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  1. Restoration Help

    That's why I went with Matte clear. I love the look of WD but it really attracts dust. The matte clear gives a very similar look and it protects the finish without the getting dirty. Both methods are good.
  2. Restoration Help

    I degreased and then used 000 steel wool with Windex to thoroughly clean my 606 roller. Then I put a couple coats of Matte clear coat on everything. It retained the patina without adding unnatural shine that old paint wouldn't have. Plus. It protects the paint well since it's kept inside.
  3. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    Nothing special but a bit of an oddball: '78 C-161 Briggs Twin
  4. New wheels for my 314 Hydro

    I don't think hub caps will work with those valve stem locations. That's obviously not an issue if you don't plan to ever install caps. Craig
  5. Harbor Freight 14 HP rescued from the dead

    Of course it is...I wasn't paying attention...sorry about that.
  6. Harbor Freight 14 HP rescued from the dead

    What gear are you able to use while mowing with that deck? My 314 has all it wants in second gear, high range with a 42 inch deck. My grass is pretty thick, however.
  7. Painting wheels?

    It looks like northern tool has an inexpensive unit with mostly good reviews. It seems like it might hold up well enough for the occasional user.
  8. Painting wheels?

    Can it damage the tire if the needles hit the rubber?
  9. What have you done on your WH today?

    One more today. I'm still cleaning up a Bradford Pear that was partially blown down earlier this summer. I work on it a little at a time so I have an excuse to use the Horses. I know the trailer is a little big but I don't load it heavy and stay on relatively flat ground.
  10. What have you done on your WH today?

    Looks really nice, Craig
  11. What have you done on your WH today?

    I spent about an hour cutting some grass with the old 314-8. I usually use the Husqy ZT because mowing 52" at 10 mph is a lot quicker than 42" at 3 mph. But my daughter enjoys mowing and she doesn't like the ZT so I put the deck back on a couple weeks ago. She wasn't home today so I mowed most of the yard with the ZT but did a small patch with the 314. It was a lot of fun and it does a great job striping the yard.
  12. project pud puller build

    Looks really good. What color and type of paint did you end up using?
  13. 12 x 8.5 wheels

    PM sent
  14. Allis Chalmers garden tractor - $2295

    Not sure if it's AC but it's a mower. Here are some pics.
  15. 3-14-8 shift slot wire

    My 2000 had it. It made it difficult to shift. I removed it and now it shifts smooth as silk. I saved it in case I needed it later.