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  1. Happy Father's Day!

    Happy Father's Day to all the Dads here at RedSquare...hope each and every one of you have a great day
  2. Happy Birthday Terry

    Happy Birthday Terry...enjoy your day
  3. Happy Birthday to both of you
  4. Finally ... My New Shed for the Horses

    Nice building...and as stated above they always fill up fast...when I bought my 12x32 I thought it would be plenty big...I'm already finding out that its not. And all this talk of HOA rules makes me more and more glad that I live in a small town. Town I actually live in is about 2500 people...few more rules here but not too bad...my shop is in the next town over with a population of around 500...hardly any rules there...they did say something last month about my broken down pickup beside the shop...went and took pics of the 9 junkers in the mayor/fire chief's backyard and showed up at the next town council meeting...not another word was said after that
  5. Is your firewood ready?

    Nice splitter setup Eric...is it just the angle playing tricks on me or are those front tires on that tractor larger than standard? And I will add to the saw discussion as well...as some of you know I ran a landscaping and tree service for a while...I ran strictly Stihl and Husqvarna saws. My saw of choice for up in the bucket was always a Stihl, but preferred a Husky for ground work. The Huskys always seemed to have just a bit more power but were too heavy and cumbersome for bucket work. The saws I had on my truck at all times were: Stihl MS170-my go to saw for up in the bucket, yeah I know its just a cheap low grade saw, but its been used and abused and still starts right up every time I need it Stihl MS260 PRO-this saw also went up in the bucket on larger jobs and was my go to saw for firewood as well...ran an 18" bar on it Husqvarna 455 Rancher-my go to ground saw for felling large trunks and cutting them up...ran a 20" bar on this one Husqvarna 372XP-my granddads old saw...it spent most of its time in the toolbox...blasted thing was too darned heavy to use for long at a time...24" bar on this one
  6. Stumbled across this video earlier...Beautiful collection...hope y'all enjoy it as much as I did
  7. Bought another one last night...at least it's Red

    Not a problem, until I come home with Some of the stuff...girlfriend sometimes doesn't understand my fascination with old iron. I got a couple weeks before I get In trouble for this one...Bought it while she's on vacation in Florida
  8. Bought another one last night...at least it's Red

    Funny you say that...I should've learned by now not to drink with Glen...every time I do he sells me something I don't need...in the 7 yrs I've known him he's sold me 4 pickups, a bucket truck, a dump truck, a JD 212, a Montgomery Wards 14HP garden tractor, a Choremaster Model B, a 2n Ford, and now this Cub. I'm sure I'm forgetting something in there somewhere LOL
  9. Went to a town 30 miles over yesterday to meet my grandma from kansas who is in town for a few days...stopped by but buddy Glen's house on the way home, after a few beers he talked me into buying this 51 Farmall Cub...
  10. Happy birthday Todd!

    Happy Birthday Todd...hope it's a great day
  11. 1946 Ford N2

    Good little tractors...had a 2n for a while...but mine had a later model side distributor 8n engine on it...Good little tractors, would like to find another one
  12. Happy Birthday Lars!

    Happy Birthday
  13. Need a key for Wheel Horse 212-6

    Yes just about any lawnmower key will fit...I've got a whole jar of them in my shop, every summer there are several junked out mowers that show up at the city dump...I pull the keys out of all them I see and put them in a jar, never know when you might need one. It's saved me a couple times either from losing a key or buying a tractor without a key
  14. Where to Find Ag (Tractor type) tires

    Bought these Hi-Run 23x10.50-12s from Tractor Supply last summer...right at $90 a tire...loaded them with washer fluid and couldn't be happier
  15. Happy Birthday 953 nut

    Happy Birthday Richard hope you have a great day