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  1. C141

    According to all I can find on the Toro site, the belt should be a 102741. That's also the same belt that my 42" side discharge on my C-161 takes.
  2. Amazon replacement carbs

    Yeah or possibly just bent from being jostled around by the mailman.
  3. Why the muffler stacks out the side..

    I think this is why most go with a stack: https://www.rcpw.com/search/?quest=106918 I was going to do a stack too, but luckily the parts mower I got had a good original muffler. I'm DAMN sure not shelling out $200 for a part that probably costs less than $20 to make.
  4. Amazon replacement carbs

    How do you adjust the seat? I've never had one of these Kohler carbs apart.
  5. Amazon replacement carbs

    Has anyone ever used one of these replacement Kohler carbs from Amazon? Went ahead and ordered one for my 16 HP K341. The throttle shaft on the old one has so much play that I'm surprised the thing even runs at all. I've heard plenty of good reviews and also plenty of jeers claiming they are cheap and don't work as well. Looks like an exact copy of the Kohler carb. I guess we'll see for certain tomorrow when I get it put on...
  6. Muffler clamp

    Walker part # 35323 is the 1.25" size. Most parts stores don't stock them that small but can order them. Amazon also has them for $3.77 + shipping. I had to order one for my C-161 the other day.
  7. What the heck were they thinking?

    I'm guessing the giant Model-23 Briggs isn't stock...
  8. Parts tractor score & mufflers from hell

    I basically bought a discounted muffler and got a whole tractor with it for free!
  9. What Happened To Tire Sizes????

    The parts tractor I just bought has one old Carlisle tire and one new on the front, and the old one is about 1.5 inches wider than the new, even though they are both the "same size" according to the sidewall. Newer one looks chincy as hell, too.
  10. Last weekend I drug home a C-125 parts tractor to molest for parts for my C-161 that I got going a while back. It had all the things that the old 161 was needing: good seat, good clutch plate, better tires, and most importantly, GOOD ORIGINAL NELSON MUFFLER! Someone long ago put one of those stupid pepper pot pieces of crap on it and I nearly went deaf when I mowed with it for the first time last weekend. Just got the muffler swapped over, and HOLY CRAP you never realize how loud something is until it's not loud anymore. What an insane difference that thing makes! I'd say at least a 40% reduction in noise. That muffler alone was worth the $100 I paid for the parts tractor.
  11. 42" Side discharge deck - 1979 C-161

    Well I flipped the pulley over and did away with the woodruff key and finally got the right belt on it. Greased the spindles, adjusted the deck to level it out and got the yard mowed FINALLY. Seems like it did just fine. Thanks to everyone for all the help!
  12. 42" Side discharge deck - 1979 C-161

    Garry, The smaller pulley is the one that's the same size as the other two deck pulleys, which is exactly what made me wonder if it was indeed upside down. I took it off and it wasn't seized up, so I guess I will flip it over and try your suggestion with the lockwasher. The keyway is pretty buggered up anyway. On another note: I was looking through the parts list again and noticed there's two crossover belts listed: 1594 (which is what I got) and a 6738. Looks like the latter is much smaller, so that must be the one that I need. I was originally using RCPW's website to find parts, and only the 1594 is listed on their site. What a goofy deal...
  13. 42" Side discharge deck - 1979 C-161

    Well now I look up the parts diagram for this deck and it shows the pulley goes with the larger side down... this makes no sense. This deck is really starting to aggravate me.
  14. 42" Side discharge deck - 1979 C-161

    Garry, Now that I think about it, if the deck pulley is on backwards, its driving the smaller side, so reversing it should take up some slack. Hopefully that works and the only belt I'll have to do custom is the deck crossover belt. Thanks for the info!
  15. 42" Side discharge deck - 1979 C-161

    Yeah i noticed that. Not nearly enough of a difference to make up for the extra 10+ inches of belt though, lol. That's the same part number I bought for the drive belt. It's a few inches too big.