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  1. Mine are ok, but I can't get fire extinguishers refilled in my area...they say they can't do that anymore...?....anyone else have that problem.? mine are Kidde except one old 10 lb one - gauge says it is still good....
  2. Model 416 hydro

    Run, don't walk, and grab that machine....and welcome to
  3. What pays for your Horse addiction

    I am a retired Indiana State Trooper..got done with that and worked in construction for a few years and went to trade school for welding - then went to work for Kaiser Aluminum as a maintenance welder - worked my way up to line foreman, then maintenance foreman and eventually plant superintendent...retired 21 years ago and love every minute of retirement...due to my age, I can't physically work with stuff like I used to....sure would like to tho.....that's why I like following the work you guys do..living vicariously...
  4. Waiting for snow

    I use a Stanley--charges and switches to float by itself - can use it to start one with a dead battery--60 bucks at wallyworld....had it two years and works great.
  5. Tractor won’t move

    Welcome to................Glad you are here.....
  6. Check out the first 3 minutes....woo hoo
  7. Sure, why not? it isn't rocket science anyway, right....
  8. I agree - I have an electric one that folds up...used to use it a lot - got bad knees now so.....anyway, I got mine at kmart about 10 years ago and it has the distance and time etc readouts - cost about 300 dollars- if you are up to it, it would help you I think..myself, I would get a base model without all the bells and whistles..here is one: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Weslo-Cadence-G-5-9i-Folding-Electric-Treadmill/45799822?action=product_interest&action_type=title&beacon_version=1.0.2&bucket_id=irsbucketdefault&client_guid=6ddcbcf9-4fb9-4cc0-3385-263ee794cf63&config_id=2&customer_id_enc&findingMethod=p13n&guid=6ddcbcf9-4fb9-4cc0-3385-263ee794cf63&item_id=45799822&parent_anchor_item_id=23750478&parent_item_id=23750478&placement_id=irs-2-m3&reporter=recommendations&source=new_site&strategy=PWVUB&visitor_id=WwvWON2Z0_6Qhr6IeTG2po 280 bucks I don't care who you are...that there is funny....and too true...
  9. 418a kohler m18 spark plug replacement

    Have never had a problem with an Autolite spark plug....Made in America since 1911.....think I will stick with the American brand..
  10. 416-8 with bervac snowblower

    That looks serious.......nice.
  11. Transmission Conversion? Eaton 700--1100

    Easy conversion - wheelhorseman can make you a hose to bypass the hyd lift...retain the long rod that goes to the cam plate...it is longer than the one on the 1100.. I needed it on my 516 conversion ...I used the cam plate as is...didn't flop over....your 516 is an 88 - only year it was made...I purchased a complete transaxle assembly including hubs from richmondred01 for mine...it was super easy...might be harder if you only get the pump.
  12. Grand Daughters

    Nothing better than grandkids and great-grandkids enjoy Fred - they grow up too fast...
  13. Happy Birthday to both of you....but don't let Big_Red_Fred in the door if he shows up....
  14. I'm thinking Montgomery Wards yard products were copper colored, but I thought they used Briggs engines... I have a 2hp horizontal shaft briggs from an old reel mower..