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  1. in need of 854 parts

    I'd take 20 for it . If interested call me or text 219-689-5647
  2. in need of 854 parts

    Probably not anything use to you but I do have a top portion of the hood I found it in junk yard it's free of dents, but something one had cute the front portion off where the front face rolls over top then they are joined to make a fullhood at the seam. It's a very straight cut..
  3. I have a variety of microfiche slides for Koehler ,Briggs, Tecumseh, Toro, etc. Any ideas what they may be worth. I have a box 12"x8"x3" full of them.

  4. in need of 854 parts

    I have 3 (854 )parts tractors none with engine most of the rest is there.
  5. Mid Mount idler shaft for front mower carrier

    Give me a holler, I've got what ya need.
  6. 520 air cleaner top

    Mine did the same .I had primed it then took it to a graphics and signs shop they wrapped it with a chrome vinyl, they cut the excess off and it holds great been two years so far with it I like it and it only cost me $10 and a day of waiting.
  7. Riding then died now won't crank

    It was a bare wire
  8. Riding then died now won't crank

    I wrapped a pull rope around shaft to pull start and wouldn't start charged battery and it fired what do I look into next This is what I got who can help me identify tractor and motor
  9. Riding then died now won't crank

    Thanks y'all battery is dead now yes that I checked today but why did it run great for an hour . Sputter then die and now battery is dead I know little bout these mowers but if it has a magneto doesn't that keep generation going and where are fuses I don't see any at all any where on raider 10
  10. I was riding my raider 10. Kohler in drive way running fine then it dies and now it won't even click when I try to crank over starter