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  1. Craigslist find

    Id buy them in that condition all day long for 150, but they're kinda hard to find around here
  2. Relocation Time

    He probably wants to enjoy retirement without constantly turning wrenches, with a Tecky or a Duramax that's all he'd be doing @Zeek enjoy your retirement, and RV living is actually quite enjoyable, mines much smaller than yours and I find it very comfortable
  3. Another Horse Hauler?

    Nice old truck...can't beat the durability and ease of maintenance on those old late 70s Chevy's, been tossing around the idea of buying one like that myself, but the one im looking at has a 12' bed and only a 350 with 4 speed
  4. Happy Birthday Glen.

    Happy Birthday Glen hope you had a great day and hope your recovering well.
  5. Close Call Yesterday

    I think what aggravated me the most about my experience yesterday was the fact that it was a ODOT dump truck that nearly hit me...of all people on the roads you would think our highway workers would understand more than anyone as they are out on the roadside almost daily @Daddy Donyou are right about our fellow Oklahoma drivers, some of them are just plain crazy. Hope y'all are doing well...Katy and I are no longer married, but she is still here in town and I see her from time to time next time i run into her I'll be sure to tell her hello from you...and likewise tell Steve hi from me
  6. Close Call Yesterday

    As some of you may know I quit my oilfield driving job a few months ago, money was great but the time away from home was not. Ended up taking a job at our local tire shop as a shop hand, as well as lead wrecker driver, which is great as towing has been my passion ever since I watched my dad's best friend turn over a rolled cattle truck 2 miles from our house when I was about 10. Anyway yesterday morning started like any other day, clock in, pour some coffee and sit down to do paperwork on the two Highway Patrol impounds from the night before, when the phone rings. Simple call, just a Hummer H3 with the transmission out about 20 miles away. So I fire up the old rollback and head out. Get there and start winching it on the truck when out of nowhere comes a state Dept dump truck. When I can feel the wind off a passing vehicle while standing at my controls, they're entirely too close and driving way too fast. I'm not sure what he was doing, but here in Oklahoma it's so flat you can see for miles so the excuse of not not being seen quick enough doesn't really work here. Guys what I'm trying to say is when you see any of my brothers and sisters in the towing industry recovering a vehicle on the side of the highway, please move over and slow down, not only is it the law, but it keeps us going home safely every night. We are out here to make our living and support our families while doing a job that we love, but our main goal is to get the job done safely and return home to our loved ones at night
  7. Original 1953 Walk Behind Found

    Awesome find Steve...and all that original literature to go with it just makes the deal that much sweeter...thanks for sharing
  8. It's very easy to get wrapped up in these little tractors, I started out with only my 1277, now I'm up to 5 Horses, a Choremaster one wheeler, and have bought and sold several other brand tractors. When it gets bad enough that you have to start buying larger tractors that's when you know you've really got a problem
  9. Seat 'n' Saddle Sunday

    Same here I've got the low back style on the 1277...but after spending some time in the new saddle on the C125 ill never go back to a low back seat on any tractor
  10. Seat 'n' Saddle Sunday

    Before and after new seat on the C125
  11. It’s Wheels and Tires Wednesday!!

    Old and new fronts on the C125 Car tires previous owner had on the C125 when I bought it, and what I replaced them with And not a tractor tire but one I changed at work the other day...kids drove 15 miles with this on the FRONT of their Ford Explorer...thankfully they made it safely
  12. Best mower for 10 acres?

    Agreed...either one of those or a small tractor with a brush beater on the back...used to have a Ford 2n with a beater that I regularly mowed 11 acres with...worked great
  13. Anything Goes Sunday

    As much as I wish I could I'm actually trying to find somewhere to put all this stuff as I think they're coming to get the building one day this week...due to some unforseen expenses with pickup and girlfriends kid (not sure which is the bigger pain in the backside lol), wasn't able to make the payment this month...called to make arrangements and this particular company isnt very willing to work with a guy...so not sure where we're gonna go from here
  14. Anything Goes Sunday

    My messy shop lol
  15. It’s Mug-Shot Monday guys!!

    Here I am tearing into the engine on the C141