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  1. @dirtyred Thank you for your interest. I will send you a PM.
  2. 1979 fuel tank leak

    I had a tank with this same problem, only much worse than you're describing. Mine leaked real bad. I tried a few remedies with epoxies and other things that said they could be used with fuel, but it still leaked. Then I used a good dose of Seal All around the "nutsert" or whatever it is called. Problem solved!!! Just be careful not to tighten those bolts too tight. You can purchase this at any hardware store.
  3. Help

  4. New guy to a WH

    to Robbie!!!
  5. 4ifrank

  6. to @bumpsteer and thanks for becoming a Supporter!!! We love the color Red.
  7. new member in PA

    Andy to That is a sweet looking 312. My grandson loves to ride also. There's just something about a Tractor Ride!!!
  8. C120 - C-125 K301 Muffler?

    In the words of Paul Harvey, a favorite of many us here. "And now?........the rest of the story!" I put the order for the mufflers in with my supplier and you guys lined up. Thanks to @Bert who ordered two, that makes a total of three for him , @classicdmax , @formariz who bought his third muffler, @halseyn , @pfrederi , @tunahead72 and @Tuneup who was responsible for getting this whole thing started. A big thank you to all. I did put an ad in the Classified Forum because I still have a few left. So if any other Members can use one, just PM me here on RS. Also, this would be a good place for any of you guys to post some pictures of your install and any comments or suggestions that might help us all out in the future. Again, thanks to all of you. This is a great place to hang out. I learn something new every time I sign on this site. Jim
  9. This place is awesome ! Newbee here.

    to Big guy.
  10. Nooby-noob-noob

    to Matt. Great introduction! You've come to the right place for a help and info.
  11. @stevebo Thank you. That means a lot to me coming from you. I know I'm not supposed to converse in a classified ad so I'll stop doing it now. Thanks again!!!
  12. Couldn't find a replacement muffler at a decent price for my C-145 and C-161. Got with local Custom Exhaust Manufacturer and modeled one after the original system on my "76 B-100. Muffler is made of aluminized steel and has internal baffles. Exhaust pipe is 16 gauge aluminized steel. Muffler measures 8" rim to rim with 1 1/2" tall inlet, has 3 1/2" body diameter and 4" rim diameter. Inlet accepts 1 1/2" exhaust pipe (included). Possible replacement for Toro Wheel Horse #102258, 105915, 106429 and 106918. You Provide 1" i.d. close nipple, 1" i.d. 45 degree coupler and 1" i.d. x 2 1/2" pipe nipple (shown in Pic. #3 with red background). These can be purchased at any "big box" or hardware store. I use black pipe fittings but you can use galvanized if you prefer. Muffler has tab for use on engines with cradle mount. You drill hole in tab if needed. Works equally well on engines without cradle mount. Use of separate exhaust pipe along with 45 degree pipe coupler allows for maximum adjustment in all directions during installation. The Exhaust Pipe and Muffler can be used on almost every 1972 thru 1984 Wheel Horse tractor powered by Kohler single cylinder engine. This includes all B, C and SK series tractors. Also the Broncos, Chargers and Raiders. Most will use a 1" i.d. 45 degree pipe coupler but some will use a 1" i.d. 90 degree pipe coupler depending on your application. The Muffler and Exhaust Pipe can also be used on many of the Tecumseh Single Cylinder models. I'm located in S.W. lower Michigan and can ship to the lower 48 for $15.00. For Pay Pal Transfers select "Send to Friends" Use "jbark62@sbcglobal.net" +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Click on this link to see a video that demonstrates the sound of the Muffler >>>>170129_002 (2).mp4<<<< ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 170129_002 (2).mp4
  13. @MarksWheelHorse You have come to the right place for helpful information. And to
  14. Need help and knowledge!

    to @Joshua cartwright Keep looking. There are usually a lot of on Craigs List if you are a little patient.