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  1. Ever had one of those weeks?

    I know all too well that we can all have weeks like that, back when I was remodeling houses full time a few years ago I had more than enough of them. Great job on the shower
  2. LED Shop Lights

    I let a couple of the guys here talk me into going with LEDs in my new shop, and I am glad that I did. Put 5 of them in my 12x32 building, and there is not any dark spots anywhere, really nice when you're working on a project. I have actually had to unplug one a couple times while laying under a tractor, it was so bright it was blinding me. I bought mine at Wal-Mart, right at $20 each, lit my whole shop for $100 and never had any regrets
  3. Ugly Seat Contest

    I had forgotten about this thread, these two weren't around when the contest was going on, but I'll share them with you now. The one on the C125 has since been replaced with a nice one from our local farm/ranch store, and when I get the C141 done it will probably end up with the same seat on it as well
  4. New rear tire recommendation ...

    10.50s will work on 7.5" rims...just put these on my C125 a few months back, and have so far been very pleased with them
  5. Shop Stereos. What does everyone use?

    All I've got right now is just my phone with a Bluetooth speaker. I either pick out a station on Pandora or set it to shuffle through the over 350 songs I've got saved on my SD card. Someday would like to have a nice sound system in the shop, but for now what I have works well enough. I have to have music playing when I'm in the shop working on projects, some may find it to be a distraction, but for me the silence is far more distracting than the music.
  6. For me the small tractor would have to be an RJ, don't care which model but have always wanted one. As far as a medium size tractor it would be a toss-up between my 1277 or a C-160 8-Speed, probably lean more towards the C-160, there's just something about that big 16HP Kohler paired with the near bulletproof 8-Speed transmission that just makes it extremely desirable to me, though the Hydro on the 1277 is super nice for mowing, especially when paired with the 48" deck, I can cover a lot of ground very quickly. Larger tractor if we are sticking with WH would probably be the big D250, I know its not a "true" Wheel Horse, but would still love to have one for the size and bruteness, not to mention the challenge of finding parts would be fun and interesting. As far as Non WH larger tractors, I have always been attracted to the N-Series Fords, had a 2n for a while until a buddy of mine made me a stupid high cash offer on it that I couldn't turn down, currently trying to deal with a guy on a nice 8n and maybe a 9n if he will make a good enough deal on them as a pair. The 8n runs like a champ and is ready to work, but the 9n needs a lot of work to be operational again. But as far as practicality in a larger machine, gotta go with Kubota. IMO they are hands down one of the best tractors on the market today. A few years back a good friend of mine and I went to the local JD dealer with the intention of purchasing a compact tractor and loader. Salesman we talked to was another good friend of ours, he called us way off to the side and very quietly told us that he would sell us a new Deere, but off the record he recommended buying a new Kubota instead. One the quality is much higher and two they will hold their resale value 10x over what a comparable JD will. And finally, for me the Holy Grail of tractors would either be a Senior or a 420LSE. Will probably never own either of these, but hey a guy can go to bed and dream every night
  7. First wheelhorse project

    you have scored a very nice first Wheel Horse, the original patina on that tractor is amazing. Like others have said, its only original once, however there is also something about a nice shiny restored tractor that always catches my eye as well. Good luck with your project, no matter what route you decide to go with it. Whatever you decide to do, be sure and take plenty of , as we all love pictures around here. I too am currently working on my first restoration of a C-141, they can test your patience at times, but are ultimately a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.
  8. Restoration of Ray's C141

    I know that's not the best way to do it, but sometimes gotta work with what you have. I figured I would at least try it before I went to the trouble of building something else. Looks like it's not going to work, unless it has moved through the night as I left it under pressure, going to head over there in a bit and see. If it hasn't moved under the pressure I left it under last night, I will probably run out to the farm and cut some pieces of all-thread to try this idea next. If nothing else works to get it off, I am totally not opposed to cutting it off and replacing it, this stupid thing is really holding up my progress on this tractor, any other machine I wouldn't worry so much, but I'm needing to get this one done as soon as I can for more than a couple reasons. Not only am I planning on making the 1400 mile one way trip for the Big Show this year and bringing this tractor, but Ray's health is declining more and more every day. As much as I hate to say it, I fear he is not going to be around much longer and I would really love for him to be able to see this tractor finished.
  9. Restoration of Ray's C141

    Thank you for the ideas Richard, I may try the bottle jack idea after work tomorrow if I get in early enough, been putting in a lot of long hours the past few days. But that looks like it might just be the ticket I need to get this thing off. It's really holding up progress and I've got a lot of work to do if this thing is going to be done in time to try and bring it to the Big Show this year
  10. Restoration of Ray's C141

    Been searching around and found this on YouTube, may try to fabricate one at work tomorrow and see how it goes
  11. Restoration of Ray's C141

    Still fighting with one of the hubs on Ray's tractor, this thing has been getting soaked in PB Blaster (maybe not the best but I can get all of it I want free from work ), its been heated, and I've got about all the tension I can put on it with the puller without breaking anything. And it still refuses to budge. An old mechanic friend once told me every job has 7 curse words, trick is you gotta get them in the right order and things will fall together, I've cursed this thing with about every combination of words I can come up with and it still isn't coming offIf anyone here has any tips, tricks, or suggestions I'm open to hearing them. Oh and my new shop helper Khaleesi wanted to say hi to everyone here on RedSquare
  12. Happy Birthday Dell

    Happy Birthday Dell, hope your day is wonderful
  13. charger 8

    I think you will find that the little 8 HP Tecumseh will be more than adequate for the machine and anything you want to throw at it. I put mine through her paces more than a few times, as long as I could get traction, moving anything wasn't a problem. Mine had a 2" ball on the back, and regularly was used to drag my trailers in and out of my backyard as it was easier to do with the tractor than the pickup, also moved several non running tractors around the place with it. This was on cleanup duty after last years ice storm...the little V8 and my C125 both got worked pretty hard for a few weeks after that ordeal
  14. charger 8

    Nice score on that Charger V8. I used to have its cousin the Commando V8 (same engine but 3 speed transmission). While not as popular or desirable as the horizontal engine tractors, they are very capable little machines, mine proved itself several times after our big ice storm last January, really hated to see it go but my neighbor had a couple chainsaws I needed and he needed a tractor to pull his fertilizer spreader and sprayer, so we traded. There is a manual for the Charger/Commando V8s in the manuals section here, I will see if I can find it again and post a link for you. Here is the manual I found, your tractor like mine is probably a '70 model. This manual is for the '69 models, but I found nearly everything to be the same as my '70. Hope this helps, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, lots of very knowledgable people here who are more than happy to help you out
  15. For me, as far as ease of use, maintenance, and repair, while still being a great worker, the choice is simple go with the C-160. The 314H is close second though, as I have always preferred the Hydro for mowing. I suppose it all depends on what your needs in a tractor will be at your new location. If its going to be mostly mowing and maybe pushing some snow, then I would probably keep the 314H, but if anticipating any ground engaging work, then I would go with the C-160, that big 16HP Kohler paired with the 8-speed transmission is hard to beat. They are all very nice looking tractors, wish you the best of luck in choosing just one, out of that lineup I think I would have a terrible time picking just one to keep.