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  1. Hi Have just got a 316-8 mowed the lawn and then ran out of petrol just as it was getting dusk . Now it won't start. What I have noticed that I did not before is that when you turn the ignition on the oil light comes on. I have looked up the manual which says that on a 312 and 310 if the oil is low the engine won't start. Is that the same with the 316-the manual shows that it has an oil light but isn't specific about what its for( pressure or low oil) My question is ,on a 316 is the oil light on when you turn the ignition on ,then goes off as the engine fires up and it gets oil pressure , or if the light is on when the ignition is turned on ,( and the engine is short of oil) the engine will turn over but not start ( as mine does). The oil level is just above the minimum on mine at present. Any help much appreciated. Nick