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  1. Suburban 400

    Anyone got access to the manual for this, I don't see it listed on this site
  2. Suburban 400

    lol oh, I assume we mean to take the back tires and put them on opposite sides so arrow treads point forward, cuz I gots no idea how to unmounts from rim and do it that way... shouldn't it be tubed tires also?
  3. Suburban 400

    runs super awesome, since this is the first one I acquired that actually works lol
  4. Suburban 400

    Welp, acquired it, so I'm gonna go with 1960 suburban 400, haven't quite read the serial number yet, but its gotta be that.
  5. ST-326 on a 655 model

  6. 1962 Suburban 400 ?

  7. 1962 Suburban 400 ?

    Is a 1962 Suburban 400 right? shouldn't the model be 402 ?
  8. ST-326 on a 655 model

    Here's a good one, do u think I can get the ST-326 snow thrower attachment to work on a 1965 655 model tractor?
  9. Model 655 12v Starting Issue

    incase anyone is still looking at this, it turned out the "new" starter was actually fried... replaced, and now all good... starting wise.. lol
  10. Model 655 12v Starting Issue

    I acquired a 65 model 655, its got a HH70 engine on it along with a NEW 12v starter... Battery is charged, got voltage everywhere, but when I turn the key to start, nada, now when I turn the key to start and measure the voltage to the starter... i'm getting less the 1 volt dc.... so, bad starter key switch ? haven't tried jumping out the switch yet since I got the cover apart and don't want the thing spinning on me if it does work lol Thanks ahead fer input
  11. Cross Reference

    Greetings, I acquired and 1967 wheel horse 657 ... the engine on the thing is a Tecumseh with a Craftsman (very odd and not original I guess lol) mdoel number 143-546122 ... Having a really hard time figuring out the Tecumseh model number, cuz the craftsman site gives me the part list and what not, but most of which don't exist anymore, so wanted to try to find the Tecumseh parts instead of going the way of craftsman... best I can figure out so far is its an H60 engine... THX