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  1. replacing magnum 14 piston

    Hi,I been told by a repair shop that i need to bore .010 over and get a new piston,but they seem to be having trouble locating one.I told them I really want OME parts any one know of a good source,I think he used the type of piston he was looking for was "molly or mule not sure of that name but it is a 1993 mag 14,thanks for the help, \
  2. poss rebuild kohler mag 14

    have 740 hours on engine smokes out about 1/2 quart on 45 min mowing.Any recommendations on were to start on rebuild or just go for total rebuild / valve job .If total rebuild any things or parts I should make sure gets used and done,thanks gavin ENGINE #'S m148 / 601559 / ser #2228110723 also any shops in the hebron ct area
  3. PTO SWITCH 314-8

    thanks garry I ordered both see what happens
  4. PTO SWITCH 314-8

    model 73400 / serial #3900683
  5. PTO SWITCH 314-8

    seems i'm having intermittent problems with switch,don't know if I should "try" to bypass or replace,if replace would anyone have a part# and source thy would recommend.thanks
  6. thanks for help with carb

  7. Looking for a good source for OME replacement carb for M148 /model 601559 / serial 2228110723.Not sure if rebuilding is going to do the trick,thanks for the help
  8. poss rebuild kohler mag 14

    Any thoughts on the rotella 30 T heavy duty? Any better oil to use?
  9. poss rebuild kohler mag 14

    thanks good to know,smoke seems to have leveled off after head gasket replacement,think I will change out oil one more time replace with rotella 30 t heavy duty
  10. poss rebuild kohler mag 14

    good stuff guys I REALLY appreciate the advice,
  11. poss rebuild kohler mag 14

    Is there a average hour amount that i should start thinking about a rebuild.Still runs good recent head gasket,showing a little oil getting by ring (smoke on start up ) 720 hours now.If so is there a aprox price i would be looking at to have it done? thanks gavin
  12. oil coming out top side finns / kohler mag 14

    thanks for the help,gasket was bad,head bolts were hand tight,valves looked tired,new gasket,cleaned up,torqued down,run great THANKS A LOT,Murph
  13. I think I have a bad head gasket,found oil side of muffler seems to be blowing out side KOHLER MAG 14 spec 601559 sec #2228110723 any recommendations on gaskets and head torque
  14. mower blades

    hey guys,i have a side discharge 78345 / 3901203 looking to replace blades,came across these on amazon toro high lift blade 3 pack 35.05 any feed back or better option,thanks gavin
  15. THANKS GARRY.I will order that kit from napa,any advice on carb set up? Screw adjustment .