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  1. 701 and snow blower

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. 701 and snow blower

    Changed Price to 700
  3. 701 and snow blower

    Runs and drives. Needs new battery. Older restoration. Paint job and body work wasn't done by a professional by any means but motor and tranny are strong! Snow blower works great! I bought it to restore but I found a 1054 that I like better. Mower deck is rough but is correct for the 701 just like the double pulleys and hood. Text 269-509-1901
  4. Wheel Horse RJ Suburban Reel Mower

    Changed Status to Closed
  5. Is this a Wheel Horse wagon??

    Thanks for your input. it has the round tongue that only seems to be used in the early 60s and the walls are the same except that they have rods that slide in to the bed instead of bolts. The part that has me puzzled is the frame and steering doesn't look like any other wheel horse wagon but It doesn't look homemade ether.
  6. I bought this from a man in Indiana who said that his dad bought it new in 1964. There was no doubt in his mind that it was a wheel horse wagon but i cant seem to find any info or pictures of one like this. It is a four wheel wagon with sides that pull right off. It has the same wheels that are on the front of the wheel horse tractors and the original paint under the primer is red. I just want to make sure its a wheel horse before i put the sticker on it. Thanks!
  7. Wheel Horse RJ Suburban Reel Mower

    Changed Price to 400 because of new paint job
  8. Wheel Horse RJ Suburban Reel Mower

    Ill let it go for 300 if its picked up before Friday
  9. It seems to be a Wheel Horse LMR-301 front reel mower. It mounts to RJ or Suburban types. I was told it was operational when it was removed. Its missing the rod that engages it right now but i might mount it to my friends suburban and make a new one. I havent seen many like this for sale. Only selling because i dont own any nut roasters any more. I may take some 701 parts or a tombstone as part of the payment.