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  1. I don't know for sure, but it must be 1/8 npt -- 1/4 npt would be a whopper...........
  2. Sounds like you have a bad ( maybe shorted ) battery--if the solenoid was bad it wouldn't crank from the car battery would it?
  3. Short answer- yes, you can - by adjusting the cam plate - I had mine running scary fast in reverse at one point while setting up an Eaton 1100 in my 516H...can't see where it would hurt anything to do that ...your project sounds interesting...pix?
  4. Good job ! it is the only way to stop a crack from spreading....
  5. Even after investing in an engine, this unit will outlast any of the bigbox store mowers, for a lot less money - if you can do the work yourself...if all I wanted was a good mower I would do it...the only kicker is you can't test the hydro ...but instead of trying to talk him down, I would haul out a hundred and a fifty - cash -
  6. Don't know if it will work in your situation, but a friend of mine used J B Weld on an old engine block to patch cracks in the block and put it in a home built dragster and took it to Bonneville salt flats to try for a world record at 200 mph in the class that he entered...I helped him get the car running and he took it, but never got over 180mph.. engine never failed was a four cylinder cast iron block from the 1930's...It was hard for me to believe that about using the J B Weld, but it worked fine...might not on aluminum - don't know..
  7. This pump is 1 to 2 psi max - I paid about 65 bucks I think - very dependable - if you go electric - don't go over 3 psi on the output - will blow the seat in your carb if you do ( maybe -at least that is what I have been told )...plan on an inline 5 amp fuse and a shut off switch for when you want the key on to do other things without the pump running.....
  8. I don't know - you think $8.25 is too much for a 3/8" hex nut?
  9. That is strange - it looks like it sheared as it was being tightened ! ! Defective bolt maybe ?? That's a new one on me..
  10. Ok...thanks...friend of mine asked and I didn't know...
  11. Can the bearings be replaced without splitting the tranny? How would you go about it..?? Thanks Jerry
  12. My first love.......( mostly old cars tho )
  13. It is trying which eliminates all the safety switches etc...I too, believe the battery is too weak .... First up....then go for the battery.....
  14. What about a lace-up steering wheel cover ? Leather or plastic? That would have to be easier than removing the wheel - and would you be satisfied with the very skinny wheel if you removed the rubber ? Just some thoughts..
  15. Did some searching on the web and couldn't find many good comments about this didn't mention cost, but for an old man (--I am one of those ) I use a craftsman vertical engine big box store for mowing - easy on and off - and a wheelhorse garden tractor for everything else - 1400 dollars and you can depend on it for about 6 years - after that you will either have to get another one or work on it daily....