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  1. Sorry, it is a 312 hydro.
  2. I have a Toro Wheel Horse Classic with the Koehler engine. My fuel pump died so I rigged up an electric one with power supplyed direct from the battery with an alligator clip I snap on the battery while using the tractor, and usually unhook it when done. So, my son will be mowing the yard this summer and the chance of him remembering to unhook the wire are slim. Therefore I would like to wire the pump wire to somewhere that is hot only when the tractor is turned on and running. Unfortunately I do not have a manual or wire diagram. Advice and help greatly appreciated! jack
  3. I am in need of a new seat for my C120 (posted ad in classified). They don't seem easy to find so I wonder if any other model seats will bolt right up? I could measure the bolt pattern, then ask sellers to measure theirs, but I bet someone here has already done that and will know what seats interchange. After 40 years the back part of the seat has cracked nearly all the way across from my pushing against it getting on and off. If I cannot find one I may try to figure out a way to brace the seat using strap iron or something. This is a work tractor (I use it to haul the cart around the property and sometimes plow snow), so am not at all concerned with originality. Thank you for the help. Jack
  4. C120 seat pan wanted

    I am in need of a C120 seat or pan in good usable condition. Not too concerned with foam and cover but the metal pan has to be good. After 40 years of use and my pushing back against the back part of the seat getting on and off, it has cracked on both sides. If I lean back I would fall off. Will other seats fit? Thank you, Jack
  5. New Guy with No Start help needed

    Thanks for all the help, I appreciate it! Went down to the tractor store and they could get me the proper fuel pump. Last time they ordered one, three years ago it was $130. I only paid $575 for the tractor.... So, crossed the street to the auto parts store a friend runs. They could get me the stock pump for $125. I asked about the electric one and they had one in stock, $30. So, being that the grass is getting high, I bought it and kind of cobbed it together just to get the lawn mowed. Mounted the pump to the draw bar, right under the gas tank (and I just this instant thought "does that lift up and down with the mower"???), ran another fuel line to the carb and extended the hot wire, put an alligator clip on it and clipped it to the battery. Rube Goldberg but it worked. When I have more time I will do it in a much more workman like manner but I had better do it soon or it will still be like that two years from now! Thanks again! I would never have thought of the electric pump! pfrederi-- how would I know if I have a magneto system? It is the 312Hydro with the Kohler 12 hp engine. As to the 1 or Acc terminal, you are talking on the back of the key switch, right? I would hate to hook something up wrong and have the tractor go up in smoke... Jack
  6. New Guy with No Start help needed

    953 Nut, thanks for the photo. Where in the line should the pump go? Red wire to Acc on switch, black to ground? Pup, thanks, I will try that. Hard to use gravity with this tractor as the fuel line goes up higher than the tank before there is a place that it is accessible.
  7. New Guy with No Start help needed

    Thanks Guys for the advice and warm welcome I am leaning towards fuel pump problem. If I get a chance tomorrow I will go pick up a low pressure electric pump. Is there any criteria for the pump, like a certain pressure number? This is new to me. Where is the best place to put it in the line? I take it I can just by pass the present fuel pump. Will a ground wire need to be run from the pump? To just get the lawn mowed I was thinking of closing the petcock on the tank (in case the pump decides to start working), and running a line direct to the carb from my portable gas tank, would just have to figure out a way to hold it up, like an IV pole. I have test rode motorbikes with that tank hanging around my neck......not the brightest moments of my life. but it worked...... Any other thoughts and advice welcome. Jack
  8. Hello from Up State NY! New Guy here with a C120 and recently new to me 312 Hydro, with a problem. Need some help please. 312 is my first hydro garden tractor. Problem is that when I got it last year it was sometimes hard to start, especially if it had sat for any period of time over a few days. I could get it going by spraying carb cleaner directly into the carb, it would fire and sometimes continue to run and sometimes not unless I continued spraying the carb cleaner in, then eventually would run on its own. It did not do this all the time, my daughter in law mowed the lawn, and for two months while I was away she had no problem at all--maybe she has a gentler touch....... The previous owner said that he did sometimes have trouble starting it, especially if it had sat with the back lower than the front. So, this year I go out to get it going and it will not start. It will pop and run on the carb cleaner, but will not keep going. I dropped the float bowl and there was a very small amount of gas in it. Cranking it over with the bowl off showed that no gas was coming into the bow. Sooooooo, I am thinking it is a fuel pump issue (yes, I added gas to it before I tryed to start it)? What do you guys think? Any other things I should check? I did mess with the petcock on the fuel tank. To open it you turn it OUT all the way, right? That is how it works on the C120. Any help appreciated. I am not very mechanical but try my best and can read a manual (which I don't have for this tractor) and follow instructions. Also, can anyone tell me if the mower deck from the 312 hydro will fit on the C120? The grass is going to be high before I have the 312 running I am afraid. Thank you, Jack