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  1. Will 23X10.50X12 chains work on 23X8.50 X12 tires?
  2. Is anyone else a little sad this is over? I really enjoyed following this build.
  3. My parking brake lever on my auto c-175 rattles a lot. I can hear it over the engine and the mower. What is the best way to stop this?
  4. C-175 No power

    I am going through and cleaning connections. Is there a better place to put the - from battery to frame. Like maybe to the frame itself?
  5. C-175 No power

    I didn't know I was flying solo. I was wanting on you to tell me what to do. Usually when I ask a question I am stumped or looking for the right way to handle the problem. I have a couple questions. What do I set my meter to when testing the wires and how can you tell if you have a good contention or a poor one? Also how do you test a ground to see if it is good or poor? Also, lets say I am hooking up some extra lights and running a new ground, how can I tell if my ground is a good one or poor one? I also need to learn the basics of electrical trouble shooting. I am sure somewhere on a site you have this.
  6. C-175 No power

    I went ahead and replaced the neg battery cable and sanded the paint off where it bolts in. Everything is working now. Where are the other grounds on this tractor? I want to inspect and clean them all.
  7. C-175 No power

    Lets try this one more time. +battery to ground on lights. Lights work. -battery to postive on lights. No lights.
  8. C-175 No power

    I have a few green ones so that will not work. We can use virgin from Home Depot.
  9. C-175 No power

    Sorry, I made a mistake. I do have light if I jump from +battery to ground wire on lights. If I jump from -battery to ground wire on light I do not have lights.
  10. C-175 No power

    Jumped lights to battery. No lights. I do have power going in and out of the light switch. I also have power at the ingnition switch.
  11. C-175 No power

    I I did this and still no lights no start.
  12. C-175 No power

    I have power at both ends of the meter. Power at the switch but no lights and no start.
  13. C-175 No power

    She lives inside but I am sure she has spent a few nights under the stars. She is a little wild child I am trying to tame. I will check the meter. Does all the power go throught the meter? That is something I did not think of?
  14. C-175 No power

    This tractor is haunted. As stated in the June 26 post it was running. I tried to start it today and nothing. Checked battery again at it is fine. I turned the key to the run position and turned the light switch on. Nothing. So I started jiggling wires and nothing happened. I stepped away from the tractor and in a few seconds the lights came on. Weird. Could it be the solenoid?
  15. C-175 No power

    I love learning new stuff. The only thing I hate is I forget what I learn unless I use it often.