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  1. C-161 at Bucks Cricket Club

    I think this might be where it was. Based on reply earlier regarding Kohler engine number I think you're probably right, 91 -16K801. I ordered a new cutting deck/pto drive belt based on that and it fitted OK. Towing the gangs. Ground still a bit soft but concept proved. Would be nice if it was a bit faster in high/3rd gear, has anyone tried changing the main drive pulley diameters to increase speed?
  2. C-161 at Bucks Cricket Club

    Thanks Gary, There don't seem to be any differences between the'78 and '79 models, fortunately!
  3. C-161 at Bucks Cricket Club

    Bit more research, now I'm thinking: 81-16K801, C-161 8-Speed Tractor, 1978
  4. Hi, Just bought this to cut the outfield at a village cricket club in Buckinghamshire,UK. I'll use the cutting deck for the first few cuts in the spring and then use it to tow some gang-mowers when the ground is dry enough. I would appreciate it if anyone could help me identify the exact model of this mower, the identification plate appears to be missing. It might be 1976 '61-16K804' but it would be great if anyone could either confirm or correct this. The main reason for wanting to know this is that I would like to get a full set of spare belts and need the model number so I can order the correct parts. Many thanks, Jamie