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  1. What pays for your Horse addiction

    @dclarke here is one of their converted machines
  2. What pays for your Horse addiction

    I've logged several miles in a machine like the one in your second picture...sister company of the one I work for buys a lot of those, and replaces the box with a 70 bbl tank and a vac pump. That's what the non-CDL guys spread with. This was my wheels yesterday...had to wash out the frac tanks we were using for slop mud storage. This truck has a gear pump on it that when coupled with a 2" hose and fire nozzle will put out more pressure than most people want to hang on to...This tank was one of the worst I have ever seen
  3. Homemade presents of Christmas past

    Nice work Jeff...handmade gifts are always the best.
  4. Seems with winter coming on there have been several threads started to get to know each other better...from other hobbies and interests to how our usernames came up...I thought it might be interesting to see what we all do for a living. I work as a truck driver in the oil fields of Oklahoma. My job consists of hauling the waste drilling fluids from the rig and spread it on nearby pasture or farm ground. We pay the landowner so much per barrel of mud to spread it on his/her land, and it benefits their land as well if done properly. This is one of the rigs we service, and a picture of the mud I speak of And this is the truck I drive every day And if BRF picture wasn't enough to scare everybody here I am geared up and ready for the day
  5. Better gas available?

    Yes our fuel tax is lower than a lot of places...and a lot of our gas comes out of Texas...I can remember a time when I was paying close to $4.00 a gallon...but that was back in the days of $120 per barrel oil prices...crazy as it sounds I would gladly pay those prices again if it meant things would pick up around here...a big part of our economy here depends on the oil and gas industry...it's steady right now but I miss the boom days
  6. Our drivers just like to play chicken with trains instead...old man said he never saw the train...was moving slow on a side track...didn't even know what happened...said one minute he was right side up...next he was on his side...crawled out passenger window and saw the train. Sorry for going ...carry on fellas
  7. Better gas available?

    Not sure about that...I consider myself fortunate...we have a station the next town over that sells regular 100% gas...kinda pricey at $2.79 a gallon vs. $2.29 for the 10% at the other station...but well worth every penny...I run it in all my tractors, the RV, my pickup, everything I own...only thing here that gets the 10% is the company pickup...and that's only cause the boss almost had a heart attack when he saw the receipts for the good stuff a couple months ago
  8. For a minute Fred I thought maybe you had moved to Oklahoma and went to work for the same bunch I work for...that looks like something I wouldn't put past a couple of our drivers to do
  9. Lights Out

    I can break them there...but no sound...oh well...gonna break down and buy a computer before long I think
  10. Lights Out

    I'm still bummed out that the only access I have to RedSquare is through my phone...so I can't join in the fun
  11. It's coming sooner than you think

    Would an Okie be alright? Plenty of room in the RV for another passenger or two
  12. It's coming sooner than you think

    Sure hoping to be able to make it this year...if I do will be bringing my RV as I would like to take a week or two vacation and do a little sightseeing on the way up and back...just have to see what this summer brings
  13. Old cars and trucks, Amateur radio, hunting, fishing, camping, welding, woodworking, the list could go on but that's the main ones
  14. Happy Birthday Wheelhorseman

    Happy Birthday Lowell...hopper it's a great one
  15. Happy Birthday to you both