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  1. Can we discuss the C-171 again?

    I can tell you that dad‘s twin Briggs in his 78 has been a great power plant. We’ve never done anything except regular maintenance to it. Plus it sat in his basement for eight years before I got it out, cleaned it up, and got it running a couple years ago. All we had to do was give it a tuneup and fresh gas and it started right up and has been running like a top ever since.
  2. Can we discuss the C-171 again?


    I'd like a set when they're ready...
  4. 1999 314-8 rear rims

    520 rims will bolt right up give it a wider stance in the rear.
  5. NOS snow blade w/all brackets for 520H

    Is it a 48”?
  6. Advice on rustproofing

    I put a floor drain and 16’ of baseboard heat in my garage. I also have a slop sink with hot and cold water in there. It makes it easy to rinse the underside of our vehicles. I heavily insulated the garage so a little bit of heat goes a long way. Most of the time it’s off and the garage rarely dips below 55degF.
  7. Advice on rustproofing

    Plain water is the way to go. Making sure all of the crap that can hold any type of moisture is gone will eliminate any chance of rust. Salt isn’t great on unprotected metal but it doesn’t do near the damage caked in mud, dirt or sand will do. I also think putting too much oil under a vehicle will attract dirt and eventually hold moisture causing issues as well. Here is my dad‘s ‘74 wagon and my ‘92 truck which have been rinsed with water regularly since new and both look like new underneath. And we live in Missouri where MODOT likes to make work for themselves by spreading salt anytime there is dew outside so they make sure they have plenty of roadwork repairs to make in the summertime.
  8. Advice on rustproofing

    Rinse the underside often and make sure no mud builds up to hold moisture and it will never rust. I have several old vehicles and all are rust free. It takes a little persistence but it works. I just use a hose without a nozzle and make sure all the nooks and crannies are clean. Washing the painted surfaces makes a vehicle look nice but is not necessary for rust prevention. Rust through always happens from the inside out.
  9. My New Horse

    You wont need the tube and flag. I have one and never use it. I set my generator on a small, cheap moving dolly when I’m not using it. When I’m ready to take it off I roll it under the generator, release both hitches, and roll it out. It takes about 10 seconds. When I want to install it I roll it under the tractor, latch it in the mid hitch, and lift it slightly to latch the front hitch. It’s super quick and I never have to lift the generator.
  10. Applying Decals

    I sometimes do final cleaning with Windex and then use rubbing alcohol as the final step. To apply all size decals I always peel back an inch or two of the backing and cut it off with a scissors. Then I place the sticker where I want to apply it with the remaining backing still in place. Once I’m happy with the location I press down the exposed part of the decal. From there I roll back the unstuck portion and slowly remove the backing while pressing the rest of the sticker down. By sticking the initial exposed decal to the tractor it locks the position and makes for a nice, straight install. So are you saying that you spray it with Windex, apply the decal while the glass is wet, and then squeegee it? That’s a great decal, by the way.
  11. FEL Build for 520

    Got the bucket connection points worked out tonight. I highly recommend bolting the angle to the bucket loosely with bushings pressed in place, inserting pins through the bushings to line everything up, tightening the bolts, and then tacking the bushings to the angle. Getting the pins to slide snugly yet freely can be a challenge.
  12. FEL Build for 520

    Thanks. It’s a slow process but very satisfying.
  13. FEL Build for 520

    I finally moved the tower pivot points forward a couple inches and did some hydraulics mock up. I’m not crazy about the lower tower mounts but I had the 1”x2” bar stock so that’s what I used. It looks a little clunky but it should work. I still need to do some welding cleanup but it looks like everything fits and will clear after some final adjustments.
  14. Lets see the snow rigs!

    ‘78 C-161 and a 606.
  15. Vintage Trucks

    My son had the white and black Gen 1 Ranger for a few years. It was built by a Ford mechanic and his son and was a lot of fun to drive. He drove it back-and-forth to college and it actually got decent gas mileage when you could keep your foot out of it. It had the 5.0 out of 89 LX Mustang and the rear axle out of and Explorer.