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  1. Where is that tractor junkyard near Schoolcraft? I may need some stuff also. Jim
  2. Hot exhaust pipe

    @Chet Drake Glad you're here!!!

    Terry, here are a couple pictures of my son's 1980 C-125 8-Speed with manual lift. The part number on the Parking Brake decal is 106603, the part number on the Range Selector decal is 108710 and I can't make out the number on the Gear Shift decal. Also, thank you for the decals for my '83 C-145 Automatic. They look great and were very easy to install. Thanks again for what you do.
  4. Fisherman

    @J. Frye That's a fine looking . We're glad you're here.
  5. Differences between a C100 and a C160

    X 2
  6. Good Day From Wellsville, NY

  7. Anyone recognize this Work Horse?

    When asked "why did you buy another one?" The proper answer is "because I'm going to sell that one over there". She will usually say "Oh, O.K." I just never get around to selling that other one over there. Works for me!!!
  8. Mine comes from my name, Jim Barker. When in High School (boy, was that a loooong time ago) many of my friends called me JB. That seemed a little short for a screen name, hence the jay bee!!!
  9. Hi From oHIo!

    to Jerry!!! You've come to the right place and we're glad you're here.
  10. Barn Find C-121

    Man, I'm glad someone else lives the same life I do. I thought I was all alone!!!
  11. Barn Find C-121

    Nice find. I have one just like it. Model #91-12K802 makes it a 1979 model.
  12. LED Headlight Solution on C-195

    to @mpoore GREAT POST!!!
  13. A Hello & Some Background

    12Horse Paladin...Great story, great pictures and great !!! We're glad you're here.
  14. @ohiostate454 to Neighbor!!! If you need to look at a C-141 or take some reference pictures, come on over. I'm right down the road from you and have one sitting in the garage. Jim