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  1. Electrical wiring issues

    Will the seat switch them make the pto not work properly the reason I ask is because I'm trying to determine which switch it is the seat switch,pto switch or ignition switch what happens is it starts up just fine but when you turn key to off it stays running and when I turn pto switch on it won't come but pto light comes on so I didn't no if because the seat switch is safety switch as well if that's my problem but that's where I'm at stumped And I think the only difference is colors of wires like Gary was saying I've been rebuilding these mower engines for years now but I'm terrible when it comes to wiring so basically What im asking is there a simple way to test this wiring problem for dummies
  2. I have a 1989 wheelhorse 257-H Model 2217KE02 I need wiring help I can't find a single wiring diagram please help I can find for an 88 257-H but not an 89. Or if anyone can tell me I got 3 wires that come from seat switch orange,white, and a light green which wire goes where or can I just bypass seat safety switch completely.