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  1. Waiting for snow

    I have a couple of these too, Jeff. They work really well. Plus you can buy the extra quick connect ring terminals so I have one of those on all of my tractors and I can just move the actual chargers around occasionally to keep them all charged up. I’ve been able to make batteries last five or more years which is pretty good for the small garden tractor batteries.
  2. 520 with lower RPM’s

    My 314 was only running about 3000 RPM. It was nice and quiet and smooth but struggled to mow grass effectively. I downloaded the engine manual off this site and adjusted the maximum RPM to about 3500 and it made a huge difference.
  3. If you are going to use a spray can I highly recommend Premium Decor Fiesta Red from True Value. It goes on really flat and glossy. It dries very quickly and very hard. When I inherited Dad’s 161 it needed some touch up and this was a perfect match. The best part is it’s only $3.50/can. Here are are some before and after pics plus some items I added later and painted to match.
  4. 54" snow blade question

    Mine is on the bottom.
  5. FEL Build for 520

    Not really much progress but it’s back on the “road” and running/working.
  6. C161 plowing, first timer

    I don't think it's an App but I have it on my Iphone and it seems to size it so it's readable on the phone screen.
  7. Denny, I have several I would love to drop off for you to “go over”. I can bring them over one at a time whenever you like. LOL The two I bought from you are just fine the way they are. The rest of mine could use your magic touch.
  8. Knowing you, this machine will be better than new by spring. This is a very nice deed you're doing.

    From my ‘78 C-161 with the Briggs and an 8 speed.
  10. FEL Build for 520

    I was able to bolt the sub frame back in place and installed the weight holder this morning. The holes still matched up nicely after all the final welding so I was happy about that. I still may brace the weight holder directly to the sub frame but it is surprisingly stout since the hitch also ties to the sub frame with the rear axle sandwiched in between.
  11. FEL Build for 520

    I wouldn’t bet on it. I’m the slowest welder in the world. Once I get an arc started I’m fine but it takes me forever to start one.
  12. FEL Build for 520

    I made a little progress. I prepped and painted the subframe satin black. Once it cures I’ll get it bolted back under the tractor and continue with fabbing the loader.
  13. FEL Build for 520

    I contacted Paul at PF Engineering and he recommended doing the same thing. Thanks!
  14. FEL Build for 520

    Made a little progress today. I removed the sub frame and finished the welding. Now I’m in the process of getting it ready to paint so it can cure and I can reinstall it and get the tractor put back together. I also prepped and painted the weight rack. I’m going to paint the loader and sub frame satin black like the 520 loaders shown in the WH brochures. I left the weights black but matched the weight rack to the red hitch and tractor.
  15. FEL Build for 520

    Speaking of the support arms, how did you attach them to the front of the tractor? The PF plans are for a Cub so, like the sub frame, I'm going to need to fab something on my own. Thanks!