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  1. Was there ever a 48" rd mower deck and if so when and what tractors did they fit?
  2. C 160 auto questions

    So I got a so far non running C 160 The model number is 1 0480 9 Serial number 1011408 any information year etc would help.
  3. K341S need information

    Here is the information I have the tractor is a C160 Model K 341S. Spec 71128A. Serial # 5288378 Does this engine have a counter balance shaft? It does have a 13 fin block.
  4. What one do I choose

    The C160 is a hydro as is the D180 it does not have steering brakes or 3pt
  5. What one do I choose

    Ok here's my choices a 75 D180 or a C160. Neither one is running & no history. Both have a mower deck. Are the decks interchangeable with a 520 from either tractor? What would be the best to choose of the 2?
  6. 522xi carb problem

    Hi I have had a lot of experience with the Onan carbs & engines. This Kohler is new to me. It's been sitting in a barn for a couple years and was parked because of electrical problems well got that fixed. It does run idle to mid range seams ok but going to full throttle it stumbles and dies. How should I proceed? It has fresh gas and a good slug of Seafoam in it.
  7. Compression

    The FF 20 is an impressive tractor it's about the size of a D 200. What attracted me to it and I use it is it has the original Sears/ Kwik Way loader. I'm in the Midwest a few miles south of Rockford IL. I will take it to AJs show in May and the big 4 day show at Portage Wi in July.
  8. Compression

    That's interesting about the 20hp actually putting out more than 20 hp. The engine I'm working on is a 20 so the starting compression is 7 to 1 if I get to 8+ that's fine with me. This motor is just a backup that can go in my 520H or my Sears FF20
  9. Compression

    I figure that the compression should be between 8 to 9 to 1 any would be an improvement over 7 to 1 also hoping for better combustion with less carbon buildup. These are good motors well built but only 20hp from a 47cid is not very Impressive by my thinking.
  10. Compression

    Why do you think engine life will decrease? I suppose that depends on how hard you beat the engine and not take care of it. I took about .020 of the heads.
  11. Compression

    I have built several P 216 & 220 motors over a period of time and one thing I would like to know has anyone thought about raising the compression after all 6.5 & 7.0 is kind of lame. I have a spare set of heads and thought about giving them a haircut. What are your thoughts.o
  12. Does anyone know what hydro is used in a D 180? I'm hoping it is an Eaton.
  13. OOps, 520H did it again

    I have not got a good answer for you but if you are using the correct NAPA filter it is a hydraulic filter only and does not have a drain back valve. I can check the number of that filter tomorrow.
  14. D 180 need information

    I stumbled on a true barn find among the 8 tractors there are 2 D 180s one is a 1974 the other is 1975 or 76 they are intact but not running and no history. Are they worth anything and how much? They are in a barn and out of the weather. There is also a C160 and an 89 520H
  15. 1988 60" deck

    I got hold of a 1988 520HC it has a 60" deck. I would like to know the correct drive belt size from engine to deck and is it a 1/2 or 5/8? Also does the belt go to the top or bottom pulley on the deck?
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