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  1. Magnum 10hp not sparking

    Got it running! It was the points. After I read can whlvr post on where the points were at, took the cover off sanded them some and checked to see if it sparked. It is a kohler K series. Made sure all my grounds were grounded right too since it had been sitting a while. I drained all the gas out of it and in the morning going to get a new gas line, put new gas in it and hook up the tiller. Thanks to all for the help! Also I do have the manual for it. I had somebody give me a bunch of wheel horse manuals and 1 happend to be in there!
  2. Magnum 10hp not sparking

    Got gave to me a 310-8. It has the older Kohler Magnum on it. Its not getting any fire. It has the coil on the side with 1 wire going to each side and the spark plug wire going from the middle top to the spark plug. I have no idea how to work on these. Where do I need to start on this
  3. Seal replacement problems

    Will do! I have both the dipstick and fill plug. Tomorrow I will fill with fluid and give it a good wash. Thanks a bunch to everybody!
  4. Seal replacement problems

    Well, I went out and tried again. I lost about 1/4 of a quart or something and my seal was on the axle about 1/2" from the transmission. So.... I got a punch and tapped it in about 1/8" or less. It bottomed out so hopefully I did what I was supposed to. It didn't leak so maybe its ok. I ran it for about 15 minutes with the tire off and the transmission at an angle. Knock on wood no leaking. Either it was completely out of oil for it to not leak or I did it right. So for the third time did I do it right? Oh and the play was minimal from top to bottom. Maybe 1/16" if that. Hopefully it will last
  5. Seal replacement problems

    Well i think I know what my problem is. How far does the seal go into the case? The seal I put in(which was new) was flush with the outside. It could go in more but members on here said to use a washer. ANd if it does go farther in, about how far? The seal seemed to have worked out just a hair so that could be my problem. And yes the axles are 1 1/8". As far as the bearing, lets hope this seal will do the job. if not, I will try what you have said and just try it on the outside since I am by no means mechanically inclined. Thank you all so much for the help! I need to send you all thank you cards! :laughing-rofl:
  6. Seal replacement problems

    Do you think that will help? So I don't have to take the transmission apart? Hopefully I can go to napa and find a replacement tomorrow or something,
  7. Seal replacement problems

    When I rubbed my hand over the axle, there was nothing. And yes it is the Uni drive transmission on my 312-8
  8. Seal replacement problems

    Yes there is a little bit of play. I didnt think anything of it. No i didnt see or remove any burrs. I didnt put anything over the key hole either. So do you think I need to redo it using the hub to seal the seal? Do you think that will work? If not what would I need to do in order to fix it?
  9. Drained all my old oil. Flushed the transmission 3 times with diesel. Flush it with a quart of oil. The another quart or cheap oil. Then replaced my seal. I put the seal on the axle, got a washer and hammered it in flush with the transmission. Then filled it with 2 quarts of 80-90. Did just fine. No leaks for about 15 minutes. Drove it around parked looked and it was just pouring oil. A few choice words and some tools going flying across the yard, I come to you all for help. I absolutely hate mechanics. When I first started the seal replacement I thought hmm, this won't be bad. It wasn't until half my oil came out. The seal was flush in the case and no space. When i looked closer, the seal seemed to have been pushed out at the top just a hair. I don't know if it was because I drove it or what. So please help me.
  10. How to make a sleeve hitch potato plow

    Thank you for the link. I was doing some brain storming and I think I can get it to work. I will post some picture if I can still remember how when it is done. Thank you
  11. Well its about that time of year again. Since I planted 100lbs of potatos last year, digging them by myself, working here, there and everywhere, I think I need some a little less time consuming. I have an old garden tractor 3pt lay off plow that I thought about using, Would anybody know how to go about making one for a sleeve hitch so I could adjust the pitch? If anybody has one and has some pictures please post them. Thanks
  12. Kohler Magnum fuel problem

    Well thank goodness the Kohler engines are real easy to service. I believe that ethanol does more harm than it does good. And yes the potatoes dig real good, Got stuck a few times but it plowed right through it. Now I would like to get a cultivator for it to plow between rows.
  13. Kohler Magnum fuel problem

    Well what I had to do was prime the pump. I went ahead and took it all apart and cleaned everything. I hadn't run it in about a month and a hlaf so i guess that why. But its running and all my potatoes are dug. Thanks for the help!
  14. Kohler Magnum fuel problem

    Ok. I will take it off tomorrow morning and see what all it needs. I do have a tank I could use but never thought of doing that. Thank you for the help.And I will let you know something tomorrow after noon. Thanks
  15. Kohler Magnum fuel problem

    Well went to start my mower the other day and nothing. Gave it some starting fluid for about 10 seconds, ran fine but just on the ether. So I checked the carb. its fine. Checked the pump and it wasn't pumping. So, is there something I can do to fix this? Or is a new/ rebuilt one in the future. i am needing it pretty soon because I was going to start and dig my potatoes tomorrow. But I don;'t know what else to do. I think it is shot but Im sure you all know something I don't. Kohler Magnum M12 1989 Wheel Horse