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  1. Hello. New C-120 Owner Here

    Wildman. That is a nice looking . We're glad you're here!!!
  2. Hello All - New to Site

    Nice story and history of the . You have a great horse there!!! Can't wait to see the new seat pictures.
  3. fuel Valve

    That’s where I get mine also.
  4. Newbie

  5. New to Wheel Horse

    @FrankenCub We're glad you're here.
  6. Replacement seat.

    The first one is a great seat and the mounting holes are correct for many of the wheel horses. I've put several of them on my horses. And it's easy on your back!!!
  7. K241S Carb Rebuild

    The Kohler number for the bushing is #25-158-02-s. Probably will cost about $12.00. Ace or True Value sells a bronze bushing Hillman #58057. Stack 2 on top of one another. If a little tight, use 1/4" drill by hand and open a tiny bit. Also go to the search box in the upper right corner and click "all content" and enter "throttle shaft bushing" in the search area. You will have a world of info to read that will help you through all of this. The Kohler carb overhaul kit is about $20.00 if memory serves me correctly. Go to any Toro or John Deere dealer and they can quote you prices or sell you the parts for the Kohler carb.
  8. kidd76

  9. I'd say "You did good"!!!
  10. @Wilesbd Yes they are still available. Thanks for your interest. I will send you a PM.
  11. Hello, new owner here.

    to You're wife bought a nice !!! You're both going to be very happy.
  12. shows

    I think he meant to say Muskegon, MI.
  13. @dirtyred Thank you for your interest. I will send you a PM.
  14. 1979 fuel tank leak

    I had a tank with this same problem, only much worse than you're describing. Mine leaked real bad. I tried a few remedies with epoxies and other things that said they could be used with fuel, but it still leaked. Then I used a good dose of Seal All around the "nutsert" or whatever it is called. Problem solved!!! Just be careful not to tighten those bolts too tight. You can purchase this at any hardware store.