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  1. Zagray’s Fall Show !

    Thank you for the response actually I have family in Sterling Conn. which I have not seen in quite a time and could stay there for a visit, but at this time it is to far. Thank you and enjoy Jerry
  2. Zagray’s Fall Show !

    Where is this event? I am fairly new to the forum located in north central Pennsylvania.
  3. wheel horse d 250

    Well they sure like they were built like German tanks.
  4. 417-8

    I have had my 417-8 ever since new it has been very reliable, it has mowed at lot of grass and pushed a bunch of snow. The main thing with the kohler is keep the oil changed.
  5. wheel horse d 250

    Anyone have info on the d 250 wheel horse as to how well they were built, their long Gevity and possible value if in really great shape?