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  1. I have several and don't think they would hold up to salt and sand .....even my best one...
  2. That's "Indiana University" to you Illini folks
  3. Oh yeah, that, for sure Jaymon74.......
  4. 1949 Ford flathead v8 with dual Smithy steelpacks - with one blocked heat riser - coolest sound you ever heard
  5. They'll have thighs the size of telephone poles - great defensive line....
  6. Mr. Morse would be proud.......................
  7. Welcome, neighbor ..........................
  8. I have been wondering where I put that ! !
  9. You probably know it by now, but Wheelhorseman1000 can provide you with the correct length with fittings hose to bypass the connections for the hydraulic lift openings - I think it was 30 bucks or so and fit great.. if you do this pm me - you will need to remove a little bit of sheet metal for the correct reply neccessary
  10. Yeah, that's me - I love to help people, but as far a WH products go I have a tenuous grip on the bottom end of a slick stick- learning more than giving I am afraid - like the others- social media is a farce - but I really do enjoy Red Square....thanks to all of you for the things that I have been steered in the right direction on- they are priceless. Maybe this is inappropriate, but I have to say if you haven't had the pleasure of dealing with an excellent person, I recommend Richmondred01..-Mark I apologize if I have embarassed you, but I couldn't help myself......I tried too...
  11. Are you talking about the cam plate or cam rod? I swapped one and only changed the cam rod since it was a different plate appeared to be the same ( but you know how appearances can be ,,) advice pls...
  12. That is true, but it is a lot more precise . Sounds like a heck of a buy
  13. Just wondering if the electric lift has any problem lifting the single stage thrower? I'm guessing it is the original type that the dealers used to install for owners. I have one of the original style and am just curious...
  14. That is exactly what my wife says..... often.............