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  1. Looking for a 3xx,4xx,5xx 8-speed roller

    I have a couple in St. louis.
  2. Wheel Horse wanted to buy

    If your still looking for a Wheel Horse I have this 701 I restored last summer. Almost completely Original. $550
  3. ISO nice RJ/suburban

    Restored last summer, runs, drives, cuts and looks awesome. Kept almost all original.
  4. Which horse is your favorite

    Many to choose from, but my little guy is still my favorite.
  5. Wheel size

    Have them on my toy and love them.
  6. RJ58 Find today (Awsome)!!!!

    Yea done a little research last night. It also has a rear diff. with rj59 No., but that isn't that uncommon. Best part is between the 2 I have everything to put a Real all Original rj58 with sticker. and have a extra hood. I have had a lot of fun with the 400, so now I can make it alittle different. Thanks for the help and info. I was really not researching the rj cause I was keeping it , but now can research 400 a little.
  7. 875

    Sorry I didn't back sooner bout this. the guy that sold it to me bought it back after I notified him he had sold me the proper engine on another tractor. He now has put it back up for Sale for $300. It's posted on CL St. Louis Mo. (wheel horse).
  8. RJ58 Find today (Awsome)!!!!

    That pic. is the first I got of it. I don't have the eye's I used to so going back out with zoom and Magnifying glass. Whats got me is it has a different lift than my other RJ58 so if anyone can enlighten me on this it would sure be appreciated.
  9. RJ58 Find today (Awsome)!!!!

    It came from a local NASCAR Drivers family, His father bought it new, After 15 yr.s of grass cutting it went to their Basement were it has been till recently. He believes the original engine is still there and went looking for it tonight and said I can pick it up when he gets it out. So 2nd owner, and getting to put this in the yard Cutting and Struttin, I can't wait.
  10. A friend woke me this morning saying GO look at this. So I did. WOW! The story behind it is even more amazing, but for now Just WOW!
  11. 875

    I'm in Cadet Mo., I haven't had them long enough to get trans. checked yet, but hooking up a belt to them today to put them in motion. Price I guess will depend on that test, but open for offers. Got a motor and deck for it also.
  12. 875

    I have this one, and a parts roller for it.