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  1. Thanks, Garry. Just an update. I was able to get the 42" blade off dad's old C-161 set up on the 606. With the shorter coupling it lifts nice and high. I was able to rework the direction lever off the 54" blade to fit the 606 since it wouldn't work in the 161/54" blade combo.
  2. Not as young as most of the good looking kiddos on here but here's a couple of the boys Horsin' around and the girl helping with some art work.
  3. Since I picked up a larger 54" blade for my C-161 I was wondering if I could add the rear axle bracket to my 606 and use my old 42" snow blade on it?
  4. This shows the connection. The only difference is I used a crimp connection like I did on the trigger handle instead of the cable clamp shown. Let me know if you need anything else. LOL. Thanks.
  5. Thanks, Tyson. It had good bones so it cleaned up pretty well.
  6. See the pics in the previous post showing what I ended up doing. The local auto parts store had a crimper I borrowed. It worked well.
  7. Finished assembly on the blade. It turned out pretty decent. I'd say it's about a 10 footer but it's mechanically sound and should do a nice job.
  8. No. The boomless nozzle doesn't have a very fine spray so it doesn't drift much. Plus it's about 3 or 4' from the back of the tractor. One thing you will need is weight for the front of the tractor. It gets pretty light with that 16 gallon sprayer back there.
  9. This is what I did. It worked like a champ. I had the cargo carrier and added the 2" receiver.
  10. It would have fit my 42" frame but the 54" came with the complete frame and setup. All I had to do was swap the lever to clear the foot rest on my 161. I plan to put the lever from the 54 inch on my 42 inch blade because I believe it will work well on my older tractors they don't have the full foot rest. The 54 inch will only be used for snow since I am freshening it up a bit and I will use the 42 inch for dirt and gravel if necessary. I added a few pictures below of the 54 inch unit before disassembly and a couple of the frame only after cleaning and painting. The blade and springs are being sandblasted so I haven't gotten them painted yet. I also fabbed another set of blade shoes so that the originals won't need to be used and I can keep them in good condition. They don't look the same but they will function the same.
  11. I was sold on the 212cc Predator by my brother. You see, if it can survive my brother and his kids, it can survive anything. I'm very particular and a maintenance freak. He is neither of those things. He bought a small Baja branded Chinese dirt bike from Orschelns Farm and Home 5 or 6 years ago and it had the small Predator. They have run that poor thing to death and it has never had the oil checked or changed in its entire life. It's starts on the first pull every time and is still going strong. Needless to say, when I came across an almost free 606 roller the Predator was an easy choice for me. It's easily my favorite tractor. I upsized the engine pulley and almost doubled the speed and it handles it with ease.
  12. I agree the angle adjustment lever may need some mods but that should be it. I recently picked up a late 60's 54" blade and it fit great on my '78 C-161 but I had to use the lever off my 80ish vintage 42" blade.
  13. I've used JB weld a few times over the last couple years and it is unbelievable how well it works. I even used it to reattach one of the screw tabs on the transmission tunnel that holds the belt cover in place on my 606 roller/Predator build. There's not much metal there to hold onto but it's held up well for a long time.
  14. I like that. I'll have to check when I'n in town. Thanks.
  15. Haha. I don't know if I did or not because I don't know exactly what that means. I just ran 1/8 inch cable through the hole in the bottom plate and into the hole in the trigger handle and used two cable clamps to secure it .