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  1. Craigslist find

    Run Forrest, Run...........................
  2. 312-8 Headlights

    First, check the fuse...if good.. with the headlight switch on, jump across the headlight switch. if they don't work, then ohm the headlights themselves..if you get a dead short it is time to check out the wiring...
  3. Mower Deck underside

    Never had a lot of luck in that regard...Slip Plate came close but no cigar--I just keep it clean and dry - works for me...
  4. Fuel Pump Onan 16hp

    The pump should not exceed 3 psi....plenty available on ebay or parts store...mine is 2.5 psi max...works perfect.. be sure it is mounted at least as low as the bottom of the fuel tank..they don't pull good, they push much better...since it has been sitting so long, I would replace the fuel lines and filter and add some sea foam to the fuel when you get ready to start it...
  5. What do you have for a workbench?

    Don't have a picture of it, but my table is 3' wide by 5' long...top is 1/2 inch plate steel..legs are 6" by 6" - by 1/2 inch angle iron..got all the steel at scrap price...table weighs 600 ;pounds and you can beat on it all day and not hurt it..put a six inch vise on it too....goes with the garage when I sell...no way to move ti .. just my opinion, but I wouldn't get a lightweight bench ( table )...you will invariably want to pound on something or set heavy objects on it...
  6. Happy Birthday Glen.

    Happy Birthday Glen......
  7. flush fitting for a mower deck

    You can buy them from Lowes for a few bucks...been using them for years..take the deck off midway thru the summer is all...does a good job for me...
  8. Rebuild or go new

    You really ought to check this out...save a ton of pain....
  9. So, I married a science teacher

    I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but I started using a septic tank additive to my tank every month several years ago...before that when it was pumped it would be mostly solids...after using the additive the last two times it has been almost all liquid...I firmly believe this is well worth the money to keep the septic field healthy..I am using Rid-x, but others may do as well..I have it pumped every 3 years...
  10. More house work... master bath

    You could have saved some materials if you had drained it into the toilet -she let you go this far, shouldn't have been a problem....
  11. Electric lift strength and travel

    It just may not be up to the task...I have one on my 516 that was a wheel horse accessory . It depends on which hole you use on the rock shaft as to how high it will go.. I have mine set up for plowing snow..with the blade on- I can stand on it and it will lift me (200lbs ) and the blade ok don't think it could handle any more.
  12. 520H exhaust bolts sheared off - how hard to fix?

    Along with all the good advice you will be getting, add one more....patience,,patience, patience...
  13. Help—to buy or not to buy

    That would be an awesome ride...I love the big Buicks for their comfort and ride...take it for a spin and you will want it...and remember...ALL cars have problems..
  14. More house work... master bath

    What if you are nearly deaf??? why is my foot wet?