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  1. I have sucessfuly got switches to work again by spraying them real good with P B Blaster - it is advertised on the can that it is good for electrical stuff - I have used it on car door switches and garden tractor switches -if the switch is not broken - it will probably come around for you with the blaster...
  2. Yeah, when I was working in an industrial setting I never stepped over a bolt, nut or washer in the parking lot or anywhere else for that matter ( still don't) and I had to get an upright bolt bin from Larson to fit them all into --don't make sense to spend gas money to go to town for a bolt or nut..
  3. Yeah, that isn't much -- looked further thru the ad - they have some good named engines with good specs at what I would consider a good price..,. just don't know if this is a good source or was just for info anyway...
  4. Anyone know anything about this outlet?? Doesn't give the length of the shaft but it is available in 1-1/8 inch $739 including shipping... ?? Should have looked further in the ad - lots of motors at good prices....what do you all think?
  5. Works like a charm in my old car and truck too...what you can't see can't hurt you...
  6. That's right on produces phosgene gas ( such as was used in WW 1) don't want to breathe that stuff...
  7. Knew a guy years ago that planted a 3 acre field of potatoes on straw...don't remember the particulars of how he went about it, but he had an abundant supply of wheat straw and that was the cover for the spuds - don't remember if he put any straw down first ,but it would make sense to.....I do remember that he had great success with it and that he and his family hand picked the spuds..seems to me like he had about a foot of straw over the potatos....
  8. On my computer it is listed 3 times in the topics section --must be a loose electron...
  9. You really need to be listing this stuff in the vendor section..... have a lot better chance of selling them....
  10. Any marina should do - there is a lot of difference in quality between brands, but the marinas stock the good stuff. gonna cost you around 20-25 bucks.... That sounds like weak fuel pump...
  11. I put one on my 314-8 before I gave it to my son -- huge difference -- should have done it years ago - got mine thru a marine supply - seems watercraft use these caveat - make sure it is installed vertically so the built in check valve works..on a horizontal plane it will drain back to the tank....
  12. Back years ago I had a 1/3 acre garden of all the various crops including popcorn and potatoes - everything was planted on 4 foot wide rows - made it much easier to hill the potatoes and not get to close to the base of the other plants - never had a problem with pollination or anythiing else for that matter --( except for racoons - but that is another story ) sounds like a plan..
  13. to prevent a weld from cracking again, you have to drill a hole at the end of the current crack - then you can weld the crack...
  14. to red square............. The first part sounds like a weak fuel pump - tank is under the seat and it takes a bit to get the fuel to the carb - had the same problem and put an electric pump on...problem could be something else entirely..others will chime in.. it won't turn over if the safety switches aren't made - make sure the pto is disengaged when starting ( has a seat switch too )
  15. Maynard knows....