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  1. What the Heck?

    Looks kind of .. .. c r e e p y....
  2. Soda blaster question

    I used this restoring the tank on an old Studebaker with a rusted tank - cleaned it first with weak muriatic acid - then followed directions - worked great.
  3. New addition to the garage family

    Love the old cubs..good job
  4. A rude awakening.

    Ouch...sorry bout that...been a stormy summer..
  5. The time has come.

    Cleveland is the best ...prayers for you and your family..
  6. Is the gas draining back to the tank?

    Well, I'm not sure, but it seems to me that this cheap gasoline that we get nowadays, boils out of the carb after the engine shuts off for a time. then the fuel pump has to work very hard to get the gas up to the engine from it's tank which is well below the pump...to fill the carb so the engine will start..I really don't think that it drains back to the tank...I had all these same problems as you all until I put an electric pump on...I let it run for 5 or 6 seconds before going to the start position and it starts every time - not so with my vacuum pump..I figure that it is filling the bowl back up..just my
  7. Instead of welding something to the stack, you could probably devise a collar for the stack and brace it to the engine..be a shame to tarnish that stack...
  8. terra-grips

    Put a set of terra-grips on my 516H1100 today - sure rides smoother than the 4 link chains - should be easier on my blacktop drive this winter too..been cutting a lot of overgrown hedges and bushes - throw the stuff ( 8 foot tall or more ) into a pile-alternating tops to bottoms to make a long thick pile 8 to 10 feet long by about 3-4 feet in diameter.( like a windrow )...push it with the blade down about 100 yards to my composting area..it rolls and tangles and after a few feet just slides along on the grass - never even have to leave the seat... just handle it once....good for my old bones..
  9. 10-11-1960

    My youngest son was a foreman there for several years in the late 80's...when they moved production to Mn. he went to Clark in Berea , KY... he was the reason I bought my first Wheel Horse 312-8....I have had 3......one at a time..lol
  10. There are a lot of attachments for that problem...I have always just windrowed them and then keep running thru them until they disappear...I think that is good for the ground too...I use side discharge also.....lots easier than handling them more than once too...
  11. Fuel Pump Location?

    Did you check for gas in your oil after this flooding ?
  12. Fuel Pump Location?

    I put one on my 16hp onan - 1.5 to 2.5 psi - mounted to the engine tin level with the bottom of the fuel tank....works great...Onan original pump was rated at 3 psi..
  13. Onan questions

    Mfg'd 1989 thru 1997 - probably just normal wear - needs rings etc....however....it is just oil ..mine does the same -1988...untold hours - still runs, so just keep it up to snuff on the oil..when it gets bad, then do something.. my .