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  1. This may sound strange, but I would give the 9 pin connector several shots of PB Blaster first (and definitely check the grounds) before pulling it apart...I have replenished numerous electric switches in old cars like that - Blaster is really good for electrical connections..............
  2. I don't think you are negative - just realistic -most any brand machine will cut grass - I usually use big box store stuff for cutting grass - my wheel horse is for everything else, which the box store stuff CAN'T do..mine is 29 years old and still going strong...
  3. Welcome to Red Square - lots of info here if you need help....very nice C175...
  4. Welcome 516H is a strong tractor and you will really like it after you put the 1100 eaton in it....if you can, purchase the setup with tranny and axles - complete - makes a really easy swap - ask your questions and you will get answers - mine had an electric lift, so I didn't go with the hydro valve for lift - had a hose made up by Wheelhorse Parts and More. Vendor on Red the way, keep your operating rod from your 700 .. you will need it..( that is the horizontal one that goes to the top of the hydro.)
  5. Wheel horse really cheaped out on the 516/518 - splash oil and eaton 700.....Europe got the best ones.....
  6. You will need to adjust the hydro set up...should run fast in reverse oil filter on the engine or filter on the tranny - it has the eaton 700 hydro which will be fine for mowing but not strong enough for implements...carb is probably dirty - sea foam would probably do wonders for it - run some thru and let it soak..might not have to rebuild the carb.. and put new spark plugs in it too...the surging you quoted could be a dirty carb or dirty fuel system, or weak fuel pump or just low on gas - it will surge when the tank gets real low... I ended up putting an electric fuel pump on mine..the original pump wouldn't keep up with the demand on the engine.....look in the manuals section to find the direction for adjusting the hydro..not a big job but hard to explain - manual has pics and all....I have a 516 that I really like, but needed for implements, so I put an 1100 eaton in it - really strong...516 is good tractor...and yes, it was only built in 1988...
  7. Well it is too far and I am too old, but I would really like to meet you guys - hope you have a great travels...
  8. Sweet ! I'm jealous...
  9. I believe we have a WINNER.....
  10. Not a 40 ...googled the 30's - looks to be a 1937...sure would love to have it...
  11. I agree...also, note the v/8 sign near the front of the hood - Ford was the only one offering a v/8 engine in a truck..I'm thinking 1935 or 36...
  12. If the front edge is bent down, wouldn't it be better to raise it back up ? ( i.e. hammer from the bottom side )
  13. Even with a floating deck, tire pressure is vital - keep the tires up to snuff....
  14. Don't think it would take the heat (?) What about stainless steel tubing...? I believe in either case it would tarnish if it is too thin..
  15. I'm not that well versed on the C models, but I have had several 300 series WH's...great machines ..I got a 516H last fall - don't know the hours, but it runs real well (I like the power of the 16hp Onan ) - it is a gas hog tho....but the 700 eaton tranny was weak --- got a good 1100 eaton and put it in....the old horse is a beast with a snow blade on it - push dirt, gravel, you name it and fast in forward and reverse is my bulldozer around the place but I mow with a gas sipping big box store machine...wouldn't want to mow much with it because of the gas usage..all that said, I really like the 516..well built machine...