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  1. I got one for $25 from It's Chinese but works well. He's the same gent who makes the solid cradle mounts that replace the late 70's rubber mounts. My 314-8 was always underpowered and I suspected it was down on max RPMs. I installed the tach temporarily and sure enough. It was only maxing out at about 2900 RPMs. I adjusted it to just under 3600 and it obviously made a huge difference.
  2. Nice tractor and a nice story.
  3. PM sent
  4. Agreed. We were lucky this one lasted as long as it did.
  5. Thanks. I was surprised to see the tree down. We had some rain but the wind didn't seem all that bad.
  6. I was able to do some storm cleanup with the boys this morning. We were able to use some of the toys to do it so it was actually fairly enjoyable. My daughter had to work today so she didn't get in on the action.
  7. We had some straight line winds in east central Missouri overnight that were more than the 20 year old Bradford Pear could stand. The boys opted to pull large chunks of the tree to the ravine with the golf cart because "it's faster". I opted for the C-161 because it's one of my favorites. My wife sneaked a few pics.
  8. Hah. That's as close to a 3 point as I'll get on the 161...
  9. That's how I ended up with Denny Clarke's 701. I already told him I want his 520 when he's ready for a new project, LOL.
  10. Jim Kemp made this one and it is excellent.
  11. My version of the lifting rear hitch that is reversible for pin type hitches as well. It's nice because you can back up to a trailer, raise the hitch to hook on to the trailer, and off you go without getting off the tractor.
  12. PM sent
  13. I had pitting and a few holes in one that I picked up. I used the quick set JB weld to patch the holes and and fill in the pits. A little bit went a long way. Then I used spray in bed liner inside and painted the outside. It's been tough as nails. Sorry I don't have a better pic of the inside.
  14. Joel, How much disassembly was required to get your set up installed? Is it possible to leave the engine in place? Thanks, Craig
  15. Great info!