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    Have had dozer blade on 3 different WH including hydro - never had that spacer on any of them...who knew?
  2. 312-Hydro...What year is it?

    51-12KE02 1992 Garden Tractor 312-H Automatic Kohler M12S-471521 My model list says the 471527 is on the 8 speed...
  3. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    Black sheep of the family -1988 516H
  4. No Idea What I'm Doing!

    If you lived near me I would give 1500 to 1600 for the lot - maybe more -
  5. Harbor Freight 14 HP rescued from the dead

    That would be a hard deal to beat ! ! Thanks for the added info.. my Onan 16 is a true gashog..don't like it for mowing 2 acres..
  6. Harbor Freight 14 HP rescued from the dead

    Thanks for the reply - when my 16hp gives it up ( near future ) I don't need a lot of horses - no snowblower or FEL. just general duty and mowing....I like the idea of the cheaper predator..not willing to put the money into an Onan rebuild... ...
  7. Harbor Freight 14 HP rescued from the dead

    My questiion is :how well does the 14hp perform on the 520? That's a big difference from 20hp..what is your opinion?? thanks
  8. Thanks for posting - wish I lived closer.....
  9. Hello fellow WH fans

    Welcome to---
  10. ATV Winch Limit Switch

    Since it is a two wire system out of the hand control, you are going to have to use relays to accomplish what you want....it would be simpler to set up a separate 12v supply out of your battery and use a limit switch to turn on a light or horn when the lift is as high as you want it to go.....don't get me wrong, the relays could accomplish it ...just a lot of trouble to do..
  11. ATV Winch Limit Switch

    Oh, I see said the blind man.......only two wires....ok, back to the drawing board....
  12. ATV Winch Limit Switch

    me too. and a bad knee.. and at 77 I can't hear thunder....so I gave my 314-8 to my son - I couldn't handle the lift anymore - and bought a 516 with an electric lift ( so easy ! )... I believe they call these the golden years ,, yeah, me too...It looks like to me that you could use an industrial type limit switch that uses a whisker ( or roller ) and strap the switch to the front axle and use the whisker to limit the up travel of the snowplow bar...just interupt the voltage going to the winch " up " wire for up limit travel only.. I am assuming that it is a 3 wire system - common and dc+ and dc-, using the frame for common...If , for instance, the dc+ was the up wire, and you broke it with a switch, you would still have common and dc- to bring it down.. lots of them on this page : https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_3_9?url=search-alias%3Dindustrial&field-keywords=limit+switch+lever&sprefix=limit+swi%2Cindustrial%2C161&crid=1LD30RWZJDWF8 have to be waterproof of course...I'm sure you could rig up a clamp type arrangement to secure it to the axle..you shouldn't need to reverse....just stop the up travel by interupting the voltage to the motor. You did a really neat job on that...and I'm thinking you could even mount the switch on the bottom front of the vertical piece and let the rise of the plow break the connection with a roller switch...my what am I missing?
  13. I need some Input

    Just a thought; you will need to use the drive pulley on the 14 horse motor for the onan -( different size - hydro vs manual tranny). not sure what belt size you would need then but swapping motors is the best way....
  14. I need some Input

  15. Just stuck

    Yes to your question and check out daveoman 1966 post - should work for you..