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  1. Sundstrand Question

    Thanks for the input. Towing it was a poor choice but that's what I was told happened. I guess I'll know more when I get into it. I'll pass on this for now I guess.
  2. Sundstrand Question

    The one for sale locally is a 90-1140. I know I have the 1173 but wondered if it was worthwhile to pick it up even just for parts. It's about an hour away so not real easy to go look at it. I plan to get to the C141 restoration soon. I also know when towing it the rear end locked up after being towing for a couple blocks.
  3. Sundstrand Question

    Can anyone tell me the difference between the 90-1173 that came on my C141 and a 90-1140? Will the 90-1140 work on my C141? Thanks
  4. Acres per Wheel Horse ..

    I use my Raider 10 to roll and aerate 4 acres. I also use it for other yard work pulling a trailer and snow duty in the winter. I cut with a JD z-turn though.
  5. What Are You Listening To?

    PJ is still one of my favourite bands to see live. If ever possible you should get to a show. These kids are unbelievable. They do lots of covers.
  6. Snowblower lift bar and flag

    Well my blower made it through the winter well. I did ingest a metal bar once but got lucky. I'm picking up another single stage blower tomorrow. I couldn't pass up the deal. Now I need to make another lift flag and get my C141Auto up and running for next winter.
  7. My Newest Score

    I got the first old Jake running. Need a carb kit but it runs. Back lapping the reel now. Should be able to test it out this weekend. I'll start on the 2-stroke one once this one is done.
  8. Reel Mower

    I have the odd one laying around. The WH set up would be awesome to ad to the collection.
  9. My Newest Score

    It sure is nice to be able to email Jacobsen 65 years after they built these mowers and get manuals sent back within a day. Very impressive and free of charge at that. I'm starting with the Park 30 so I just pulled the carb and will bring it into work to have it cleaned in the ultrasonic bath. Just picking away at it for now due to time constraints.
  10. horsepower pulling an core areator

    I pull at 46" plug aerator with my Raider no problem. I pull a large roller too. My JD Z445 struggles with both.
  11. Auction near Hickory NC with Wheel Horse

    I guess you know which one I'd be interested in most.....
  12. Massey ferguson 16 worth?

    I'd take that deal for sure. There is more in it just from parts than that.
  13. Busy pickin Iowa POST #2

    Amazing find. It's hard to believe things like that exist.
  14. My Newest Score

    This isn't helpful. Narrowed it down a bit I guess.Same serial number for two different years. Name Prefix Item number Year Estate 24" (also R.W. version) 824 15150 1953 Estate 24" (also R.W. version) 824 15150 1957
  15. My Newest Score

    Clearly I have issues but I think I'm in good company. Bought this just now. Another Jacobsen. 24 Estate with a two stroke. More work to do now.