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  1. 1988 60" deck

    I got hold of a 1988 520HC it has a 60" deck. I would like to know the correct drive belt size from engine to deck and is it a 1/2 or 5/8? Also does the belt go to the top or bottom pulley on the deck?
  2. Onan rods

    I got hold of some new onan rods. They don't have the hole. In the beam or the grove in the crankshaft area with the hole to one side. They are the correct length for a 20 hp. Can they be used?
  3. Sears FF20

    It has a 20hp Onan it's a B43 the series before our P220 that is in both of my 520H that I currently have.
  4. Sears FF20

    I do have more work to do on this but I also use it around my property. It can lift about 500 pounds also goes over 6 feet high. Yes it has hydraulic category 0 3 point on the rear.l
  5. Sears FF20

    I know this is not Wheel Horse but could not pass it up. I scored a Sears made by Roper. As far as I can find out only made in 1981 or 1982. What makes this one special to me is it also has a Sears loader made by Kwik Way.
  6. Hi did you find a rear end I have a complete one I'm about 15miles 

    South of Rockford Illinois.

  7. 416-8

    Ok I have a chance to get a 416-8 with a 48" deck cheep no engine. My question is can I drop in a spare 16hp engine I have from a 416h or is the engine drive pulley different?
  8. Hi Biggin this is Macgyver I'm interested in trading my 60" deck with you . 

    Pm me & will send my cell #

  9. Steering gears

    Here's a question for someone with more knowledge than I. I have a couple of tractors 3 right now. What are the gears made of steel cast iron? Want to know so I can figure out what to do about fixings the slop in the steering. I'm sure I'm not the only one to encounter this problem. I might even talk to someone in my area as we have several gear manufacturers in the Rockford area.
  10. 520H Id

    Looks like I got lucky. Turns out it's a 91 so as I understand it has the gear reduction steering right? Also has a 60"deck that has been rebuilt and it runs good.
  11. 520H Id

    Need a little help with id of a 520. It's in a barn has forward swept front end. There are ball joints on the tie rods. The hydro & lift are on the steering column. Also has A 60" deck any guess? I know you want pics but dont know how to post them.
  12. Who made a Sears loader

    I found it on a Craig's list ad in my area for $900 tractor & loader. It's not home built and still has the Sears decals on the frame.
  13. Who made a Sears loader

    Hi got a chance to buy a Sears tractor with a Sears loader. Would like to know who made it. The tractor looks about the size of a 520 and has an older 20hp Onan.
  14. Hydro oil options

    I have two 520H. Have changed both to. 10 w30 Mobile 1 syn. I will say that both are quieter & seem to pick up faster when cold.
  15. Got a chance to get a tall shoot single stage blower mod 79365 It is for an xi? Can it work with a 520H ?