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  1. D-180 hydro/pump ??

    More than the tractor is worth. If I'd do 1k worth of parts and labor to keep a classic worth $600 resale, That works with implements on hand and would take 5 k to replace with a new model that requires new implements. Sounds like money in the bank. Unless my neighbor has a working classic he wants to sell for $600 or I fixing old tractors for profit.
  2. https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/grd/5512161269.html


    what do you think. I grew up in VA and drove a wheel horse as a kid. There are none in Washington state, except maybe this one. Think I can get it to cut grass? If you look at the Pacific Northwest thread I've  posted in I've been advised to run from it. I was 3rd BDE, Broncos, 4-87 IN (L) 25th ID from 92 to 95. Love your comments. Love the fact you are one of he few not afraid of the D series. 

  3. Wheelhorses in the Northwest?

    Thanks Bob its a couple hours out in the woods to see it. I'd have to rent a little flat bed. Does complicated mean electronics and hydraulics? I know having to pay someone by the hour for technical expertise can get expensive fast. If it runs and goes backward and forward smoothly what do you think would be a good price? Any ideas regarding the pto? unrelated, what do you think of this one? https://seattle.craigslist.org/kit/grd/5539905830.html
  4. Wheelhorses in the Northwest?

    Remember I'm ignorant concerning these little red tractors, and I'm about as far west of the Mississippi as one can get without getting ones feet wet. Can any of you recognize this model? Is it over priced? (It will cost almost the asking price to have something shipped?) What should I be looking for if I take a drive out? How would this be for 1.25 acres of lawn, a little garden and pushing snow? thanks Rob https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/grd/5512161269.html.
  5. Wheelhorses in the Northwest?

    Hello All i currently live in the great North West. in the early 60s I cut our two acres by the house with a push mower I could hardly start. Around 1963 dad bought a used wheel horse with a mower deck and electric start. I thought it was Christmas. It had electric start. The mower deck was welded plate. I believe it was powered by a 3 or 5 hp Clinton engine. I cut the grass with it for about 5 years until the gear boxes on the mower deck wore out. Dad bought another complete garden tractor and more deck for less than it took to fix the wheelhouse mower. We had the tractor until I went to college. We used it for hauling firewood, lawn waste, and pull hundreds of miles on it pulling neighbor hood kids through the corn fields. We also towed and launched a small boat with it. Fond memories. Wish it was still around. I just bought a couple acres and thought I'd just as soon find and use an old classic. What is the best c series with a durable manual transmission and engine combination? thanks Rob