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  1. Need help with mower spindle

    hate to show my ignorance, but I would try running a die over the bolt....very slowly and very carefully and maybe it would work ...or maybe not...the others that are seized could be heated to loosen the rust, but you would have to be careful of getting the bearing too hot...If you could get ahold of some dry ice you could freeze the base of the shaft and apply a smoke wrench ( # 1 tip ) and get the nuts off without hurting the bearing...we did this many times in industry to get off stubborn nuts..if you haven't used dry ice before, read up on it and be very careful with it...will freeze your skin in a hurry..if you are inventive, you could use ice and achieve the same result by setting the deck upside down...I think you can save the other 2...
  2. Tips for using 310-8 on hillside and for logging

    I'm not an expert, but heavier would make sense to me..with the gearing and 10 hp, you will run out of traction before you run out of power pulling a heavy load...and by the way......
  3. Tire Chains

    From experience I can assure that any steel chain will do a number on your blacktop....you can buy rubber chains that are very rugged and will do as good a job as steel chains and will not harm your driveway...the biggest downside of them is they ride very rough on pavement and lawn..Whatever you buy, see if someone on here knows what size you would need to go over the ag tires...I would imagine that it would be different from turf tires..

    I don't remember the amp draw on mine, but you want to keep the psi output of the pump below 3 psi...I think mine is 1.5 to 2.5 psi..works perfect...

    with an in-line fuse and a shut off switch for when you want the power on and the pump not running...
  6. 520-8 Electric Lift

    if you are asking if I like the electric lift, the answer is yes...I bought my 516h because it had the lift..at my age the manual lift on my 314-8 had become too much..it is slow compared to the hydro lift, but it is precise in the level that you want...that coupled with the eaton 1100 that I got from you made a really nice wheel horse tractor for me..
  7. This place is awesome ! Newbee here.

    Good luck with that one here in the hinterland....only station I know of is Bloomington - 28 miles away for you...I just use the ethanol gas and hope for the best...
  8. This place is awesome ! Newbee here.

    awesome is right...welcome aboard...I'm just about 8 miiles north of you...

    Watch out for those...roc... s...never mind.... my wife drove mine one time...mower deck running ....ran up on a stump...it sat there running... she got off and said she didn't want to mow anymore.....went to the house....
  10. Should I be concerned?

    If that limited duty is all you want it for, I would think it would be ideal. Won't put many hours on it with the jobs you have lined up..
  11. 1946 Ford N2

    That is going to be a lot of fun working on......
  12. Not a bad idea at all....go for it.....
  13. 312-8

    That is also an indication of water in the gas--add some rubbing alcohol to the gas and see if it improves...
  14. Paint Guns on a Budget - Who has what?

    Call me old fashioned, but I like DeVilbiss pressure feed guns for prime and paint....((and I don't think you can beat PPG paint..hands down the best.)).paid 200 for it 20 years ago and still works perfect...