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    Had a new Horse in 1969, 7 or 8 hp,not a ranger, had it about 10 yrs or more. I bought my Electro 12 along the way and fell in love with it, still have today! We had a 520H w/60inch deck for a while then a Toro ZTR 44inch.
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    Electro 12

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    Retired mechanic and lawn care
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    My old Electro 12 and my 8 grandchildren!!

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I was an auto mechanic for 34 years, 1966 to 2000 retired from that and joint my son in lawn care for last 16 years, still help out some when needed. I love to get the old Horse out and use it for any thing, even a trip to McDonalds to get wife  a diet coke.:):)!! Jim