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    1989 312-8 --traded off for 1996 314-8 --given to youngest son and bought 516H
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  1. 518-H restoration

    Nice job.....I have the electric lift on my 516...sure beats using the arm muscles..you have a fine machine there...
  2. Transmission dipstick broken?

    Had a 89 312-8 that ate a little piece off the stick...at times that piece would wedge in the gear and stop the tractor..just rocked it back and forth till it fell out and went on..didn't want to take it apart so I traded it in on a 96 314-8 .....problem solved..
  3. Need Help

    clear as mud............
  4. Need Help

    Where is the button for that??
  5. 518 Restoration

    Not sure this is any help, but is the height adjusting knob screwed all the way down?
  6. Happy Birthday Sparky!

    and many more....
  7. Will not turn mover

    Don't feel bad...I put a shut off switch on my electric fuel pump...bought wore out the battery trying to get it started before I figured out the switch was off...
  8. 518-H Restoration

    I saw Ed's homemade foot control and it is really neat - I bought a right side pedal and am going to set mine up just like the ones that Ed has done ..can't wait for it to warm up so I can get started.... to clarify: the default position is reverse...that way you have control because the left side pedal takes it to neutral...easy/peasy.
  9. 518-H Restoration

    By all means, go with the 1100 and leave the rest - you won't regret it and it is an easy swap...forget the 8 speed......
  10. Oops!

    Don't turn your back..
  11. Why buy an older tractor? (wheel horse in particular)

    A lawnmower and a garden tractor are not related in any way, shape or form...depends on your needs . a good lawnmower should last 6-7 years before you throw it away.. a wheel horse garden tractor should last 60 plus years with some maintenance. Oh, and it also mows grass..
  12. More Bad News

    So sorry to hear the latest Ed.....prayers for you and your wife and family...
  13. It is, but after our last cat died, the chipmunk population exploded..... Woods behind out house got logged, and here they came, so, I bought a small live trap, baited with peanut butter and caught 17 in 3 weeks...after that I only set it when I see some.. Started using Tom Cat Mole Killer two years ago...best stuff I have ever used...google it -....easy to use and can't be beat - no guessing..works best if you use it in the mounds where they push up the dirt- that makes it really easy to know where to place it..just use half a worm each time..that's all it takes...more bang for your buck..
  14. Your'e making my mouth water.........
  15. I like the plastic traps - don't have to touch anything where the mouse has been....