No eff from local boat shop. ( Always use this in all my lawn Equipment ) New Air cleaner. Had my guys replace oil. Once again everyone thanks for your help.
  8. 312-8

    Already check pump Check out ok. Now to install new carb from isavetractors.co after we close foe the night.
  9. 312-8

    Found Carb did not have gasket They used silicone . Found were carb mount was sucking air in. I love they new JD But was big bucks and not made near as good as the old Wheel Horses I ordered a new carb from I Save tractors for 59 bucks.
  10. 312-8

    Now turned into a winter project Carb I had laid back is different. Thing that makes be mad I paid to have the failed carb rebuilt last fall. By our local Toro Dealer . They sold out this winter. Grass needs cut real bad So I am off the Lake View hardware to buy a Green JD with loader and front wheel assets
  11. 312-8

    Thanks Guys. I always use Non ethanol Gas. I changed lines after flushing out tank. New in line filter. Tried to clean carb , but still only runs on choke. I am now going to replace carb. I have on hand.
  12. 312-8

    Just tried to mow the second time this season. Unit stopped running mid way through . Runs only now on full choke. Tank full of gas. Before I tear into it. Anything I should look at first. Has a Kol 12 hp on it. Plowed snow all winter just fine LOL
  13. I would flush it first and use a multi weight Sin diff Oil like 75 / 90 We put in Lucus But that's what we have here in a 55 gal drum
  14. Snow Plow Install

    I got the link made and installed. Now I could use some suggestions on getting the plow controls to work. Looks like we might need to change muffler and make 2 bends in control are. What do you all think ?