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  1. new to wheel horse

    I too would suspect a clutch to drive pulley problem. If you put your toe under the clutch pedal and pull up on it you could test this theory. Something may be binding up and not letting the drive belt engage fully. And to We're glad you're here Jim
  2. First post first mower

    Good lookin' !!! And the price sounds good too. to We're glad you're here.... Jim
  3. Learned something about hydros

    Nice job!!! Good luck with that 244-H. And to Jim
  4. Hello from Cincinnati

    to We're glad you're here!!! Ask away and I'll bet you'll get a bunch of educated answers. These guys know what they're talking about. Jim
  5. Howdy

    to Jim

    You should be extremely proud of your work Arnaud. Your tractor is a thing of beauty!!! Jim

    to Arnaud. And there are lots of people here to help you! Jim
  8. I might be missing something here but, I can't figure out why that fellow is cutting that pole at an angle. Maybe I'm watching the wrong thing!!! Jim
  9. Hello fellow WH fans

    Skipper Jim
  10. 1974 C-120 8-Speed

    You're welcome. And if you need a factory style muffler for that C-120 I have an ad in the classifieds that you might want to take a look at. Jim
  11. 1974 C-120 8-Speed

    You can PM @Kelly here on the site. I have one of his old business cards that lists his phone as 517-541-0789. Weekdays 6-10pm Weekends 9am-10pm. He is in Olivet which is only about 1 hour 45 minutes from you, and he is a great guy to deal with. Another contact for you is a guy named Darrell. He is in Crystal MI. Phone 989-235-6566. He advertises on CL a lot and has MANY attachments and parts. And by the way, to If you want to post all the pictures you want, consider becoming a Supporter. It is well worth the small fee. Again, welcome Jim
  12. Tractor Seats

    Change out of those corduroy pants!!! Jim
  13. Workhorse pto part

    Best of luck to you. I wish I could have been more help. Jim
  14. Workhorse pto part

    I'm getting a measurement closer to 4 7/8" than the 4 5/8" that you're showing. I know #25 is different on the 8HP Engines than on the 10-16HP Engines. Maybe more of the parts are different also. You said you were doing an engine swap. Is the engine sitting more on the left (drivers side) on the frame? I'm searching here!!! Is #17 oriented properly? Are you sure you're using #18 bushing in the hole of #17? If all else fails, and you think the only problem is that #29 is too short, it shouldn't be too hard to fabricate, or have someone else fabricate, a new part for you. It is just a U-Shaped piece of metal with a couple holes in it. I'm kind of at a loss here. I hope some other member will chime in here. Jim