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  1. shopsmith

    have a 1950s shopsmith wood working machine would like to trade for wheel horse 633 701or any round hood in good shape to restore or hy-2 or hy-3 lift system
  2. HY2 lift

    I have a 753 and 702 so either one would be ok
  3. HY2 lift

    Looking for complete Hy2 lift assembly for 753 633 701 702
  4. front axle spindles

    dont know i think any 1962 1963 tractors like 701 702 633
  5. front axle spindles

    looking for 753 front axle spindles
  6. mower belt

    thanks for info but i need deck belt replacement
  7. mower belt

    deck belt
  8. mower belt

    N ever changed a wheel horse belt before I have a SK 486 do i have to take anything all the way off ??
  9. powder coat or paint

    thanks guys for input i have seen vids of powder coat they bend the sheet of metal and it stays intact no cracks or anything how does it hold up on engine block
  10. What is the pros and cons of powder coat and paint when restoring a wheel horse besides the price what do you guys think is best way to go??? thanks

  12. 753 parts

    Ok thanks
  13. 753 parts

    Will 633 parts fit on a 753 ??
  14. new to pulling

    What is the best model year to get to start pulling is there companys that sale stuff for pulling ??