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  1. The time has come.

    Best of luck to you Jim. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers
  2. traded my bucket truck earlier

    Best truck I ever owned (and the one that converted me to a Ford guy) was an 80 F150 with the 300 straight 6 and a 4 speed...thing was bulletproof...and would always start and run when nothing else would...finally junked it out cause the body was rusting away on it...but that old engine is still running pumping water for an irrigation system every summer.
  3. traded my bucket truck earlier

    Believe me this one has been handy...and I've made a lot of money with the old truck...but just hate seeing a good piece of equipment sit idle...actually went over there to see if he would trade the pickup and some cash for my truck...he popped off before I could say anything that he would trade the pickup AND the tractor for the truck...so I jumped on the deal
  4. traded my bucket truck straight across for an 81 f250 and an 8n Ford tractor...pretty excited about the deal
  5. 1986 Chevrolet C70

    Changed Status to Closed
  6. Happy Birthday Mike

    Happy Birthday...hope it's a great one
  7. Kohler vs. Tecumseh

    I myself have always been a Kohler guy...nothing beats an old K-Series for reliability, ease of repair, or power. Had a couple Tecumseh powered tractors for a while...wasnt impressed and got rid of them. My opinion (along with most people here I'm sure lol) is that the best combination is a Wheel Horse with a Kohler
  8. What have you done on your WH today?

    you must have read my mind...i have been looking for one for a while now
  9. What have you done on your WH today?

    here are the pictures with both new tires as promised
  10. What have you done on your WH today?

    Ended up finding another pump, and I was determined to have both tires on that tractor TONIGHT. finally finished her up about 11 too dark for pictures but will get some tomorrow
  11. What have you done on your WH today?

    Tractor Supply finally got another tire in stock and Wal-Mart finally got all-season washer fluid out. So was finally able to get my tires for the C125 mounted. Got one of them filled and on the tractor but burnt up my little 10 dollar still pump trying to fill the other one. Oh well tomorrow is another day
  12. 1986 Chevrolet C70

    Changed Price to 3600 OBO
  13. What have you done on your WH today?

    @Lane Ranger looks like quite the project you are about to tackle...most people I know would not have the patience to try and save a transmission that bad...good luck and keep us posted
  14. 1986 Chevrolet C70

    aerial lift specs
  15. 1986 Chevrolet C70

    1986 Chevrolet C70 bucket truck with 40' Pitman Pelican lift, main lift cylinder leaks hydraulic oil but other than that everything works as it should, 366 big block v8 with the 5 speed manual transmission and 2 speed rear, 33,xxx original miles. Asking 4000 obo. best to contact me by phone at (580)334-4949