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  1. New exhaust for my C160

    I’ve heard a lot of people dislike stacks because exhaust can blow back in your face. I have never had that experience with the stack that I put on my little rat rod. In fact it’s very short and does not interfere with anything and still I have never had any exhaust or fumes come near me that I can tell. I got my stack from Jim Kemp. They are inexpensive and heavy duty.
  2. Caddilac kind?

    That stinks that you ruined your tire but the new shoes look great.
  3. I believe it is just inserted into the rear axle hitch where the snowplow would normally insert. Then the new hitch just rides on the bottom of the rod freely.
  4. Trailer tuesday

    This is one of my favorites.
  5. Gas

    Let me know if you find something reasonable in the eastern Missouri area. I haven’t had much luck. Instead, I always add Stabyl 360 to my fuel and have had good success. Some of my machines sit for over a year and they always start right up and run well.
  6. Lug Nuts # 1004

    I have these on all my tractors with wheel weights and it makes a world of difference.
  7. Iola Car Show ‘18

    Jeff, It was a tough day when the Torino’s left. Even my wife was a little bit emotional so I’m sure at some point I’m really going to regret letting them go. The upside is that my neighbor bought a new 2018 mustang GT last year with a six speed manual. His wife doesn’t get along with it so now he’s looking at upgrading to a 2019 with the 10 speed automatic. This guy is crazy about taking good care of his stuff so I may be able to work out a deal and have a place for that money I just made on the other three cars. Here’s a little video of it leaving my house with my neighbor in it. 78572535-2A31-442D-AA0D-FA489B9B071A.MOV
  8. Iola Car Show ‘18

    Awesome thread and cool cars. We’re a Ford family and I’ve had the Torino’s for a couple decades. The cop car my son and I bought at auction to flip but I liked it so much I bought out my son and kept it for a few years. A few weeks ago I posted the Torino pic on one of my Torino forums and a guy asked if they were for sale. I told him no unless it was for crazy money. He asked for my crazy price so I came up with one and he said he would take them both so I kept my word and sold them to him. I sold the Vic about a week later and made my wife very happy with the thinning of the herd.
  9. Lets see the before and after pics!!

    Roller to Rat...
  10. Best mower for 10 acres?

    My Husqvarna ZT mows my 2 acres smooth as glass at 12 mph. It takes about 40 minutes.
  11. Will a 60 inch Deck fit on my 520

    He is correct and yours looks to be forward swept. What year is your tractor so our experts can confirm it is swept forward?
  12. Set em' up Saturday

    Thanks. My son found that down in Arkansas a few years ago. He bought it from an older gentleman who could no longer drive and was the original owner. It has a V-6, 4 speed, and factory air that still works . It has a lot of surface rust on it but no rush through in any of the panels.
  13. Set em' up Saturday

  14. It’s Wheels and Tires Wednesday!!

    Rat and 520...