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  1. New Member from Westerwald/Germany

    Yes there are my two Fahr, a "D17" with "Güldner" Engine watercooled and 17 HP. And the little "KT 10 D" with "Sachs" Engine and 10 HP. When the Wheel Horse runs again, i´ll take a photo for the avatar ! Maybe only the Bearings are gone, i have to disassemble the Kohler.
  2. New Member from Westerwald/Germany

    OMG, what a lot of kompliments ! I´m surprised ! I thought, after the 2.ww all germans were hated in the USA. But so many cute answers make me happy. @ ACman: Sorry, but my C-120 must be original as possible, no diesel engine @ Ed Kennell: No, heidenheim is far away from me, about 200 miles. Nice collection ! @ DougC: Hahaha, that´s funny ! Don´t try it if you don´t need it ! @ elcamino/ : You´re welcome ! Since i was a boy at work with a Toro Guardian21, my fascination get´s bigger for the US Mowers. @ hans813116964: Na sowas, noch ein Germane im Red Square Forum ! Danke für die Grüße. Best regards,, Peter
  3. Hi to all of the Wheel Horse - Customers. But at first: If there is something wrong with my text, please forgive me. My school-english is many years old and i´m not using it untill tis time ! Some of Toro Mowers had cross my way in the last 30 years and lots of them are still on my own. The last one is an Groundsmaster 72 with an 4-cylinder Renault engine, but i had to fix many things on this machine. Today, It´s not running but i hope in the nearest future. My newest purchase is an WHEEL HORSE C-120 8 Speed in mediocre condition. With a kohler K301 engine, but its not the original. It runs, i work with, but after 2 or 3 ours the motor has damaged. Maybe the piston or something else. Theres no connection between the piston and the crankshaft. Now the motor had to be restored and the search from parts begins. Hopefully, maybe some of the dealers in USA can ship some parts to Europe ? Thats enough for the first introducion, i think. Best regards from the Westerwald, Peter