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  1. Good advice - and don't forget to change the pulley for using it in your Digger said: think positive...
  2. Looks like the handle will flip over so that it discharges to the right front...??..
  3. After thinking about it for awhile, I am going to jump in here again - if you are wanting a tractor like this, then look elsewhere - there are 416H WH tractors in far better shape ( this one looks like it was ridden hard and put away wet) for a few hundred more -don't saddle yourself with a headache..get what you want..( just an old man giving out "oldman advice")
  4. Sure does look awfully rough for only 292 hours.....if you want a GT why are you looking at this?
  5. I got my cube style pump from here - good people to deal with - I bought the FAC-40163 - won't overwhelm the carb...mounted it low on the dash stand ( lower than the outlet on the fuel tank ) - used an inline fuse holder ( 5A. fuse ) - be sure to use an on/off switch with it for those times when you want to have the key switch on ( and don't want the pump to run) great.
  6. Congrats--- that looks like a brand new
  7. Bought a 1996 314-8 new and gave it to my son last year - so it is still in the family....
  8. If you have the later 314-8 with the warning lights - don't use pressure wash ( or your garden hose ) directly on them from the rear - don't ask why I know this
  9. I used a 1/4 inch steel rod, bent a 90 and used 1/4 inch collets to attach it to the seat...used a piece of 1/4 inch fuel line on the other end and then bent a 90 on perfect. MOV01916.AVI MOV01912.AVI
  10. Wish you luck - no one in my area will change a tire of less than 13 inch rim...go figure !.. as pfrederi said, you will need the right tools.
  11. Thanks much
  12. The brochure on the 1986 417-8 says that Wheel Horse did produce models with the electric lift already installed.... is that correct? If so, I wonder what other models it came on? That would be interesting to know. Anyone have that info?
  13. Not true....I will join...( I have had three, but only one at a time )
  14. I have sucessfuly got switches to work again by spraying them real good with P B Blaster - it is advertised on the can that it is good for electrical stuff - I have used it on car door switches and garden tractor switches -if the switch is not broken - it will probably come around for you with the blaster...