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    1955 farmall cub, 72 wheel horse commando 800 and 85 wheel horse 417-8 and also my 1989 international 9370 which I have owned from new and at present day having just shy of 3 million miles so I believe I have worked out must of the bugs.
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    Wellsboro Pennsylvania
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    retired truck driver/owner operator
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    wheel horse tractors, old farmall's, hunting, fishing, photography out doors in general. Also amateur radio operator since 1987 amateur extra class n3fvp

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  1. Making Purchase

    I have never driven anything with a hydro, but I can see how they would hold you back on a hill. Back in 85 when I bought my 417-8 I had a choice between hydro or manual I chose the manual thinking it was more maintenance free. Your friend won't want to give it up when the time comes, you will have to look for another one hi hi.
  2. Making Purchase

    I am sure not a hole lot of them around in original shape like that one, not in my area anyway. Just more proof god is good enjoy your find.
  3. New horse to me

    Thank you for your service Richard, my friend that found the tractor out in Kentucky and also brought it to Pa is retired Army.
  4. New horse to me

    The lighting makes the paint look better than it is, I did try to rub it out with polishing compound but is still pretty faded. Still glad to have it makes a nice addition to my 1985 417-8. A friend of mine found it out in Kentucky where he lives and even delivered it to Pa for me, just another example that god is good AMEN.
  5. New horse to me

    Recently purchased this commando 800 in pretty darn nice shape all metal is strait, has a brand new Kohler k181 good rubber all around, needs carb rebuilt and some new paint in the future.
  6. Zagray’s Fall Show !

    Thank you for the response actually I have family in Sterling Conn. which I have not seen in quite a time and could stay there for a visit, but at this time it is to far. Thank you and enjoy Jerry
  7. Zagray’s Fall Show !

    Where is this event? I am fairly new to the forum located in north central Pennsylvania.
  8. wheel horse d 250

    Well they sure like they were built like German tanks.
  9. 417-8

    I have had my 417-8 ever since new it has been very reliable, it has mowed at lot of grass and pushed a bunch of snow. The main thing with the kohler is keep the oil changed.
  10. wheel horse d 250

    Anyone have info on the d 250 wheel horse as to how well they were built, their long Gevity and possible value if in really great shape?